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School Profile

Falmouth High School
874 Gifford St
Falmouth, MA 2540
(508) 540-2200
public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Barnstable


  School Head OfficialYear
Joseph Driscoll2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/10/2008otherHigh School is what you (as the student) make of it. If these parents want more attention for their children than the special needs students, go to a private school. There is more than plenty of resources to take advantage of at FHS for willing students whose parents would blame themselves or their child, and not the system for poor performance/behavior. Falmouth High School has a great sports program, coaches, and teachers. The disciplinary system does need work, but so does the town's court system to back them up. The A.D. needs to go, however. Funding is limited because of the morons in the town who voted to renovate, and not rebuild the school, but the parents should have gone to vote rather than complain about it later. I am a proud and very recent graduate of FHS, and it is a good community with students going to prominent colleges afterward.
2/6/2005former studentAs a former student, all I can say about Falmouth High is that I never want to go back there again. Yes, the school had its strong points. The Teachers, for the most part, are nice and well educated about there respected subjects. The sports programs are good, there are a lot of different sports to choose from. There are also many different clubs and activities for a student to do. However, the overall atmosphere of the school is lousy, maybe even borderline depressing. There discipline policy is a joke. The actual building is a shame. How about some windows when you finally get around to renovating? My overall experience at Falmouth High could have been better if they allowed the students some slack. A more relaxed system needs to be put into place ASAP.
1/9/2005studentThe Falmouth High School faculty needs a face lift. There are harsh consequences for minor mistakes. If something isn't done about this, then I will never have a child of mine go through Falmouth High. Spirited students of Falmouth High can't even show their support for teams because almost everything they do is innapropriate. All in all, I feel Falmouth High School is a terrible school and something NEEDS to be done about it soon!
7/20/2004parentAfter my child completed 9th grade this year I am totally disappointed in the school. I feel that the school administration's primary goal is to project a false image of being a great school. They cater to the advanced and special needs students and completely ignore everyone else in between, to the point of pushing them thru the system when they clearly are not prepared for the next level. The discipline policy is a total failure and waste of everyone's time. I was not disappointed with the teachers for the most part I felt they tried to do the best they could with tied hands. After all, you really can't get the job done with out the proper tools. They need to clean house at Falmouth High School starting with the principal Paul Cali and working their way thru each corrupted department.
7/18/2004parentThe math and science department have been absolutely outstanding meeting the needs of all students. Coach power is out of control to the point that has devastated students and put fear into parents not to open their mouths for fear of retribution to their child. It not only has personnel that promote unethical behaviors of their athletes (as long as things are not done on school grounds), but also denies hard working, school spirited students the chance to even sit on the bench as a team member because the coach will not give them a chance. At an age that involvement is so important, some of these coaches slam the door on many young teens that just want a chance to be involved.
3/20/2004parentI agree 100% about the corrupt athletic department.These coaches and parents should be ashamed of themselves,I dont know how they sleep at night.The discipline problem is another Jerry Springer show!Hey,thats a great idea! P.S. The corruption was there when I was a student 20 yrs ago,but is totally disgusting and out of control now.
2/22/2004parentThe administration has no backbone. The school has a severe problem with dicipline, and the adnministration turns its back. The athletic program is corrupt, and run by a halfwit. What used to be a spectacular athletic program is now a shadow of its former self. The special needs department has no leadership and the students are getting short changed. Parents of the community feel that everything is just great when really only a chosen few are catered to in the high school.

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