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Creative Montessori Academy
15100 Northline Rd
Southgate, MI 48195
(734) 284-5600
charter | K-8
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
Carol Hutton2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/14/2011otherI am a former student at cma, went to school there from preschool to 8th grade. Academicly the school is pretty good because it has prepared me for High School but they are overly strict because if you talk they will try to suspend you, ecspecially this one teacher( Mrs. Long) she must of never heard the word detentio because everything was a suspension, and she always picks a favorite student. Overall the school is good up into 7th grade then is a disaster
8/26/2011otherI attended CMA myself. From preschool to 8th grade. My grades were always poor, and they let me fall behind drastically before they took notice. Mrs. Marzec was a good teacher though. They do not teach anything really past 3rd grade. They give you assignments on a board and expect you to learn it on your own, and when you ask for help it doesn't always help at all. Sometimes it left you more confused then before. Most typical "lessons" involve checking work. They give a lot of assignments to do in a day, and if you have to learn from a book it can be quite confusing and poorly explained. I failed algebra 1 in 8th grade, and had the same book as a ninth grader at a public high school and did extremely well all thanks to the difference in teaching. I was taught in ninth grade, in eigth grade I was given a book and expected to learn two lessons in one day. In math they don't spend much time in each different type of problem they quickly go over each. In ninth grade we could spend as many as three days on the same material honing our skills.They teach science well, however. The quality of the spanish teaching is very poor. The teacher teaches the same few lessons every year and grade
8/15/2011parentI enjoy this school. My children excelled in the K-3. However, when she went to fourth grade it went downhill. Wordly Wise is used as busy work and is very complicated for the age.The work load was thrown at her and Montessori method was not used. No communication from teacher like we had in years before. The office staff is RUDE! the two ladies in the office tend to be mean and snotty. Loved my children teachers and other teachers there. My child can excel farther than her friends that are in public school in our neighborhood. My kids love this school and its worth the drive.
8/12/2011parent Awesome learning enviroment. Kids are really guided to reach there full potention individually, instead of everyone learning the same for all. The life skills that are taught are equally as strong as the acedemics. I'm extremely happy with the school and hope they expand it to a k-12.
4/1/2011parentMy two daughters have attended CMA since Kindergarten through 6th grade. The ability for the teachers to accomodate the levels of learning of each child amazes me. They individualize the lessons and the learning according to each child's ability. If your child excels and thrives, they pull work to give your child a challenge. The multi-leveled classrooms are a bonus and the children can feel equal on social and academic levels without being criticized. My daughter's are now in 7th grade, both on the Honor Roll. One is achieving all A's and is on the Principal's list. I am so blessed to have had my children experience the Montessori learning...where the teacher prepares the environment and the child directs his own learning. Montessori may not be for every child, but it was FANTASTIC for my children. Keep up the wonderful work, CMA!!
9/4/2010other(continued from below) in class because I LOVE to socialize, so I don't get much work done in class. Not to mention the fact that besides socializing I'm easily distracted, which also makes it hard to concentrate at home. And to the people writing bad reviews on this school, you are just jealous that you didn't have this good of a school to go to when you were a kid because half the bad reviews have misspellings, bad sentence structure, and misuses of words. Although when I'm in school I don't like it, I have to admit, that CMA is a pretty good school! :) Submitted by a CMA Student.
6/17/2010parentI have only great things to say about CMA. In my opinion it is one of the best schools in the area. The teachers and principals take time to listen to concerns and do their best to make sure they are addressed. I am so glad that my family is part of this school. I hope more parents take time to write about all of the great things happening at CMA
6/17/2010otherCMA offers so much more than the traditional neighborhood schools. My kids love going to this school. They have the same teachers for three years so they are like part of an extended family. There are 2 teachers in each room to work with the children. There are a lot of opportunities for parents to participate at CMA - family fun nights, PTO, school fieldtrips, family picnics, love and logic for parenting, volunteer lunch room helper, coaching, tutoring and more. Teachers care about all of the children and will meet with you to talk about things you can do to help your child. The headmasters have an open door - just pop in and they will listen and help you, they have a monthly coffee with the headmasters.
4/28/2010parentMy child went here last year and in 9/2009 and I had to take him out of this school. They don't know how to handle or solve problems.I will never forget when my son was injured by another child . They suspended my child and not the other child. And they saw what happen an sat there and was laughing about . That's so unprofessional . And they have their picks on who they like the most. And they are lazy and not respondsible enough to solve a situation. The Principal don't seem to care either. And they will lable your child because they are too lazy to take the time out to help your child if needed.
4/10/2009otherAs a 2008 graduate, I can tell you this school is phenomenal. Of course, it has flaws, though this is true of any school. The biggest flaw though, was I was not quite prepared for switching classes going into the ninth grade. I was, however, academically higher than most of my peers. My brother and two younger cousins go there, and they love it! Keep it up CMA!
