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Frederick High School
650 Carroll Pky
Frederick, MD 21701
(240) 236-7000
public | 9-12
County: Frederick


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9/29/2010parentI have one child who graduated from Frederick w/ a fantastic education, near perfect SAT scores and 7 AP classes. She had great teachers. I also have a Freshman now. Frederick's unique because of it's diversity. It allows everyone the opportunity to be themselves w/ no pressure to conform. When 9/11 took place, Frederick was one of the only high schools in the country (yes country) that didn't have racial fighting among it's students. Want proof? The school was asked to, and did, participate in a video (that is shown to other high schools) that encourages tolerance. Our students are prepared for Real life! Real life is diversity! The Principal is a fantastic leader who commands respect . The school offers more AP classes than any school in the county & is the only one that offers AP World History.
4/10/2010otheri attended frederick high for all four years (go class of 08) and i found it to be both a good and bad experience. i had some excellent teachers, but i had some that just didn't seem to care about their students. the admin. was not attentive to the student body and i found it very easy to get away with most things. there were also a lot of fights and i saw a kid get arrested once too, and a kid got taken to the hospital. the food had its ups and downs. but the janitorial staff was very friendly and nice. all in all i think it could use some remodeling, or maybe some portables or something. it is very overcrowded and some students are not attended to as well as others. i'm not saying don't go to fhs, but just be careful when you do.
10/29/2009parentgreat teachers, very diverse
10/27/2009studenti go there and i can honestly say my years there have been amazing i wouldnt have wanted to spend my high school years anywhere else (:!
6/12/2009studentthis school is a good school and its better then tj
4/1/2009parentGreat teachers Diverse community Learning centered environment Minimal disciplinary issues.
4/29/2008parentWhat a great school. You have to look past the exterior or interior view of the school and concentrate on what is happening inside the school. The kids are well behaved (as any high school can be) and the teachers do a fantastic job of teaching, especially if you are interested in honors and above.
4/24/2008studentThis school is fantastic. As stated in other reviews, the campus and building are gorgeous. There is so much history here. The interior is not new and 'manufactured' like urbana, but the teachers, students and history will give your children a great, well-rounded experience. I feel like a came out of here adapted to the real world, not pampered.
3/11/2008parentThe building and campus are lovely, but the interior is old and needs renovation. The district includes some of the lowest income areas of the city, and some of the highest, and the student body reflects that statistically. I am not familiar with the classes for the below-average students, however, the school does a wonderful job with the high-achievers. FHS offers more AP classes than any other local school, and the teachers are dedicated and challenge the kids. I have not heard of any serious criminal activity from the school, but the local police department do have an officer assigned there. I know this officer, and he is no-nonsense yet non-threatening (a great choice) so perhaps that keeps the kids straight. All in all, I recommend FHS. We could have gone private or changed schools after redistricting, but we chose to stay there.
11/22/2005parentBoth of my daughters attend FHS out of district because it's such an awesome school. With such a high level of diversity, everyone is very accepting of each other.
6/26/2005parentFHS is wonderful. My three daughters graduated from FHS and I have a son attending now. All of my daughters loved FHS. They were all honors students and took challenging AP classes. They were accepted at colleges of their choice and are all doing exceptionally well! The facility needs improvement, it is an old school building after all. However, that does not take away from the excellent overall education. As in all schools, there are teachers that aren't so great, good teachers and then there are the really wonderful teachers! Mrs. Fargo-Devine does know the students! When she saw my children outside of school, she knew them by name and not only that they were related (they don't look alike), but who their cousins were that also attended FHS! My children loved the diversity and overall had a wonderful high school experience and education!
5/5/2005parentFrederick High School has gone through a major redistricting recently which has a brought new enthusiasm for Frederick County's oldest high school. It is located in the historic district of Frederick. It is now one of the smaller high schools in Frederick County. Frederick High has many wonderful traditions, such as a wonderful homecoming parade. FHS was this year's county football champions. FHS can also brag about its nationally ranked AP program. Its large AP program received the honor of being ranked in the top 5% of academically challenging high schools. FHS's students host a variety of community building activites. One event is the Empty Bowls dinner which is a fundraiser for the soup kitchen. FHS has a very diverse population. Some of the other community building events, include activites designed to build bridges between different cultures and acceptance of one another. Because of this, FHS students are known for friendliness.
2/12/2005former studentI attended Frederick High from grades nine through eleven (1994 to 1997). While I would not classify the school as 'horrible', I do not consider it to be a good school either. When I attended, the school was severely overcrowded and there was mild gang activity that the faculty seemed to be oblivious to! Overall, I would say that the teachers and administrators did not provide a safe environment (there were fights all the time) and the education was QUITE lacking -- so much so, that I dropped out in eleventh grade to pursue an early college education. I felt that from grades nine through eleven, my education had expanded a minimal amount! The total lack of presence and leadership of Ms. Fargo (principal at the time) was a disgrace.
12/9/2004former studentI was a previous student of frederick high and i loved it the school was very diverse and always had good extracarricular activites and always provided a safe in enviroment. Now I do admit some of the teachers were slacking and some of the adminstrators (principal) was little unreasonable but i mean the educarion was unshaken.
11/21/2004studentI'm a Freshman at Frederick High and i'm am currently leaving. i do not believe this to be a great school. i have a lot of friends in TJ that are on my same level of education and they are getting excelent remarks. I have not done as well sence i moved to Frederick High and dont reccomend it.
6/3/2004former studentI am now a college graduate in an education major. I attended Frederick High for all four years and found many problems. Despite some teachers trying hard, the principal is inconsiderate and rude. She does not get to know the students and there is no connection. The teachers of the 'honors' classes tried to connect to students but those who were at a lower level were lost between the cracks and not cared about. I would recommend going to a different school if at all possible. It makes me sick and sad to see how poorly I was educated in high school.
5/27/2004studentThe well-rounded diversity of the school, as well as the passionate teachers, wide variety of afterschool activities, and excellent discipline and guidance of Mrs. Fargo Devine more than make up for the school's need for remodeling. Also, since the opening of Tuscarora High, Frederick High's overcrowding has reduced considerably.
3/21/2004studentAs a senior at Frederick High, I feel that the school is very overdue for remodeling, restaffing,etc. It's dirty, it is verycommon to see bugs and such, the food is awful and not uncommonly moldy, and the teachers just don't care enough. This school needs some major improvements!
8/22/2003former studentThe overcrowded and unsanitary school is due to be torn down.

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