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School Profile

Hononegah High School
307 Salem Street
Rockton, IL 61072
(815) 624-5005
public | 9-12
County: Winnebago


  Class SizeGradeYear
23 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Todd Hencsik2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/20/2012otherI was a former student at Hononegah, and I must say, this it was not only the worst school I've ever attended, but the worst experience of my life. The curriculum was horribly outdated, there were no elective courses (at least when I was there) the lunch period was unforgivably short, and the teachers were all jerks. Worst of all, the police there were so trigger happy, that I got arrested without prior notice because of a /rumor/, I had my name cleared but I needed years of therapy to recover from the trauma. So please, do NOT send your children to this high school under ANY circumstances.
1/4/2012studentthis school is OK. If this site actually went to the schools instead of just using the test scores, it'd be at about a 3-4 out of 10. Constant fighting, a serious problem when it comes to drugs and alcohol. The area it's in is rundown, it's overcrowded. The students themselves are spoiled, rude who will hurt you physically and emotionally any chance they have. This is why I'm transferring to South Beloit or (If I go back to Seattle) Evergreen or Mt. Rainer. Never send your kids here.
5/15/2011studentIn middle school, I was normally considered somewhat of a nerd because I always got good grades, almost always without trying. This was in normal (non-honors classes) But then I was put in honors classes, and carried one or two C's and D's throughout my first semester as a freshman. It taught me that I had to actually put effort into the things I do in order to succeed. Students can learn a lot about themselves from this school if they want to, from the many clubs offered to the challenging (honors & AP) courses. Hononegah is also great for college-preparation; they emphasize how important a college education is and will be in the future. If a student isn't interested in college, there are a good variation of other courses too. Hononegah is the best public school in the area and competes with the major local private school in most of the things we do and even outperform it other things too.
9/28/2010studentI disagree with many of the bad reviews. I am a current student at Hononegah, and this school has a lot to offer. There are tons of clubs that provide something for everybody, there many challenging classes, and I know I will be prepared for when I attend college. The teachers are supportive and all of mine are available for help before school. Although there is a lack of diversity, the school is located in Rockton, which is not a diverse town to begin with. The sports programs are great, the clubs diverse, and there is a lot of school spirit among both students and faculty (you can often find teachers at sporting events). Hononegah is a great school that is also being considered for Newsweek's top high schools in the nation.
11/20/2009studentI attended Hononegah High School and am now in college. Hononegah is EXCELLENT at preparing students for college; transitioning from high school classes to college courses was not a problem at all! They really do prepare their students well for life after high school!
8/12/2009parentI have had 2 children attend here, my second is entering senior year. This school is geared toward students entering college. There are no vocational programs available. The average student (fairly good grades, doesn't get into trouble, isn't an outstanding athlete, football player or performer) gets kind of lost in the shuffle. Because they don't require much help or command attention they simply don't get any-attention, recognition or help for that matter. Both children felt like they really had no one to go to if they got something stolen (which happens regularly according to them) and that drugs were just a fact of life-everyone knew what when on but did nothing-maybe a dog search now and again. My kids would agree about the lack of respect. I would move to a cheaper house and go private if I had to do it over again.
7/27/2009studentMy years at HHS were the worst of my life. Their is no respect in this school, not from the students nor the teachers. I do not recommend this school to anyone.
5/20/2009parentI have an above average child who participates in sports at HHS. His teachers have high expectations and communicate regularly. I found that at least one teacher per year doesn't come close to meeting my expectations. But the others are Great to Excellent. My child takes education seriously, works hard, and seeks help when he needs it. Drugs are available, but to what extent I'm unsure. I do know drug searches are done regularly. We communicate with our child and the teachers and have high expectations for both. We chose to live in this area because of the schools. I wouldn't dream of sending my child to SB or any Rockford HS.
