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School Profile

Edgar Road Elementary School
1131 Edgar Rd
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 963-6472
public | K-5
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Pamela Retzlaff2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/27/2011parentThe district as a whole is a five, ers is a 4, only because of a few issues that we had with our child with special needs. That has to do with the special education staff, not the principal or regular education teachers. However, I would have liked to see the principal put a little more pressure on the spec. Ed folks. I've experienced 6th grade, too,which is a 10 for me, phenomenal staff. Middle school is pretty good too and again wghs s is great....so it is a choose our battles kind of school that is about community and family and hoping for bright futures for kids-they honestly want to see kids do well, with an emphasis on reading. Also, Webster groves is a great district for transients/ people with high public school education expectations.
2/7/2011parentWhile my sons have only be at Edgar Road for two years, I have really been blown away by this school district. It is a close family style school district. The principal, teachers, students, staff and parents really take care of each other. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with all the homework my sons have, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I know that this demonstrate that my children are learning, and the measures the teaches go to teach their students. The principal tells my children how we are all family, and we look after one another. The PTA does really great things, and make every effort to involve all parents, including their student resident parents. My only regret is that summer school is limited, and that I can not participate as much as I would like too. This is an amazing school, with great things to offer parents, teachers, staff, and its community.
10/19/2010parentI love Edgar Road School, because kids are #1! Parents are involved, not not too involved. It feels like home.
7/26/2010parentI have two children at this school and can't say enough about how wonderful the teachers, administration and parents are. There are many opportunities to get involved. One of my children are in the gifted program and has had a wonderful experience.
4/11/2006parentI would have to agree with the mom with a child with special needs. I have one child in this school with special needs and one child without. The child with special needs has been left by he wayside on more than one occasion and disappointed by promises made but not followed through on. My other child is goind wonderful and loves the school. I'm disappointed with the lack of fierce dedication to those children who don't fit in a nice, comfortable mold. Though there are wonderful teachers in the school, it comes down to leadership and right now the leadership is lacking in compassion and dedication.
8/24/2005parentMy son attended Edgar Road from kindegarten through fifth. Almost all of the teachers are excellent, there is very good parental involvement, and the atmosphere is very friendly. However, if your child has any special needs, be VERY wary. While the school talked up a good game plan at my son's IEP's, they were extremely poor at follow-through. In addition, I know of at least three examples in the past couple of years where an IEP was flagrantly disregarded. I suspect that much of the problem lies with the principal and her refusal to allow any questioning of her authority. Complaints are often left unresolved and I got the distinct impression that, if you pushed for resolution, the student would be made to suffer.
7/26/2004parentAfter having my children at ERS for nine years and having two 'graduates', I can't say enough about the nuturing atmosphere and caring staff. This school is truly a gem. The parents are very involved and the teachers and staff are part of the community.
12/5/2003parentGreat School to raise your kids in. Small enough so that every teacher knows all the kids and your children don't get lost in the shuffle.

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