4/1/2009parentI took my daughter out of lincoln park school district for lack of learning, after being enrolled at cma one semester i noticed a big difference, my three girls love reading more now then ever there grades are somuch better, the teachers at this school are wonderful. Not only do they have a teacher to every class but a student teacher as well ...This was the best school i could have picked, thank you cma...Keep up the good work!...Roxanne smith
3/5/2009parentI have 2 daughters that just started this year. Previously, the attended Wyandotte Public Schools. I can see such a difference in them. They have become very good readers, good in Spanish and enjoy their teachers. Mrs. Wallace is my favorite!
1/21/2009otherI am greatly disappointed in the level of education at this facility. The teachers are lazy and non resonsive to the students needs. I feel my grandson is learning more from me and his father than at your facility. I rate this school at c-----
1/17/2009parentMy daughter just started school at Creative Montessori, and I can't imagine having her any where else. Her teacher Ms. Cathy (K)is great, my daughter loves her very much and is excited to be in school now.
9/12/2008parentMy 2nd grader & I love CMA..her teacher's are awesome! She has thrived in math,reading,spelling & loves coming to school everyday. I would like to see a new school be built that is Pre-K through 12..that is my daughter's dream. There are NO Montessori high school's around & don't know where I will send her after 8th grade. So if CMA Headmaster's read this....PLEASE open up a new school up to 12th grade....Thank's
6/17/2008parentI am a parent of two children attending CMA. My children have been fortunate to have teachers who geniunely care about the success of their students. I would, however, like to see more music/band focus on the younger students (i.e., 1 - 4th grade). There also needs to be more physical education classes for the students. My fourth grader has physical education once (1) a week for 35 minutes. Most students at other schools are receiving phys ed three (3) times a week. Submitted by a Parent
6/6/2008parentI am a prent of a 6th grader at CMA. Although I can not say this school is 'Perfect' as many seem to expect it to be. I have only small complaints. I would like to see the dress code enforced a little better and I would like to see the kids get more physical activity during recess and free time but thats it. I think the education offered there is above reproach. My daughter has a learning disabilty that was flat out ignored in our local public school and in the two years we have been at CMA she has thrived. I couldnt be prouder of my daughters hard work and the educators that guide her. If I have ever had an issue with anything my concernes were heard and addressed to everyones satisfaction. I think this school is wounderful and wish they went all the way to high school!
5/11/2008studentI'm an eighth grader at CMA, and it's a good learning experience that I would defenitely reccomend. The teachers are nice, there's a resonable amount of homework (but not too much), and plenty of help if the kids struggle. For example, there is a resource room teacher who comes into our class everyday and helps kids with their math. There is also a band, chorus and art program. I would say this is a great school.
4/20/2008parentExcellent academics. My son thrived in this school... Teachers are excellent and care about the children.. They are not just numbers
11/9/2007parentI have multiple complaints with this school but above all they should not be allowed to call themselves a Montessori school. If you are seeking the Montessori experience for your children, look elsewhere.
9/12/2007parentThe work is tedious and the staff doesn't allow your child to master skills. They move them along whether the get it or not. My child struggled. I had to monitor the teacher daily just to make sure my child did well. I moved her and in just 2 weeks at the new school she is excelling wonderfully
9/12/2007parentI move my son and daughter out of this school at the end of this school (6/07) My daughter started 5th grade and couldn't remember how to write cursive because at CMA it was mainly taught in the lower elemtary but not enforced in 4th grade. So she spent a year 'printing neatly'. Her new school also teaches old fashion English not that Wordly Wise CMA uses. Some of the staff is not trained to handle signs of struggle in a child. They 'label' them instead.
4/26/2007parentThis school is great I tell all my friends to look into this school you can not beat the education the kids get here its hard to belive it is free. All of the teachers have been great.My kids love this school.Alot less behavior problems here than in public so if your child seems to be getting over shadowed by the behavior problems in your school I would look into this school. School is for learning not a babysitting session. Thank You CMA !
2/15/2007parentI, and my child love CMA. My son has been coming here since pre-school, and is now in first grade. I cant beleive how much he has learned. The teachers are wonderful-very helpful when I have questions. I am very concerned about the parking situation(just awful and frustrating-also the congested hallways-Yikes.) Otherwise, way to go CMA.
7/28/2006parentI have a third and a fifth grader attending this school. They seem to really like this style of learning. The only thing that is sometimes tough to deal with is the amount of homework the kids are given in grade four and above. They are doing homework after dinner until bedtime in most cases. Overall, good school.
