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Col. Zadok Magruder High School
5939 Muncaster Mill Rd
Rockville, MD 20855
(301) 840-4600
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public | 9-12
County: Montgomery


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1/31/2010studentFirst thing is that every school has issues but magruder always has security and police so that when dummies fight they don't hurt other people and themselves! Magruder prepares you for college but you got to make an effort to want info! Sum teachers need re-evaluation, but 99% of my teachers have been amazing! Not all the blacks are trouble.
6/12/2009studentGraduation at last! I've had lots of great teachers and made the best friends of my life at Magruder. At Magruder, you'll find rich and poor, highly-motivated and ultra-lazy, college-bound and work-bound. If you make a reasonable effort here, there is endless opportunity. Large selection of AP classes, ample opportunity to participate in athletics, and mostly wonderful teachers. Yes, there are some troublemakers at Magruder, but you'll rarely find them in honors and AP classes and they have largely been eliminated from even the on-level classes. A final point is that the SAT stats at Magruder don't tell the real story. Magruder tries to get as many students as possible to take the SAT test, including many students who are very unlikely to go to college. The work-bound students drag the SAT average downward a LOT, but the college-bound students do very well on the SAT at Magruder.
5/18/2009parentAs with any school, this school has great teachers and mediocre and every level in-between. Being one of the largest schools in the county, it has its share of problems but also, because of the large student body, it also has a large selection of course to choose from. Required courses have many levels such as AP, Honors, on-level, remedial, and there's a nice variety of electives. AP classes are almost all college level, which makes it difficult for students; college students have at least a day between classes to do the homework and prepare for the next class where these students have to get it by the next morning. Some teachers who teach AP aren't doing a good job because few of their students pass the AP exams, while others have a high rate of student success. Overall, though, a great academic environment for AP/Honors. Wide selection of after-school activities.
2/7/2009parentI accidentally came across this site and felt that the rating does not truly represent the heart of this school. I believe Magruder is a unique, free-spirited school that helps students to discover their interest and plan for future. I see students energy and creativity through the float and hallway competition in the fall. I still see Magruder generating a crop of excellent students making into top colleges and universities. In 2008, Magruder sent two kids to Yale along with many prestigious institutions. I also saw Magruder producing many unique talents even at the national level. Being a large high school, it has many faces some good and some not so good. Magruder has a heterogeneous student body that brings out much diversity. Magruder doesn t claim to be the most academically competitive school, but it definitely produces one of the most talented kids. Continues below.
1/29/2008parentI think that most of the people who read this site probably have children that qualify for honors or AP classes, and those children will end up being very well-prepared for college by the time they graduate from Magruder. Unfortunately, a few small areas of Montgomery County that have extremely difficult-to-educate students also feed into Magruder, which skews the school's overall scores downward. In the honors and AP classes, your child will be treated almost like a college student, and will be rewarded for their performance. Also, the principal is a very straight-shooter (figuratively, of course) and is honest with the community about the behavior issues of the relatively few troublemakers.
5/29/2007parentI have 2 children in honors classes that have excelled here. Much better than the feeding middle school Redland. Activities after school are very good. Dicepline and safety remain a concern.
1/13/2007studentMagruder is almost like two schools in one. The honors and on level classes are so different from each other. Honor classes are the best to sign your kids up for, on level classes are chaotic. Our 'Acting principle' dispite many attempts has not been able to reach the student body. There are many fights and discipline problem and although it can be luring there are many resources there to help you stay away. There is a lot of great parent involvment due to the guidice office being over worked. The teachers there are almost all new and probably will have a new set of teachers next year which makes learning difficult. Magruder wouldn't be my first choice of schools but it's not horrendous
11/6/2006parentAn assistant principal has been appointed as the 'interim principal' for 2006 to 2007 and the school has seen a major turnaround. A major overhaul of the the culinary skills lab has been completed and it is now state-of-the-art. Many other areas of the school have also been refurbished. Teacher's attitudes have markedly improved and test scores are up signficantly in the first quarter. The interim principal established a new 'student support center' where disruptive students are sent to discuss their actions and given the opportunity to improve their behavior. Athletics, which were already ranked high at Magruder, have improved even further, with several of the teams holding nearly undefeated records. (The Athletic Director, Mr. Karl Heimbach, received the 2006 Maryland State Athletic Director of Year Award'.) PTSA meetings, which used to be attended by 20 to 30 parents, are now being attended by 60 to 100 parents.
10/11/2006parentAcademic quality is shaky at best, along with teacher qualifications. On-level classes can tend to be wild, noisy, and out of the teacher's control. Current 'culinary skills' classes do nothing but worksheets, since there are still no ovens or stoves available. (It's October now!) Many kids and parents are being repeatedly amazed at very poorly written information sent home by teachers. Security? It's a (sad) joke! Kids walk right by Security people and leave the building whenever they chose. Major lack of morals here too, as school chooses to hold extra graduation tickets right up until the last minute and finds it okay to say that it's just the chance out-of-town relatives have to take (of getting a ticket or not). Leadership? Our Principal left last Spring; somehow we still haven't managed to get a new one. Perhaps no one wants to take on this mess?
