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Wayne Memorial High School
3001 4Th St
Wayne, MI 48184
(734) 419-2206
public | 8-12
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Valerie Orr2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/20/2012otherLove this school! Teachers & staff are there for the students. Will recommend it to all.
1/22/2010studentWayne Memorial High School is a great school, they offer many AP courses and provide teachers who can actually teach you better than college professors can. Though some may say they water down the curriculum for certain students I believe that the school recognizes those who want to be in school and try their hardest and provide aid needed to help those kids. The school became a little strict after a principle left a couple years ago but it did allow for more kids to be in class and not in the halls skipping class. Overall I would recommend the school as a public school. It is clean, safe, and though controversial to students well ran school.
6/16/2009studentI absolutely loved this school when i graduated in 2007. I was a pregnant student and I was strugaling. They helped me get on the right track and gave me a great education. They care about the students and they want what is best for them. Our problem is not in the teaching facility it is in the students who are just there for social reasons. They dont give up on students and i really love this school! I wish i was still there
4/28/2008studenti love wayne memorial high school. i attend there right now as a junior.(class of '09) It really is a good school. The only problem is, is that there are way too many kids not on the right track, or joining any type of sports. There is so much potential in this school, but many of them don't come out. The teachers may even sometimes act like they care about you, but in reality THEY DON'T. The principal is terrible. I understand some of the rules that he lays down, but some of them are too extreme and pointless. He often makes it not as fun to go to school. I'm happy he is soon leaving after this year. Maybe we may find more kids motivated to school. Wayne Memorial is a good school and I love it; I just wish that a few changes were made.
11/17/2007studentI am a senior at wayne memorial, class of 2008. I personally think that wayne is one great school. I take advantage of everything at wayne, including sports, clubs, and academics. Teachers are great and helpful and the councelers really know what they are saying.
10/22/2007otherI am a former wayne memorial student and I just have to say that I couldn't have been more eager to get out of that place. I wouldn't even have given it one star if it wouldn't have been for the few good teahers I had. I did have a lot of friends and was never in trouble, but a lot of what I learned while in school, I taught myself. I hardly had to put forth any effort and I graduated with a 4.3. I did have a few really good teachers and my counselor was great, however there is a definite need for improvement.
9/1/2005parentMy Freshman and Junior Daughters just enrolled at Wayne Memorial High School. We absolutley LOVE this school, the people, the instructors, and the community!
11/26/2004studentI attend wayne memorial high school now and there i am a freshman, i had gone to catholic school all my life and this year i transferred into a public school, it was the biggest decision ever and it was the best i could have made. There you experience the real world and what goes on sure there may be some bad stuff that happen like food fights but its just kids being kids, and thats what we are. For someone as young as me and someone who has never really experieced the real world like this before it is different but its not bad. The teachers care about you and your future and to me i think that, that is very important. there i am an honor roll student and i wouldn't have been an honor roll student if it weren't for the teachers. GO ZEBRAS!
11/9/2004parentWhen I went to Wayne there were teachers that cared about their students. I see know that know they just want them to get out. I see teachers that give full credit to a student that did the homework all wrong. But since they did the corections in class then they got full credit. If our teachers don't care about our kid than who but us can. When we question about our childrens grades we are told, its ok they there still passing. I believe some teachers need to start caring about out our children the same they would about theirs.
3/31/2004parentI was a student at WMHS through 1986. Now my sons attend. The quality of education and discipline has gone drastically downhill. The most dramatically affected area, I believe, is the vocal music program. Too bad Ms. Schuler-Gleason retired. Nowadays nobody believes that WMHS ever had decent choirs. Too bad, really. They were top-ranked in the state when she was still teaching.
9/9/2003otherI had an awsome time at wayne memorial high school. The teachers were great my personal favorite (Mrs. Vaughn, and Mr. Rowland.) It is a great school to go to.
9/9/2003parentHad a foreign exchange student that went here and also had children go to Glenn. This school is outstanding for the arts. Loved the music program and the dance program!
8/22/2003otherI really like my school and the teachers there are great, they get in touch with their students and that helps the students to work better! They make sure the students are working in a safe and clean enviroment. The parents are involved also.
5/6/2003 I was a student at WMHS from 1987/1988-1990, and I had nothing but positive experiences when I was there! The teachers were competent and creative, the principals (Mr. Winters and Mr. Stratton) were friendly and effective, the curriculum choices were diverse and interesting, the parents were very involved in helping out and supporting the programs, and the extracurricular and athletic programs were also diverse and a great learning experience. I don't have one bad thing to say about WMHS except that it was a shame when the milage did not pass the year after I left, leaving our school at its bare bones. I would be teaching at WMHS today if Michigan had my Florida weather!

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