6/21/2006parentI attended a 'parents day' while my son was still in preschool. I sat in for an hour. The teacher read a story to the kids, who all sat quietly in rapt attention. Even my son. Then, the kids each got out a rug, and some materials, and sat for at least twenty minutes working with them. Even my son. One child came over to the table i was sitting at. Soon a teacher came over and also sat down. The child began reading a book, out loud, fluently. It had to be 2nd grade level or better. But this was preschool. When i was in school, excellence was discouraged, but here it is cultivated. I knew it was going to be good. Not only are the teachers good, but, for the most part, the parents are involved with thier kids. I help my son in math and reading. His mom and i quiz him relentlessly in spelling, Spanish, and social studies. Every day. All weekend. And all summer. And the results are worth it.
4/29/2006parentExcellent academic programs, especially for those students who are above grade level. The teachers do a wonderful job addressing all students needs. Love the music program! My daughter talks about her music class more than any other. Mr. B is fantastic. Too much emphasis on the gym program and 'field trips' to the YMCA, Bowling, and gymnastics are a bit much. I would lik to see educational trips planned rather than these.
4/16/2006parentMy daughter has been going to CMA since first grade. We pulled her out briefly to try another academy with a different focus, but it was horrible, and we came back. Because my child is a self-starter, Montessori has worked very well for her. While she felt very challenged going from her third grade class, where she'd been three years, to her fourth grade class, she has since improved. Now in fifth grade, the teacher has had time to understand who she is, and she has had time to adjust to the new teacher's expectations. Yes, she had a lot of homework in the lower grades, and I can see some parents being very frustrated by that, but it pleased us. We like the accountability on the kids, and we love the music teacher, whose heart is truely in his work. Wish the techology class was more effective.
3/10/2006parentThe Jr. High teacher should be commended. She is one who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She makes sure that all the children have the opportunity to learn. She takes the time to email all the parents to let them know what is going on in the classroom. So, many times in jr. high parents are quickly cut from the picture. This wonderful teacher provides independence for the students, but allows parents to stay up to date with what is expected from the students. This teacher gets my vote for teacher of the year! This a very well rounded school for all. I have a younger child and I couldn't be happier with her teacher as well. This school is giving my children the best of everything!
2/6/2006parentMy daughters 7th grade & 3rd grade.The teachers in 7 & 8 grade are great.Although in 4-6th my daughter did fractions & decimal for 3 years. Since removing my children my 7th grader placed low in fractions.How is that possible with 3 years.My 3rd grader was advanced to division yet did not have her times tables mastered? Doesn't make much sense to me and was very discouraging to her.She also cannot spell peaches but can spell words that have 12 letters in them.What about basics before higher learning.I also found the lack of outdoor recess to be very distressing.How are children to work quietly when they can't release any energy.Would you like to set in class for 8hrs. w/no fresh air? I'm so happy we left this school.
1/29/2006studentCMA is the best school for childern. The teachers are very nice and the principals know what they're doing.Parents asked to be involved in the shcool all the time! The specials are good except for the stupid music teacher. My child is in 4th grade and is on the A Honor!Once again the teachers are great!
1/25/2006parentThis CMA review offers a mixed view of the school. I have a child in a mixed class of 4,5,&6 graders, he is able to do 4th grade Social Studies, and 5th grade math. This is essential for keeping my child from being board. They also focus on independent learning, which in my opinion better prepares him for the world. My other child was enrolled in Kindergarten and placed in a poor classroom. The teacher was very inexperienced and lacked control over the classroom, resulting in a room of chaos where very little learning had opportunity to happen. My child began dreading to come to school and after a day of observing the negative environment, it was easy to see why. The admin. said they would work on it, but I didn't want my child to have to be disatvantaged any longer. I moved him to another school.
1/10/2006parentThis is my kindergartener's first year at CMA. I am extremely happy with Montessori's program, her teacher and my daughter's accomplishments thus far. She loves her teacher and school and is excited about learning. Two thumbs up CMA!
12/21/2005parentCMA emphasizes good student discipline skills and parental involvement. The personal skills your child learns will benefit them throughout life regardless of their occupation/career path. The staff is dedicated and caring. They will provide assistance to anyone making a strong personal effort. This is not a school for parents whose involvement is limited to dropping off and picking up their child. You need to stay involved on a regular (daily) basis. Strong home support is part of the program. School board performance is average,but they try. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a Montessori academic program.
8/26/2005parentI agree with many of the comments made so far. Our first three years were very montessori and our children excelled. When we moved upstairs things changed. The stress on my children was too much. The atmosphere was that of a junior high. These fourth graders (AGES8-10)are in a classroom with students up to 12years. This is a big age difference. The children moving upstairs to fourth grade were in my eyes not prepared for the workload,or the change of the enviroment. I strongly feel that the fourth graders need to be better prepared to move upstairs and that they need to be downstairs until fifth grade. There did not seem to be much tolerence for the children who were having a hard adjusting. They were left on their own to deal with stresses of change.