9/14/2006former studentI graduated from MHS in 2001. My 3 siblings did as well. I took advantage of the many opportunities MHS and Montgomery County had to offer. I still keep in touch with some of my teachers, most of whom are still teaching there. I had a great experience there. If you and your children are willing to get involved, you will too. =)
5/4/2006parentWe have had two children graduate from Magruder and our third will graduate in two years...We are literally counting the days. If your child is enrolled in higher level classes, it makes all the difference in the world. If your child has any trouble in school and is in on level classes, forget it. I would not say that all the higher level classes have great teachers but at least there is order and the kids have a chance to learn something. I speak from experience from both sides. There are good teachers in the on level classes but the atmosphere in these classes is not positive. I have visited all of my children's classes, so I speak from first hand experience, not just what the kids come home and tell me.
4/3/2006parentthis school is not as good as it used to be and it seems to be getting worst. there is a fight almost every other day and the smoking problems in the bathrooms are horrible. the students are very disrespectful to the teachers and fellow students. so with that being said i wouldnt advise your children to attend this school. send them out to sherwood or private school.
3/10/2006parentMagruder is really two separate schools in one building. About half of the students, primarily those from the affluent areas of Olney, Derwood, and Rockville, go to the honors and AP school', where they are provided an excellent education by caring teachers. Nearly all of the students in the 'honors and AP school' go to college, and many go to prestigious colleges. The other half of the school, attend the 'on level' classes, where they are pushed through school with the hope that they will at least go on to the local community college after graduation. The students from the two schools generally do not mix except in Phys. Ed. and at lunch. Since they live is different areas, they ride different buses and do not associate with each other outside of school.
2/20/2006parentA frightening place for students. Major violence almost daily. I am trying desperately to find a scholarship so my child can transfer out of this school. He is a big freshman boy but scared of all the drugs and violence. The principal is very mean spirited. No help from guidance. They are too overworked.
6/8/2005teacher Avoid this school at all cost. Major violent/drug crimes committed within yards of the school boundary and unaddressed by security guards. I pay a small fortune to send my youngest son to private school because my eldest son graduated with third grade reading and writing skills.
3/23/2005parentI have one child at magruder. we have been very happy with the education he is receiving. the honor and ap classes are challenging and are a good preparation for college. they have never discouraged my son from taking higher level classes. additional help is ALWAYS available, be it from the teachers, after school, or NHS. the teachers have been approachable and interested in our concerns when they arise. we get email and postcard updates regularly. I hope we get a more engaged principal that is more genuine and less cerebral. there are endless athletics, clubs, and activities to suit all student interests. folks, it is a public school after all so I don't know what the other posters expect. if there is lack of discipline and respect it starts in the home.
3/22/2005parentI've had three children graduate from Magruder. In some cases their education was excellent. Other times, no. Depended mostly on the teacher. However, in general, since principal Don Graham left the school has been in decline. Good teachers are leaving in droves. The administration does not seem to care about children, or even like them. Sports used to be one way for students to excel and stay interested. Now the so-called leadership does not support 'violent contact sports.' All is not lost however. With new leadership at the top the school can excel once again.
2/19/2005parentI have had the misfortune of sending 3 children to Magruder. My oldest son who has learning disabilities graduated without basic skills to pass the entry exams to Montgomery College. My second son was able to pass one. Unless you have children in honors your children will be ignored. My daughter is now in an alternative school because she was able to freely buy drugs and do them in school. This school is a joke. They will pretend to care but they don't. AS long as your child attends classes and doesn't make trouble they can get a diploma without learning a darn thing! I would homeschool if I had to do it all over again.
2/13/2005parentI've had 3 children attend Magruder. The principal is excellent. The music department is excellent but has only one teacher however he does a good job of it. Previously known for its drama department, the genius behind the program bailed midyear for Mont. Blair.The teachers are terrible/overworked as a rule. 'No child left behind' translates into lowered standards and passing all students. I have substituted there for 3 years and the students have been trained to be disrespectful by their teachers. Unless it's an AP class the students are just not interested in being there. Honors classes are not much better. The school is terribly over-crowded as are the classes. Athletics are on target for high school. Playing rivals does cause rowdy crowds; mostly the parents. The location is bad; on a 2 lane heavily traveled main road with no traffic lights at either of the 2 entrances/exits.
10/18/2004parentTeachers at this school seem to dislike children. The turnover rate for teachers is very high. The administration seems to discourage parental involvement and the number of fights at athletic events is alarming. It seems to be a ship without a rudder.
10/8/2004former studentI disliked Magruder, the kids are trashy and unkind. There is no such thing as class. The teachers overall know less then the students do. At all costs do not send your kids there. Private schools are the way to go.
6/29/2004studentThe school provides many opportunities for students and a supportive environment for those who wish to get involved in the school. Class sizes tend to be rather large, even in honors classes. Sometimes classes are full to bursting with more than 30 students in a class. On the up side, courses are pretty rigorous and are taught well with high success rates for students. Some rules seem obnoxious and a little over the top; however, if you look at the data of gangs and violence and success in school in the past year after a couple rule changes this year, there has been a drastic decline. The school, I must comment, lacks a lot of discipline on the issue of smoking, and doesn't seem to be able to handle the growing problem of smoking in school bathrooms. Space and overcrowding is becoming a huge problem and is getting worse.
4/2/2004parentThis is a school filled with inflexible teachers who seem to like their subjects far more than they like kids.
8/19/2003parentThe school is a great place for students and community members to get a superb education and enjoy in the hundreds of activities offered. The best part of the school is how it is able to offer the best education in the most effective way. Thank you Magruder.

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