5/14/2009parentMy daughter is graduating this month. We transferred here when she was entering her second year. It has been a little tough making freinds but the education is outstanding. Her teachers have all been involved and keep us up to date with regular reports. The schedule is similar to a college schedule so her transition should be smooth. The principal is fantastic. He is tough and has a great vision. My daughter worked hard and finished in the top third of her class and was accepted to many teir 1 colleges. She received multiple scholorships and is on her way to a successful life. If your child is interested and tries, this school will do its job and set them up for a great secondary education. We are very happy with the school.
12/23/2008parentRegular Ed students will excel, ADHD student will have an extremely tough time. My first child is an athlete and bright, just being an athlete, especially a football player gives a child a huge boost. My second child is very likable and has ADHD. Stephen Mack administrators labeled him as disruptive and a behavior problem, removed him from all SpEd programs and band (the one thing he loved), they ignored letters from previous schools, doctors, and counselors about his ADHD. When he got to Hononegah despite notes and IEP's nothing changed. He is extremely bright get A's on most tests but fails classes due to the extreme amounts of homework given daily. Teachers are supposed to update me weekly, however even after calls and emails, I get no response except from 1 teacher. OK school for SpEd and Reg Ed but definitely not for ADHD students.
12/22/2008studentalright im a former student that graduated a year ago, and i just want to say that hononegah is the best school ever. there may be 'clicks' but they are just groups of friends. these groups are open to meeting new people and are not rude in any way. the teachers all love teaching, which makes it more enjoyable and easier for the students to learn. yes there is a drug problem, but if you can find me a school that doesnt have one, let me know. we take pride in our athletics and school dances, because they are activities that our students enjoy. this school has no 'rude' or 'cruel' students. i love this place because it is a phenomenal place to learn and enjoy your time while in high school
10/27/2008parentI think the previous reviewer should try the public Rockford schools, then they would know what rude is, and also a terrible curriculum. My kids have done wonderful at HHS. Having come from Europe, I believe this high school has more to offer students than any other school in the area. Yes, there is a drug problem, but tell me a high school that doesn't have one. I find the students respectful, and the teachers regularly email me with both my children's grades. Test scores also prove that HHS are heading in the right direction. Of course, another school needs to be built, because of overcrowding. Overcrowding is a direct result of the school's popularity
10/17/2008parentThis is my childs first year at this school and I must say that not only does she hate it, but so do I. They have nothing to offer a student! They put way too much emphasis on sports, school dances and 'clicks'. The curriculum there is so outdated that a child doesn't have a chance to excell in the real world of technology. When I went to enroll her, the only thing they had to offer was photography. The only thing they teach in that class is photoshop, that is when the teacher is able to figure out how to set it up. The kids there are also extremely rude and cruel! In all of the schools I have encountered over the years, this one takes top prize for being the worst! Worst curriculum, worst students!
8/6/2008parentI am a parent of former students at this school. Students who are motivated and self directed will do well. Another student will struggle. Not a diverse school and not well kept. Students run wild at school functions.
9/6/2007parentWhile the teachers/staff are above average, I feel that there is a huge drug problem within the school and the community that for the most part seems to be ignored. Also, Hononegah is a great school for average and above average students; but does little to adequately work with students with learning disabilies.
6/29/2007studentThis school is going steadily downward. While it is still the best in the area, it has major problems with its school board being out of touch with what the students really need, things which include more room and more clubs and arts-based extracurriculars. These things are quickly disappearing within the school, and while there are still many quality teachers, these too are being replaced with less-involved and less-adequate ones.
6/21/2007studentThe school is on the decline, there is a major lack of diversity, and the administration has yet to solve any of the true problems, including the massive overcrowding issue.
2/11/2006parentThis school district is very focused on the kids. They care about not only how they are doing currently but what they can expect in the furture. The high school is the best in the area and it has a good mix of tech courses to enhance the excellent acedemics.
8/31/2005parentI have had many years of experience with the high school and have found the staff to be top quality. They have sound academic standards and several staff members have taken a more prominent role with my children beyond the classroom. There is a new principal at the school presently so would have no basis for commenting on the present leadership. Overall, we have been very happy with the school and community.

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