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North Point High School
2500 Davis Rd
Waldorf, MD 20603
(301) 753-1759
public | 9-12
County: Charles


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/12/2012parentMy son attended North Point in 2009 through 2012. He loved the school and had dozens of friends. The school gave him many opportunities to take AP classes and when he graduated he had completed 10 AP classes. He received 8 fives and 2 fours on his AP tests while at North Point. I my opinion it is the best school in Southern Maryland. He is now attending RPI in New York.
9/18/2012parentThe person who made the report on November 5, 2011 should check their facts. The FACT is that the annual HSA scores of Northpoint is higher than Westlake see http://mdreportcard.org/rschool.aspx?K=08AAAA&WDATA=school- know your facts before printing your opinion. You are correct that Westlake SAT scores were higher but you must also look at by how much and the population that actually took the SAT. Westlake in 2011 had 63 students with the Mean score being 1484 and North Point had 322 students with the Mean being 1445...really 39 points will not make a difference in college acceptance. 63 students vs 322 students taking the test makes a difference and I would rather have more graduating students taking the test than not taking the test for college.
3/6/2012teacherI am a parent and a teacher at North Point. I am new to the area but I am beyond impressed with North Point. I teach an STI program and my child is in the regular high school. I like the fact that there are many electives to choose from as well as a strong curriculum with high standards from the teachers and administration. To top it off the school has school spirit comparable to a college atmosphere. #NPNATION
11/5/2011studentI personally do not understand what is so great about the school. Everyone wants to go there just because it is new. They do offer a science and tech program which is definitely impressive but if you look at the regular high school program itself, it is by some means subpar. Compare North Point's SAT scores with neighboring Westlake High School, and Westlake's annual scores are significantly higher. By no means am I "knocking" this school, but am just submitting this review to address some of then common misconceptions about this place. New is not always better (especially when half or more of the "regular" courses reside in TRAILERS).
7/2/2011studentnorth point is the best! from the hour long lunch, to the awesome teachers, to the athletics. its all around awesome. the classes are hard, but the teachers make it manageable and are understanding. my science teacher understood i had some things going on that were really distracting in my social life, and gave me a small extension for a huge project.
3/22/2011parentI love this school my daughter takes the Criminal Justice Program there and she loves it especially her insrtuctor. The teachers are wonderful.At North Point it's like being with your family you always feel welcome and the support from the students and the staff during their sports is trmendous the students are very proud of there school.
11/2/2010studentNorth Point High School is the best you can get in Charles County. The academic focus is on college and careers, which presents problems with scheduling if a student wishes to take certain electives. Even if the student is working to be a professional musician, counselors will push and push to put your STI classes before your music class. The best thing about NPHS is the supportive environment. As a community, our school is extremely respectful of differences. Bullying is not a huge problem here. In other Charles County high schools, bullying is a major problem. At NPHS, you are not punished by your peers for getting good grades, answering questions in class, etc. If you quickly learn which teachers will screw you over and which teachers will fight for your well being, NPHS will be home to some of the best years of your life.
10/9/2010parentAll I got when I graduated from high school was a piece of paper. My child came out of NPHS with a great career. BUT, if your kid goes to NPHS, watch thier grades. Too many times I had to battle with teachers over their subjective classroom rules, random grading policies and errors/omissions in my child's report cards. Classroom teachers were chronically unprepared for scheduled meetings, nonetheless the principal ALWAYS sided with them. I was always treated like a second-class citizen by those teachers and principal. The Guidance Counsleors lacked even a dollop of common sense. Kudos for the SkillsUSA programs and teachers, who somehow manage to plow ahead amidst the sea of arrogant classroom teachers and spineless administrators. Check the number of finalists in the regional, state, and national SkillsUSA competitions and you will see exactly what makes this school shine.
10/1/2010parentNorth Point HS have excellent programs and good ideas to keep the children active in this community. However, the school is overcrowded which frustrates some teachers and students. While the majority of the teachers are good some only want students who catch on quickly or can teach themselves. This is a problem because students are there to learn. This becomes it is a race for numbers to be the best rather than teach children. The no bullying policy in an overcrowded schools makes it hard to watch which students are being bullied. And while we would like to think that all the children are perfect students they are not. And an overcrowded school does not help. North Point HS staff intend well but they need more help.
5/5/2010studentThe education and learning opportunities here at North Point cannot be matched at any other school in Charles County. I would honestly never trade for any other school. Though the curriculum is extremely challegening, it has prepared me for the future like nothing else would have been able to. Though some teachers have made it difficult, it has been well worth it. Woohoo class of 2010!
4/12/2010studentI am a student here, this school prepares you for the real world, it has good programs and classes. The school is big, and the limit on time between classes teaches you time management and responsibility. The school is strict and has rules like: if you were to get 2 unexcused absences or 6 tardies in a class, you fail that class for the quarter and the highest you can get is a 59%. It is possible to fail all of your classes for the quarter. The sports and activities don't interfere with school. I am on the track team and have all A's, and the 3 or 4 state championships in the 4 1/2 years the school has been open. The faculty are kind and easy to talk to. Everyday the principle Mrs. Hill stands in the hallway and greets the students as they walk in the building.
3/21/2010teacherit is overcrowed and the kids arent learning anything because the lacking of classroom control....
2/23/2010studentWhile all highschools have their issues, North Point's programs, students, and teacher body are excellent and inviting. The up-to-date technology is a bonus too.
10/23/2009studentNorth Point high school has a great biotechnology program! I love all of the labs we get to do because of the block scheduling and the teachers are just great!
10/22/2009parentIts the best hischool around. the teachers are great and the facility's are too! our football team; freshman,jv,and varsity all rock too!
