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St. Martin High School
10800 Yellowjacket Blvd
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
(228) 875-8418
public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Jackson


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/24/2011parentThe St. Martin H.S. is a great dissappointment! The standards are extremely low and if a child wants to pass all he/she has to do is attend class and pay attention and maybe a little effort. During the year 2010-2011, my student required tutoring and most of the time no teachers were available for either of the 2 days of tutoring a week, they always have somewhere to go. My child told me that the teachers only appear to be teaching when a principal walks down the hallway, and she thought that the teachers are only interested in getting paid...her words..."Mom, the teachers don't really care about us." There is a lack of "classroom control", the students walk all over the teachers most of the time and make fun of them, so maybe that's why the teachers don't care. To have a substitute teacher come in and not know how to do the work is pitiful. This school needs better discipline (they have corporal punishment but don't use it), they need teachers that CARE and they need to raise the standard for passing to a 70%. That makes the student have to apply him/herself inorder to graduate. This school needs some help!
6/21/2010teacherAs an experienced teacher new to the St. Martin system, I can say I am very lucky to work there. Mississippi's state tests are among the most difficult in the nation, and the St. Martin teachers are able to produce successful, intelligent, well-rounded students who also do well on the state tests. They understand that No Child Left Behind is quite flawed on a number of levels, so instead of just teaching the tests like the neighboring city districts do, they teach the child. I worked in the neighboring systems on some short term assignments before I accepted the St. Martin position and am very glad I did. The staff sees the big picture and is always willing to discuss a problem rationally. I must say, their old-school ways when dealing with idiots are nice as well: they show them the door.
3/9/2010parentThis school uses an automated system that never has a live person pick up. In a crisis there is no way to get through. Most of the times it just rings and rings until it disconnects you.
11/15/2009parentMy child has been at St.Martin High School for the past few years. Although I have always thought that the school was a cut-above, Dr. Holloway appeared to be more concerned about his career than the education of the students. I often heard faculty members say that he made them feel on edge. My child is now a senior and is having a terrific year. She says that the new principal, Mrs. Dina Holland, has restored the morale at the school and everything focuses on the positive. My daughter doesn't want to miss school so that she can keep her reward card. Congratulations, Mrs. Holland! It is obvious that you love St. Martin!
4/25/2009parentI have a senior and a sophomore at St Martin they are two completely different students with different talents and both have found there places at SMH. I think it is a terrific school where the expectations are high and the students meet those expectations. The dress code helps to enforce these expectations. I wish we could get more from our athletics but the academics are superb. This school can be proud of its administration and the teachers all whom have been caring and supportive.
3/3/2009parentHorrible school but wonderful teachers! my daughter was liked very much until her brother started this school my son was a trouble maker. But when my daughter got in first bit of trouble due to another child, my daughter was suspended. Which was resonable due to the circumstances. From then on she would be punished and unable to go to pep rallys or anyother school activities. For some reason she had to sit in the office.I pulled my son and daughter out of this school due to the discrimmination.
1/26/2009parentI have two children attending this school and although I do not agree with the uniform policy, I love the high standard that is enforced on the students and choices of classes to attend.
11/25/2008parentI am a parent of a former St. Martin High School student. I pulled her out of school 1 month ago.. because I had finally had enough of the St. Martin school system. My daughter had attended St. Martin from K-10th. My daughter is now in the 10th grade. She was in Biology (which is a state required class) it is a half year class. The school pulled her out of Biology after the first nine weeks and put her in a senior elective (that was all that was available) because she was failing and I was told that she would need a grade of 80 to pass the class and they didn't think she could do it. I was reassured to not feel bad cause there were 30 other students gettting ready to be pulled from the same class. The school doesn't care about students.
10/27/2008parentAs a parent, My time here at St. Martin is coming to an end and I have seen a great deal of changes taking place through the St. Martin School and all for the better. The AP programs set up are excellent and they are going to only furture our childrens education. The only problem that I have seen in the past 10 years is the parent participation level everyone has a say in what happens at that school get involved and for the parents that say they wish they could but I work well I have a husband overseas and have a full time job also make the time change doesn't happen by standing still don't degrade the school if you are not going to get involved. Your childs first real world memories comes from high school it is what your child makes of it that counts.
9/25/2008studentAs a student, I see everything that St. Martin has to offer. The pros of receiving an education at St. Martin far outweigh the cons. The AP program is great, although some of the classes are a little new to the school. SMHS is overall an excellent school.
7/23/2008parentI as a parent am pleased with the education that St. Martin is providing my child. However, the athletic program is not highly desirable. Lock rooms/weight room are not kept up. Items are being stolen during games/practices. Some Coaches does need to attend a Code of Ethics class.
8/27/2007parentThis school is awful. The students are forced to wear tacky mandatory public school uniforms. Little emphasis is placed on academics.
5/21/2007former studentThis school is wonderful. I loved it!
9/18/2006parentThis is my son's first year at St. Martin, he is a senior. The quality of education at the school is outstanding. I only wish that he had gotten the same quality of education at his last school. I would highly recommend the school to all parents.
5/9/2005former studentSt. Martin has given me a huge jump on life compared to the other high schools in the area. The education I received has given me the confidence to advance in every aspect of my life since graduation. The teachers have true talent, not just people with degrees making money without reaching the students. It is a great environment for anyone to learn.
4/18/2005studentSt. Martin is a wonderful school! I went there from '97 and will stay here until '09. It is a wonderful school. The teachers are involved and we have wonderful teams. Go Yellow Jackets!
1/24/2005former studentSt. Martin is a good school. Uniform policy is a very good thing. I went there from 1995-2001. Good sports and acedemics. Go YellowJackets!

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