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Dirksen Elementary School
8601 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60656
(773) 534-1090
public | PK-8
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Daniel Edward Lucas2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/12/2012parentI am very displeased with this school. Most of the teachers, along with the principal, don't understand the children's problems and ignore the parents.Whenever they make a mistake, they don't admit to it. They treat the children thoughtlessly. The school is their personal farm; not a fellowship with the children's parents and the teachers. The principal doesn't even care about the school. There's a lot of bad things that can be written about the teachers and very little good. Thankfully, there's some good educationalists.
10/5/2012parentI have to take my son out that school, some teachers are misleading, poor lleadership and unhealthy environment. I am sad, that I made many attempt to speak to them only to find out that changing people is an impossible, Dirksen is a very bad school, I am a qualified mental health professional I am able to see the truth there, very poor problem solving skills. There is one word of wisdom for the parents who fell like me, speak up the more parents complain the more their voice of your children are heard. Sorry, to all those who feel like me, I am stuck no other school to go, just move to a better area and pray that their leaders a teachers follow the path of a real teacher, respect, understanding, patience and real love for their trade. Forget the union if you are not afraid of anything why to seek help from Unions. Sorry that strike was illegal nothing change for the children.
8/29/2012parentI have been getting email with the reviews of Dirksen School. For all the negative reviews are the parents involved in communication between the student and teacher. They have excellent teachers and staff and I have worked with the with positive results. I do not believe they are removing negative posts and students have ways of making entries (misspelling errors) just to insult of demean teachers. My daughter was there 6 yrs. Would you like to have your child go to a school on the South Side? With horrible conditions and poor safety? We need to worry about our students grades! If they need help ask. If you do not ask then do not be surprised at report card results. Communication is key. Rather than blame the teacher try to have a meeting with your student,teacher and principal. Sometimes the student is not focused on the subject and at the end of the class blames the teacher for not teaching it. I have seen if first hand. Yes parents need to be involved if you choose not to you really will not know what is going on. Ask questions first and then you will have a clear picture of what happens in the class room. Sit in the class room I have.
8/27/2012otheras I subscriber I always receive email notification if someone posts a review . Few days ago I read negative reviews about this school, and today that review is not here anymore Removed by admin :-)...3rd parent in a row whos review being removed by web/admin. If parents can only share positive reviews then does it really makes sense of keeping this page and misleading parents? Gladly, my child is not a student of Dirksen. Indeed horrible school.
7/23/2011parentHorrible school. Aggressive and misleading staff. There are many open enrollment schools who offer more programs and activities for smarter kids. Girls, boys 7th graders smoke, skip class and on top your child who needs courage will be placed in a same group with them. You cant do anything about it. Over 25 students in one class and only one teacher, what to expect? stressing out!
4/17/2011parentIt is unfortunate to hear people badmouth their child's school. It is not the school's fault that is is crowded. My children have received an excellent education at Dirksen and I am thankful for the kind, caring teachers they have there. Perhaps if you got involved in the school you would see that. As for the lady that complained about the registration process, she should know there are rules to be followed. The website tells you want you need to bring or you could have called to find out. The off ice ladies at school have always been kind and helpful to me and my children.
4/15/2011parentSo to the parent that said we are over crowed you are right and instead of complaining do something. Write to all that are concerned. Ask CPS to give us more room, ask them to build like they have in other schools that don't pay high taxes like us. This is what we have to deal with embrace the school and the staff and it will help you ,your children and the overcrowding if only people, parents Grandparents, community members were to come to anything the school has to offer you all would see that we are all working on this together concedering our preveious principle
1/29/2011parenti did really suffer 4 years inthat school ,crowded classrooms ,there is no enough space for preschool,when my daughter reached kinder her level was low,teacher are stressed because they all the time complain about the chidren and adidn't find those problems when imoved to haorwood heights,my dids hates dirksen a lot they was having hard time and not happy .there is no enough activities.drop off and pick up is not allowed all streets closed.it is really horrible .there is no space in the school for preschool,and kindergarten only 4 hours .and almost 28 children in the classes .how kids will learn.and why they should suffer and another kids in the suberbs are just 15 in the classrooms , ithink there is abig difference,idont absolutly recommend it.
12/7/2010parentThis school has been lacking in the special education department under the past principal. A new principal has taken the reigns of this school this year and as a parent I am already seeing improvements. I look forward to the up and coming changes and hope that things will continue to change in a positive manner.
12/17/2009parentHard working individuals help our children. We are treated to very helpful office people.
7/10/2009parentMy son just graduated from this school. I highly recommend it. The best faculty, the best Principal... can't say anything wrong !!!
6/29/2009parentThis school has really helped my kids. The principal is hardworking and the kids look up to him. The Assistant is a happy, smiling person. Teachers work hard for the kids. Overall, we are very happy with the school
7/23/2008parentThe teachers at this is school are great. My kids have learning disabilities and they have been great with them and they are excelling because of the teachers. I was worried because it is a chicago public school but i'm happy that they are there.
5/13/2008parentthe best school ever!!i reccommend this to all kids and parents!
12/29/2007parentthis was a horrible school to let my son go to.
3/4/2007parentI have two children in the school. Both of my children are exceeding acadamically very well.
3/29/2006parentI appreciate how well the school is run. I find all the staff to be really helpful for my children. The school administration has help me with a serious problem. I appreciate their concern.
3/6/2006administratorI have never in the years that I have been the Dirksen principal bully any child's parent or guardian. If I am asked a question, I respond honestly. We follow the policies set by the Board of Education. I think, at times, people believe that we can make up the policies to suit their particular problem. We can not. We try to solve problems. Hopefully, most parents/guardians believe that we are doing our best to meet the academic needs of their children. That's the job. I do wish we had more classroom space. We have to deal with the space limitations we have. Our teachers are of the highest quality. They work hard so children succeed. This year, because of enrollment, we opened a third kindergarten class (no more than 25 children in each). CPS is going through a rough budgeting period. We need to see what may happen.
11/1/2005parentall three of my children went to dirksen.It is a good school. my children have learned alot since going. my daughter is a honor student. they have had very good teachers.
7/29/2005parentTeachers are good, but sometimes expect too much. The Principal is too used to getting things his way and is not above using underhanded techniques to bully parents. He steps beyond the realm of his professional reach. During the 2004-2005 school year he spoke inappropriately to several parents. The assistant principal however, is very responsive and personable.

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