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School Profile

Denham Springs Junior High School
401 Hatchell Lane
Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 665-8898
public | 6-8
County: Livingston


  School Head OfficialYear
Jennifer S. Barclay2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/17/2012parentMr. Wax, new principal, has made a positive improvements. I know it is early in the year, but so far so good.
8/19/2010parentI find that my 6th grade child is doing pretty good at this school in class. She heard many scary stories about her math teacher, but as it turns out she is her favorite teacher already!! I do have a concern however. The principal, Ms. Barclay, has the "its my way or oh well " attitude. I don't like that. At orientation she told us if there was a problem she & her staff would investigate the matter, make their decision on the punishment & if we as a parent disagreed then we could ask for a meeting with her where she "would expalin their findings & convience you to see it her way". Then she chuckles. Hmm...she isn't kidding. I have called with some concerns & they make you feel unwelcome. I am an involved parent at home & will be at school .. whether they like it or not.
2/18/2010parentThey take time with each student if the parents take time to educate each teacher about their own student and their needs. It is not just up to the school . Good education starts at home.
9/1/2009studentI love love love this school the teachers are really kind and i think ms barclay is doing a wonderful job in her job keep the good work upp but dont be too too strict make sure its still funn!!
7/28/2009studentI am entering my 2nd year at DSJH and this is a pretty good school. The teachers are great. When I need help, the teachers take their time to make sure that I understand the work and do well on the test. The teachers also try to make learning fun. They understand that sometimes we need breaks, so every now and then we will have movie days, which are always fun. We always are learning. We do have homework, but not an extreme amount. The principals are all great, there is one principal for each grade. I think that this is an amazing school. Just like every school though, there are a few teachers that can be a little strict about stupid things, but other than that, this is an amazing school!
1/5/2009parentWhile the academics at DSJH are acceptable, the bureaucratic administration is insanely overbearing. Educating children takes a backseat to enforcing the bureaucracy here. Classes are very overcrowded, teachers are stretched too thin, and the principals are completely worthless and unfriendly. The high rating by great schools is only due to the fact that most high schools in Louisiana are pitiful.
5/3/2008studentI am a former student of DSJH and it is by far the best school I have ever been to. The teachers care about our education and want us to learn. The school I go to now in Lake Charles is not and never will be like Denham Jr. DSJH makes the students work harder and they have a fun learning environment. The school has awesome extra circular activities for students. The staff is amazing. The principle knows what she is doing and IS NOT clueless and actually pays attention to her students unlike some schools. I don t understand why any one can talk bad about this school because it is an awesome place.
3/28/2007parentMy child has attended private schools until this year. I was astonished at how much better she is doing at DSJH not only academically but personally. The teachers actually care about their students & want them to understanding the material. Their overall attitude is exactly what it should be...to TEACH the children. In the past the teachers we've encountered, put information on an overhead and if the kids got it-great, if not - oh well. But not at DSJH - they are teaching my child and making it interesting and fun to learn. We love it!
5/29/2006parentThe teachers put forth the extra effort to make this a great school. My daughter attended this school for almost 3 yrs before transferring to another district. This was the worst move we could have made. While she was never a perfect student; the staff always went the extra mile to help her. All teachers were not people I liked personally, but 99% of them are fantastic Teachers! (in the old sense of the word, people who teach young people because they care, not just because its a easy paycheck with great hours). I miss this school, and wish it were possible to have my daughter back there. We miss you Denham! The McGraw's
5/7/2006studentI am a student at dsjh and i completely disagree with the other reviews! Our teachers are the best and so is the principal and our staff. Yes we do have fun at this school but most of the time we are doing work. For the students that are making D's and F's you obviously arent trying, because you can easily make good grades at this school, and the no homework comment was a lie, each class period lasts 45min and whatever work that you dont finish in class is usually for homework, the teachers realize that there are 8 classes and that if each teacher gave us 30min of homework then we would be doing 4 hours of work once we got home. I might disagree with some rules at this school but my friends are here and the teachers are great! DSJH is great!
3/23/2006parentI have found the teachers to be substandard. The principal never follows up. There are many classes where the student grades of D or F are well over 60%. Yet the state rates this school as above average. I have found that many tif not all teachers give Cheat papers so students can pass state exams. The teachers do not follow educational programs nor do they follow the books that are given. There is vertually no homework. The students cannot study at home for the books are not followed and additional material for the outlined course is not given to them. I have found many students who cannot do 3rd grade math.
7/25/2005parentMy experience with Denham Springs Junior High has been enlightening at the least. In conversations with other parents they have the same opinion. The principal tells you what she thinks you want to hear and never follow up on a problem. Parents get the impression that they are not welcomed at the school and are intruding when they ask questions. Many times I have been told that a teacher or a counselor is too busy to get back with me, after waiting days for a response. I am embarrassed to ask relatives to attend functions that my child is involved in, many of my relatives that are educators or have been educators cannot believe how the teachers let the students behave at these type functions and laugh about this is how they are in class .

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