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Patuxent Valley Middle School
9151 Vollmerhausen Rd
Jessup, MD 20794
(410) 880-5840
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public | 6-8
County: Howard


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1/6/2012parentI disagree with the last few comments. My son and daughter attended PVMS and had a wonderful experience. The teachers, principal and vice principals are all very involved with the kids. They are very caring and truly want what is best for the kids.
1/4/2012parentI agree with the last post that was submitted in Oct. 2011. If your child is struggling in his/her classes, this school is not the place to send your child. The teachers do not implement a plan for a child that is failing behind, instead, allows the child to continue to fail. This school is horrible.
10/16/2011otherI was never a strong student, and if your child needs special attention for academic needs, I do not recommend this school. When i went to PVMS there was a fight almost everyday and the teachers can be questionable. When I had to do math academic enrichment it did not help me because the same people that were distracting in regular class time were all in my academic enrichment class after school. When I transferred to a middle school in Carroll County I realized how far behind in math I was. Now that my sister is going through the Carroll County middle school it really shows how poor my PVMS experience was.
6/24/2011otherMy three years in this school have showed that teachers take favorite students and are usually the ones that excell. For an example, I had turned in a very well written letter and a friend had turned in a letter that was not good. But I had received a lower grade than this person. This school is a good school but some teachers need to grade by work not by favoritism. Also I would like to add; Mr Danley was a fantastic guidance counsler and I believe the best the school has ever had, he will be missed. Have fun on your retirement :)
8/21/2010parentThis school has a handful of excellent to outstanding teachers and a large number of mediocre ones. The guidance staff is incompetent and actually distributed childrens medical conditions in lists as handouts for a field trip.The behavior intervention program is perceived very negatively by the well behaved kids, who are largely ignored while disruptive kids are given bark bucks in excessive numbers for being well behaved a few times. Parental concerns are negated by administrators who label parents who complain as hostile. If your child receives parental tutoring and is a self motivated learner, they will do fine. If your child is shy and needs teacher support, you will need to be very persistent. The new pricipal is very intelligent and kind but the vice principal takes the enforcer role too seriously. This school generally expects children to misbehave and the administration is defensive. The GT program is boring.
7/27/2009parentMy children attended Patuxent Valley and this school is horrible. Mainly the administration. They are not focused on helping the children at all. I am not one to say that I hate anything, but I can almost say that about this school. HORRIBLE
7/13/2009otheri left pvms last year but the time i was there i had a lot of fun. as a new student in the 6th grade i thought it would be hard for me to make friends and to fit in but it was not. While i was there the teachers and rest of the faculty were always there for wether it was academic problems or personal problems. I had the best time at pvms but now that im at high school i thank pvms for getting me ready for high school and everything else they did for me.my favorite part of the school was the trips and dannces went to DC,Pennslyvania and many other places.My favorite dance had to be our 8th grade dance because it was just so different and alot of fun, but if you are thinking about going to pvms it would be agreat choice.
7/13/2009parentI second the reviewer who said it is an OK school if your child is strong acdemically. If your child has any learning , emotional, or behavioral needs - try another school! In speaking to parents about the adjustment to 6th grade, I have heard the same story over and over again; unless your child is already receiving special ed services, very little effort is made to give a student help. The typical answer includes the words 'he/she needs to start taking responsibility.'
6/18/2009studentI love PVMS. I had a great time there and i'll miss it so much cuz' i'm moving . I love Mr.Schmidt and Ms.Sheridan!
6/8/2009studenti went here and i loved it. i went to bad elementary school and being there really hepled feel good and helped me find my hidden intelligence that was there all along.no one or teacher knew how to ignite it,but when i came here i was rekindled with myself and i met alot of great people along the way. unfortunatley i moved in the middle of my seventh drade year. Go Bulldogs!
3/10/2009studentI love patuxent valley middle school it is awesome :D i went there for my sixth grade year, and the teachers and students are all wonderful. yes, mr. schmidt is also really cool(: everyone is nice to you, they're friendly, and they make sure you're learning as well as not getting too pressured. i cant explain or describe how good this school is, its as good as they come. People just cant understand how good it is unless you actually enroll and go there for at least a year, and you will appreciate it. I understood its amazing role as soon as i got back from my first day. Ever since then, there has never been a time that i wasnt happy about going to that school or regretted it. It was a beautiful year.
10/3/2008parentOk,I was a student at PVMS my 6th and 7th grade year was ok but my 8th gade year which was last year really stunk...The assistent priciple was not good at all she seemed like she cared about the younger kids more than the 8th grade.Also they single out kids me and my friends were always in trouble together for doing something so pity as to being lound in the halways or laughing loud.It was saturday school for something stupid and suspention for something like switching into to gym shorts during recess.This school has emprovement to do.Some teacher really care about you and some teachers dont. Like I said improvement needed.
6/14/2008studentI go to PVMS and i love it!! The principle always walks around and interacts with the students. The 6th grade has some of the best teachers for example Mr.Schmidt. He is awsome and i really like all my other teachers as well. PVMS is my faveroite school ever! Keep up the great work!
4/17/2007parentMy son's three years at PVMS have been disappointing. A few of his teachers have really challenged him but overall there was not enough rigor. The principal during his first two years at PVMS was outstanding. He was concerned about the children, their progress, and wanted rigor. The current principal does not have the same concern about children. I think this will be evident as time goes on. Unfortunately we were unable to transfer our son to another setting for his grade 8 year. Grade 6 and 7 were absolutely wonderful.
12/6/2006parentThis is my child's first year at PVMS and so far we are pleased with his progress and somewhat pleased with the level of support he receives. Many of his teachers seem to take an active interest in his progress. Some do not. A few teachers seem to be quite overwhelmed. We have never had nor observed any interaction with the Principal of the school.We never see him in the halls, with the students or involved in any way. With half the year approaching, there have been very few extracurricular activities, no field trips and no opportunities for parent involvement other than fundraisers.
9/26/2006parentPVMS is an outstanding school for middle schoolers who do well academically. On the other hand if your in special education this may not be the place for you.
4/6/2006parentI love PVMS. My son has had a wonderful experience there. The principal sets a high standard for the students, staff, and the parents in terms of respect and expectations. The choral and orchestra programs have been wonderful.

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