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Glenns Valley Elementary School
8239 Morgantown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46217
(317) 789-2800
public | K-5
County: Marion


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Keary Rininger2013
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/18/2012parentOutstanding teachers who did a tremendous job with our son who has some special needs. GV's Special Education teachers were wonderful. I believe because of their assistance, my son was very successful making it through elementary school.
5/30/2012parentMy daughter has completed first grade with Mrs. Johnson this year and it was the best experience. She had a wonderful year in Kindergarden as well. We turned down Rosa Parks to stay at Glenn's Valley because of the teachers, staff, and parents. It truly is a wonderful school system.
5/23/2012parentMy son loves Glenns Valley and therefore I love it! 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Wolfe is the best, thank you for making my child feel welcome
3/12/2012parentMy child is now in the 3rd grade with Mrs. Hall. What an awesome teacher! She has expanded my child's interest, above and beyond the standard core subjects, in national & international travel. The teacher is also teaching the children some time management skills this year by setting weekly homework expectations as opposed to only daily expectations. This is our best year with GV so far.
3/9/2012parentWe moved into this district at the beginning of the school year and I absolutely love this school. My son has Asperger's/ADHD and his general education teacher, special education teacher, and the principal have worked so hard with him. I truly appreciate what they have been able to accomplish within just one year, and I look forward to the two more years he has left.
5/6/2010parentI am so proud of the hard work Mrs Osborne and her staff have done to make G V a school that is so connected to the community.The tower at G V is a great example of the hard work the school has done to keep the family values and the history of the founders of G V alive.Not many schools in Marion county can go back to the original history of the school along with the legacy of families who supported the school.Thanks to Mrs Osbornes hard work in researching the schools history and getting the tower created by work from the G V students to stand as a marker to the values this school has represented over the years.
5/5/2010parentThere is a positive pervasive spirit that begins with the prinicipal, Mrs. Osborne and radiates throughout this wonderful school! We could not imagine using our tax dollars for a better purpose than to support this outstanding school.
5/5/2010parentthe teachers are very wonderful with the kids, teach them family values. very pleasant people.
4/29/2010parentGlenns Valley has an amazing, caring staff! I am proud to be a part of the Glenns Valley Family!!
4/26/2010parentGlenns Valley is a great school with great teachers, support staff, and parents! I am very proud to be at Glenns Valley!
4/23/2010parentI have had four children in Glenn's Valley and I love it! While many children in my neighborhood opted for the new charger school in the neighborhood, I stuck with GV because they have been so awesome I had no reason to leave. My kids' teachers are always concerned and involved. They communicate well with me, and the principal and support staff have always been more than supportive. I love GV!
4/22/2010parentGlenns Valley has some amazing teachers and support staff. I am very proud to say that my kids attned Glenns Valley.
9/17/2009parentMy 2nd grader was diagnosed on the autism spectrum before he was enrolled in preschool at Glenns Valley. They helped us so much - with transportation, full day Kindergarted at no charge to me, etc. He has thrived! The principal and the teachers are wonderful. I can't say enough great things about Glenns Valley!
8/17/2009parentWhere you involved w/the school?? example-room mom, PTA, lunch w/your children? In order for the teachers to get to know you, you need to be involved w/the children and their class room. As far as the Spanish, I could not disagree more, this is a element. school...art is a form of communication and expanding their brains to learn more...they can take Spanish at the middle school...we live in America...as long as their english is ok, let kids be kids!
3/24/2009parentI love this school, both of my kids have done very well. The teacher and student interaction is GREAT from what I see. As for the principal I believe she does a wonderful job, she steps in when needed and I think it's a good sign meaning that she let's the teachers and instructors do their jobs. The assistant principal does a great job as well. I am very pleased to have my kids there. After all I was an EAGLE as well!!
1/28/2009parentUnfortunately, I decided I had to send my children elsewhere. I was very disappointed with the leadership of Glenns Valley. While the principal was very attentive during discussions, no problems were ever resolved. There are some teachers who seem to be working toward the benefit of the children, but for the most part it seems like an us against them situation.
5/19/2008parentI agree that the full-day kindergarten program is awesome! I have a son in kindergarten and a daughter in the 5th grade. My son is being challenged by his teacher & loves the school. My daughter was a straight 'A' student the entire time! I think the grading scale prepares the student for the middle school level. I have heard that Glenn's Valley's students are the most prepared kids in the district when they start 6th grade. There was a boy that was picking on my daughter on the bus & I got immediate results from the top 3 people in charge. I am not concerned with the school not teaching foreign language, because they will learn it in middle & high schools.
4/7/2008parentI agree that the full-day kindergarten program is awesome. This is our first experience at Glenns Valley, and I am very impressed. The teacher is wonderful and so good with the kids. I have another daughter in 4th grade, and this is her first year there and probably her last. Maybe it's mostly due to the age of the kids, but there have been numerous discipline issues, and my daughter is very frustrated with this. I think the teachers have to spend a significant amount of time trying to control the class vs. instruction, and I'm worried that my daughter is falling behind. Earlier this year, a field trip was cancelled because of the poor behavior of a few students. There were other field trips that were talked about during Back to school night that sounded great, but I haven't heard anything about them, with the exception of one, since.
1/20/2007parentmy children attend Glenns Valley. This is their first year and will be their last. I am not impressed in the least bit. I think that the grading scale used is absolutely ridiculous for elementary aged children. They setting the children up to fail. Some of the teachers are very nice , but for the most part they are very unfriendly. I find it very unorganized and a lack of school spirit. The school my children came from were teaching Spanish. They had art for half the year and Spanish the second half. they do not teach any foreign language at this school. They have art as one of their specials. I would rather my children learn a second language than know how to paint. Let's get with the times here.
10/31/2006parentOur daughter attends all day Kindergarten at this school. We were very impressed with the preparation process for the kindergartners, they held a very in depth information night for the parents and students, plus held one on one meetings for the parents and the children with their teacher. Our daughters teacher is very involved with the students and though she can be a bit tough on the kids, our daughter seems to be learning a lot from her. Contrary to the other review, we find Mrs. Fischer (the principle) to be very much involved with the students. She called my husband to let him know she would be giving our daughter an award for a fundraiser she participated in and she met with her and each of the other winners to present their award. Unfortunately, they do tend to ask for money quite a bit through book fairs and other fundraisers.
8/19/2004parentMy daughter attends this school and seems to enjoy herself. She is still very young and dosen't quite understand the benefits to a great education. There is a lot of disorganized things that go on here and the relationship with teachers is strictly based on who your kids teacher is that year. The pricipal while nice and friendly seems very uninvolved with the students except maybe some trouble makers. She is unaware of who my child is what grade she is in or whose class she is in. She has even made comments about my other children I have 4 that attend another school that she enjoys having them there. Excuse me my kids don't go there! My daughter has to stay in the public school system for now because of her learning disabilities and that is the only reason that she is still there. Ran out of room.

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