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Gulfport High School
100 Perry St
Gulfport, MS 39507
(228) 896-7525
public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Harrison


  School Head OfficialYear
Michael Lindsey2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/21/2010parentThis is one of the best schools in the state I graduated from this school in 2008 i have enjoyed this schools the years i have been there. the teachers are awsome and the principal micheal lindsey the the whole staff is very helpful and they will bend over backwards for you. i miss the school so much i wish i can go back but i cant all students who attended the school seems to love it gulfport high school yall are awsome!!!!!!!!! Go Admirals cordero gordon class of 2008
11/6/2009studentloved it the people and all great school
9/17/2009parentOf all the schools in Mississippi, Gulfport High School has the most diversity studnets in terms of race and economic background.
6/19/2006parentGulfport High is by far the best Mississippi Gulf Coast School.After Hurricane Katrina,our teachers and school leaders made coming back to school such a smooth transition for our kids.Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as possible.As the parent of a child with a learning disability(dyslexia)I know the frustration of dealing with a school that just wants to 'push' your child through the system.GHS teachers have been so supportive and encouraging to my son & after my daughter was diagnosed with postraumatic stress disorder after the storm.This school offers a wide variety of activities and an exemplory academic program.We bought our home based on the availability of this High school for our children.Although no school is without its problems,if I had to do it all over again,I would choose the same school district.
12/16/2005former studentGulfport High is one of the premier high schools not only in the state but in the country. The quality of the administrative and teaching staff is beyond compare. The teachers will help with any needs of the students and will really prepare the children for life after high school. The atmosphere at the school is great and Gulfport is always at the top when it comes to extracurricular activities. If you are a parent looking for a school that is diverse and equally competitive then this is the place to be. Go Admirals!
6/21/2005former studentGulfport High School is by far one of the best in the southeast. With close to 2000 students, GHS is fast-paced, yet friendly. The curriculum adheres to national standards, and many graduates choose to pursue further education (i.e. college, university, etc). There is a vast array of promising extracurricular activities for students to participate in (everything from the Babysitter's Club to the National Honor's Society to the Skateboarding Club!). The school is also home to many exceptional teachers and adminstrators. Mr. Myrick is an excellent principal who is always willing to work with students and parents to make GHS even better. Although I will not be attending GHS next year, I will never forget the lasting lessons I learned there! Go Admirals!
5/15/2005studentI am a Freshman going on o be a sophmore and I have to say to anybody looking for a place for their child to go to school I would have to say the choice should be Gulfport High. Their teachers want you r best work for you to succed in the years to come. Gulfport High is a friendly place and the teachers are so nice. Yes, they might push you to do your best but you will see that every bit of it counts. This year I have done awsome with the help of my teachers. *Heather Mcknight
2/23/2005former studentGulfport high is a great school that gives each student the opertunity to thrive in there educational career. The teachers at GHS are top quality expecially in the AP program. Extracurricular activites are vastly populated and get students involved in the school and the community.
1/15/2005parentI feel Gulfport High is a superior school with many opportunities. I've had two daughters there and one graduated with a full scholarship to MSU from her PSAT scores. They both participated in a great club- Team Fusion, which I feel pushed them to excell in grades, leadership skills, and drive to be the best they could be. The teachers are great- dedicated and positive. The advanced and honors classes offer upperclassmen a jump start on college credits.
1/12/2005studentI am a sophomore at Gulfport High School, and first off I would like to say that I believe this school is far and away the best in the state! We excell in every aspect. For instance: Our English, science, athletics, and especially our math department flourish and our state testing levels are exteremely high, higher than many schools in Mississippi! Our teacher's staff in incredible and they prepare us with information for everything we will need, not only in college, but in our futures as a whole. The students are also friendly and helpful, it is easy to make friends at Gulfport. If you are a parent debating which school to send your child to, Gulfport High is the place. Go Admirals!
1/12/2005studentGHS is a great school. The staff is composed of dedicated profesionals who encourage hard work and integrity. I know that I am receiving a quality education. - M.M
1/10/2005parentOur second son has attended Gulfport High for two years and has had a very successful school years so far. The teachers are outstanding and very helpful to the Special Education child. He now longer needs the Sped services now that he has had the one on one assistance that the teachers of Gulfport High have given him. I can not thank the teachers enough for all their hard work for my child. He will become a successful lifelong learner thanks to the values that they have help instilled in him. Overall the staff at Gulfport High have been excellent in their comment to the students of the school. The many extracurricular activites can spark any students interest. Gulfport High is an excellent school.
7/14/2004studenti feel gulfport high is a great place for kids to go to school my daughter is there now there are lots of scholarship advantages because gulfport is known so widely i recommend this school to anyone
4/16/2004parentThis is the best school for learning and getting a great preparation for college. The school is great and so is the staff
10/29/2003otherThis is the best school in the whole state! What a great diversity of students! Everyone can express themselves in a unique way without getting into trouble.
9/14/2003parentMy son graduated from Gulfport High in 2000. Gulfport High has an excellent Math Dept. And [the math department] prepared him to suceed in college in a very challenging major. The Math teachers are excellent and do a wonderful job. We always felt the safety and discipline were good. The diverse student body is a real plus and students can always find a place to belong.
8/19/2003otherI am a freshman at this school, and the teachers are great. They really do their best to help you. We also have a great athletic program. I think that the staff members here are great. Also, we have a variety of choices in the cafeteria. I can't wait till my sophomore year begins, that way my classes will hopefully be tougher. I am in every advanced class that the school has. I am hoping to get scholarships to big colleges. I think that with all the excellent staff members at this school I might get where I want in life.

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