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Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary School
2321 South Park St
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
(269) 337-0720
public | K-5
County: Kalamazoo


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Carol Steiner2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/21/2011parentThe staff, community & principal are all very supportive, loving & caring. I have never known a community to be so involved in a school! The location is in a great upscale neighborhood(parking sucks) but they have a good "30 second" drop off for students.
10/1/2011otherI was only in this school for one day, so I don't dare rate it a 5, but I will give you my first impression: I subbed one day, and I noticed: A very involved, happy, and friendly principal. An old, old school with narrow hallways and low ceiling, as well as music piped softly from the intercom in the hallway area, all of which made the school feel extremely cozy and homey!! Very friendly teachers. Very happy, smiling students. Teachers trying their best to teach. A friendly office. I was only in the very lowest grades, and never saw how it went in 2-3, but these are my first impressions. I came home and told my husband that this was the most awesome school I had been in!--and that's over my 6 years of subbing.
8/29/2011parentTwo of my children attend Parkwood Upjohn , one will be in the kindergartner and one in the third this year. They both are doing really well thanks to a caring, loving and excellent staff at Parkwood. I only have good things to say about the school and the teachers we have had so far. My only hope is that it continues just the same way in the years to come! I really believe it is a very good school. There are issues at the school but over all the staff handles these situations before it gets out of hand.
6/2/2011parentThis school, it's dedicated staff and principal, the diversity, and the involved parents is exactly what I want for my three children. I feel that every child in this school is respected and honored. Respect, responsibility and safety are key lessons, along with anti-bullying. There are many opportunities to learn in the way that best suits each child. I have three children with very different educational needs and the teachers and principal have recognized the needs of my kids, and others that I know, and have done their best to teach to my children's strengths. The PTO is very active at Parkwood, raising tens of thousands of dollars in one year to send kids on field trips, buy new copiers for teachers, and provide all sorts of activities throughout the year. This year we have a new vegetable garden and will be getting a new preschool/young elementary playground. I can't say enough about the good intentions of everyone involved. There positivity towards the school iscontagious.
4/14/2010parentthe teachers really help and care for kids that is having a hard time learning.
10/30/2009parentOur family loves this school. The principal is absolutely fantastic and has such a wonderful relationship not only with the parents but also with the students. She is frequently helping kids on and off the bus in the morning or afternoon, stopping to greet and speak with students and she visits all the classrooms on a regular basis. Today was the school Literacy Parade with all the studentsw parading the costumes they made in class based on a book character. Afterwards she sang silly Halloween songs to the kids in my son's class when she dropped by. Many kids love to come up and give her a great big hug. We also love my son's 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Kessler. We moved here from North Carolina this year and everyone has made such an effort to make sure our son felt welcome.
10/3/2009otherParkwood Upjohn is a socio-economic, racially integrated school. As a school consultant working at Parkwood Upjohn for 2+ years, I was impressed by the effort of staff and community members to willingly educate themselves and in turn implement change for the benefit of their students. In the process, they developed many innovative and motivating experiences that meet diverse needs. The school/community members of Parkwood Upjohn deserve recognition for the creative and diligent effort they exert to overcome the challenges they face.
8/5/2009parentTwo of my children attend Parkwood Upjohn , one will be in the first grade and one in the third this year. They both are doing really well thanks to a caring, loving and excellent staff at Parkwood. I only have good things to say about the school and the teachers we have had so far. My only hope is that it continues just the same way in the years to come! I really believe it is a very good school. My children could both read pretty well by the end of Kindergarten and they are both at an advanced level. What more could I ask for?
8/4/2009parentMy daughter has been going to Parkwood for 2 yrs and we have had a great success since we've been there. The principle and the teachers have been great. We had an issue with a student there and the staff handled it greatly.
12/16/2008parentI have a child at Parkwood she is in KG and she also attended PEEP at this school. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and principal. When ever I have an issue I know I can call on either one and get results! My child is reading at an amazing level and learning more each day. Hey I love Parkwood
9/30/2008parentIf you have a child that is quiet, attentive and has overall good grades, they may not survive this school. Parkwood Upjohn bends over backwards for students that have behavior problems and are a constant disruption. If you dare complain to the administration - your child will suddenly have unexplained behavioral problems and the Principal will try to 'teach' you to be a better parent. In other words - they turn the tables on you and make everything your problem.
1/30/2008parentI have 3 children attending this school and we've been actively involved for 3 years now. The staff is loving and attentive, the Principal greets the children every morning with boisterous smile and a hardy good morning. The extra curricular activities are fantastic and the parental support can not be beat.
1/21/2008parentWe moved within one block from Parkwood from another state because we were told of what a 'great school' it was. We are now having to pull our second grader from the school and put him into private school. This school, at one time many years ago, may have been a good place for 'children', but it presently has many cultural issues, the staff is surley and unkind, and the administration does not listen to parents (nor children) to resolve issues in a productive way. There is only a short recess for the chidren everyday. This school was very disappointing to parents who (before this experience) believed highly in the public school system!
3/9/2006parentMy entire family loves this school so much we are selling our house and moving into the neighborhood! The principal does a great job with not only administration, but also takes the time to get to know each kid and every family. The teachers are warm and friendly, know how to teach, and really care about the kids. Both my husband and I have full-time jobs, so we can't participate as much as we would like, but we already feel a part of the Parkwood-Upjohn community. I have visited other schools and talked to many, many parents, and Parkwood-Upjohn is tops!
2/22/2006parentI have been a Parkwood parent for over 10 years. All of my children have received a terrific education, and I have constantly and continually been impressed with the teachers, staff, and principal. The school community, staff and parents alike, has been consistently enthusiastic, energetic, and creative. Is it perfect? Of course not, but there is always a strive for improvement.
2/9/2006parentThis is the type of school that if you are a working parent, you will not know what is going on. You have to practically be on the PTA Board to get any information. The teachers try, but to a minimal effort. They will pass a child that is receiving a 23% in all subjects. I have seen it done. You have to request all information to be sent to you. They do nothing on a voluntary basis. I mean if you are not a working parent, or you have a job where you can invest 're'teaching your child knowledge.

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