10/4/2009teacherWhile teaching is an exhausting career, my colleagues and I are renewed daily not only by each other, but by the wonderful, ambitous and ready-to-learn student body we are fortunate enough to teach. Our students are inpsiring, and they make North Point a place to be very proud of, to love your teaching career, and to work your hardest everday because you know it will impact them. North Point is by far the best school environment I have ever had the good fortune to be a part of, and it continues to grow in strength as our numbers grow as well!!
9/17/2009studentNew building, great student population, great teachers, and offers what are called Science, Technology and Industry programs ranging from cosmotology to automotive to printing to drafting to computers. And the music program ROCKS! (Go Mr. VanDyke!)
8/11/2009studentOur teachers are excellent, they all do their job very well to their fullest extent. They are required to send home grade reports through email to every student's parents every 2 weeks, so that parents and students stay informed about their grades, which I think is a wonderful way to keep parents aware of their children's progress in school. The staff here are all very able, intelligent in their field of study, and amiable with parents and students. We have no tolerance for bullying or vandalism, and also have a great counseling available to all students.
7/13/2009parentThe greatest school ever. My daughter started in 9th grade and was the first graduating class. I have nothing negative to say - not at all!
1/12/2009studentI'm a senior at North Point High School, i'm going to be a part of the first graduating class and i love it. The school is soo diverse and many of the teachers are young, helpful, and understanding. The worst thing about the school is the overcrowding. 4th year opening and we already have trailors and are getting more. I don't have any classrooms in the trailors [and glad] but there is one hallway called hughesville circle that can get pretty ridiculous with the traffic coming in and out and people going up and down the stairs. I love all the benefits us seniors are getting being a part of the first graduating class such as bricks with our names on them for the new pathway they are building so the students can get to class quicker. We also have some of the best sports teams in the county/state.
11/25/2008otherI'm a grandmother of a freshman. Having just visited there and seen her in cross country and seen all the support the partents give, I'm terribly impressed. Keep up the good work North Point. Maggie Chamberlain
9/17/2008parentMy daughter is a ninth grader at North Point and we love the school. I think they set very high standards for their students. I think that academically and socially North Point is doing a great job!
9/10/2008studentI agree with whoever said this school is pretty nifty. I love going here.
8/13/2008studentNorth Point is suffering from the great increase in the population of Waldorf. The school, after being open for 4 years, is already overcrowded. This is causing the teachers to be overwhelmed by large classes, where there is no 1 on 1 help what-so-ever. For example, last year in my Biology class that was taught by a Mr. Wade Nadulsky, we had a class that had so many interruptive people, we would spend 45 - 60 minutes per 90 minute class trying to get everyone to shut up and pay attention. Then after that, we would quickly go through half of the material that needed to be covered that day. The next class, we would move onto completeley new material, forgetting about the stuff we had missed the class before. This caused a decrease in Biology HSA scores from his class. This, plus the overcontrolling administration is ruining North
7/15/2008studentThe teachers and admin. staff seemed to care more about appearence, they believe they know whats best for the students even know it is against their and their families wishes. Not very open minded and students are blamed for everything with no consideration that the teacher might have something to do with the problem at hand.
5/28/2008parentNorth Point is suffering from the same plague as every other Charles County School. It is difficult to find qualified teachers. This is especially troublesome in a school for science and technology. They can not hire qualified teachers for the computer classes, Cisco, Java etc. Education wise I feel North Point is an average school for Charles County. It is a state of the art facility and a beautiful campus. I would recommend students stay away from Cisco and the Engineering programs. The schools motto, the real world starts here is a little over done. The schools administrators could be a little more human and less robotic. It is ok to give a kid a second chance. It seems to me some of the teachers at North Point go out of their way and try to break a kid s spirit.
5/16/2008parentNorth Point is a technologically impressive and a beautiful school. However, it's administrative staff is appearance focused, not student focused, and there doesn't appear to be much involvement with what actually goes on in the classrooms...except for AP and Honors (which is about money and reputation). Safety is important but for an educational institution, there seems to be too little focus on innovation in the classrooms.
5/16/2008parentThe school is new and technologically state of the art, however I'm less than impressed with the apparent lack of innovation or application of educational best practices inside some of the classrooms. In my opinion, as a parent and taxpayer, the priorities appear to be misplaced.
4/13/2008studentNorth Point High School has very good intentions as a whole, but as it is very new, it sometimes doesn't qiute know how to put them forth. I believe it has a chance to do many good things in the community and the only prablems that I've encountered have been a few scheduling problems and 1 teacher in particular that I did not like. Otherwise I have no complaints. As to my sceduling problem, this school really likes to get students into the STI program and take the science courses. As for me, I was zoned to go there and yet I am interested in the Arts and am more capable with my creative side. I have no real interest in Science or Technoloy for a future career. They still tried to strongly urge me to take less art courses. They have an amazing Chorus and Orchestra program though.
1/14/2008studentThis school is pretty nifty. I like the administration, teachers, and the learning enviroment. Go eagles!
11/9/2007studentThis school is a Science, Technology and Institue school. It is fairly new and is great for our children. The academics program is the best, all the teachers are respectful and caring. This is the number one school in Charles County. They have so many extra school activities and clubs, the music and art teachers are remarkable.
10/23/2007parentNorth Point may only be two years old but has already got off on the right foot. The leadership there is good and they take great pride in enforcing there policies, such as the 'no back-pack' rule after homebase. This helps to reassure me and my son during school hours, especially with the increase in school shootings. The teachers are very supportive and they have a good team of guidance counselors for each grade level. The school itself is very well equipped and their athletics programs are first rate. They run the Air Force JROTC which my son loves and is giving him the responsibility and leadership qualities that he will need in life. I love the ITS programmes, my son is on the Criminal Justice course, and feel that they are giving my son a better start on his career path. Go Eagles!!!!

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