4/20/2005parentI was very impressed with this school when my child attended 1st through 3rd grade. The fourth through and fifth grade has been horrible. My daughter's grades have dropped considerably. While she is very smart I don't feel as though her 'new' teacher knows how to apply the Montessori principles. Last marking period her class had only two children on the honor roll while all other classes had over a dozen in each class. I have spoke with several other parents who have the same complaints. I see very little control in the classroom as I have a teacher telling me that she will sometimes find my daughter out of her seat talking with her friend instead of doing her work. Their grades also suffer because they are not told to hand in their work. I just see many of these problems caused by unorganization and uncontrolled classrooms.
3/22/2005parentMy child has attended here for 4 years. I was completely satisfied with the 1-3 program, and not satisfied with the 4-6 program. Many other parents I have talked to have echoed my concerns. Montessori principals are being completely ignored my most 4-6 teachers. I believe most children are being pushed too hard or not hard enough and these differences vary by teacher, not by student, as montesorri would indicate. One important reason these children are kept together for 3 years with the same teacher is to build relationships, which is a montessori foundation to independant learning (the theory is children want to learn more when they are emotionally connected to the teacher.)I do not see this fostered at all. Overall I believe my child is getting an education that is simply equivalent to the local public school. Parent involvement is positive, but minimal. Extras have the same problems listed.
1/4/2005parentThe school has an agenda. The staff can't hear you when you try to address concerns. They smile and nod and defend 'the agenda', even if that's not what you're talking about. I've had very frustrating experiences just trying to get better communication about assignments. It's supposed to be individualized w/your child in mind, but it's really 'cookie cutter' style. I am very disappointed. This is my child's third year and this year has been especially frustrating. I've had it. She won't be going there next year.
8/3/2004parentI have to children attending the school. I have found for k-3Rd grade the school is excellent in the attentiveness to my childs needs. However, once your child attends the upperschool for 4th grade the staff is not as qualified to deal with the diversity of the children's needs. The work is tedious and not at all challenging for the more intelligent child, and it is one dimensional. This is ashame because the children are looking to be challenged, and don't want to do the mundane work. My 1st grader was dissecting animals in science while my sixth grader was told to research a lima bean. Between the two the younger child was definitely more challenged.
6/7/2004parentAbsolutly no tolerance at all. Leaves all responsibility on the child to learn and track everything. No guidance to child in obtaining these skills, just told to do it.
6/7/2004parentThis school started out just great. They said everything you wanted to hear. Later, however, we found out different. The teacher to student ratio was not what they said. Each class I entered was 25 students not the 17 they said. They stress independence on the students, which may be fine for some children, but not all. My children were disciplined for little things and other children were just overlooked when doing the same things. Teachers were not very understanding when the class work was not understood and were told to sit down and figure it out. Please research this school more and talk to other parents in the hall before sending your child. My children and as well as a large number of families I have spoke to have pulled their children from this school. The administration wants to stress accountability to their students but have no accountability for themselves.
2/5/2004parenti feel this institution needs to communicate more often with what is going on in the school. it is very hard to get your child to class when having to deal with the parking lot and the congestion in the halls and if you arent in your seat at 8:00 am they mark the child tardy. they are not very understanding to situations at all. half the time you show up to school and then find out there is a 1/2 day. i was told on a few occations to find another school ifI didn't like there policies. they really need better organization. oh and don't try to find out anything on their school website, it has not been updated and the info is months behind.
1/13/2004parentMy daughter attends kindergarten at C M A and I can't tell you how pleased I am. To be compleatly honest at first I didn't think that she was learning as much as my nephew who attends a southgate public school in the same grade. I think she has learned more than he has since the begining of the school. Not only has she blew me away academicly but she has learned how to get along with others with her being an only child thats real important to me. She has came along way and I couldn't be more happy with this school.
10/6/2003parentI think Parents should really check this school out before getting involved. My Son Spent 1st. grade thru 3rd. grade at this School and he didn't learn very much. He is doing 3rd. grade over at a new school and all the while he was at C.M.A all they did was push him into harder and harder work before he even mastered the skills of the present work. So really check this school out. Oh plus they gave him up to eight pages of homework a night. It was really hard to be a family and for him to be a Kid with that kind of work.
8/22/2003parentI have two children at Creative. We transferred from private school and we are astonished at how well our children have done since last year. It is an awesome program with teachers who really truly care about their students and families. I love the fact that our children can do higher grade work if they are able and are also allowed to help one another when needed.
7/24/2003parentI believe this is one of the very best schools in wayne county. My daughter just excelled in school and while in the first grade she could do 3rd grade work. Its unbelieveable how well she can read. I also like the fact that all the students wear uniforms to school and that there is alot of parent participation.

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