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Holy Cross Academy - Seven Holy Founders Campus
6737 Rock Hill Road
St. Louis, MO 63123
(314) 631-8149
private | K-5
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Deacon Bro. Joel A. Lechner, OSM2011
4/26/2011parentMy son has ADD/ADHD and we were working very hard with Dr.s and the preschool director to guide him in the right direction. To add more structure for him, we were going to have him attend 5 days a wk. instead of 2. Everything had been set up through acct. manager. When we were set to start we were informed that our son could NOT come 5 days a week. Two new students were starting that wk. I called to inquire if these students had all paperwork turned in. I found out that only 1 of the students had turned in paperwork, which should have left 1 spot open for my son. Mind you, we had also been paying tuition all year and our son was already established there. I called the principal to no avail. When I spoke with act. man. again she said "I don't know how Mrs. Chris feels about-(she then stopped herself)-Mrs. Chris decides who attends the preschool program." DIRECT QUOTE! . We were not negligent parents, we were trying our best to help our son and Seven Holy Founders refused too due to his disability. I would also like to say that when we toured SHF we informed Mrs. Chris of the behavior problems and she assured us that it would be a non-issue.
3/30/2011parentThanks to all the Faculty, Staff and Administration for the wonderful work that you have done and continue to do for my children. They are in a safe, friendly, warm and caring environment. I do not hesitate to tell people about the wonderful things that are happening at SHF School. They love being there! Keep it up!!! Love the on-line grading program!!
3/24/2011parentMy son has been attending SHF for 4 years, and now our daughter is in preschool. We love the teachers, the athletics, and the strong sense of community. We are proud to send our children to a school so rich in tradition where our children are challenged and embraced. Its nice to feel a part of something great!
3/24/2011parentOur children love attending Seven Holy Founders! They have a challenging curriculum and amazing athletic program. Most of the graduates go on to their first choice private high schools and do exceedingly well. It is a great investment in our child's future.
2/22/2011parentMy children currently attend SHF and we are very pleased. The student to teacher ratio is outstanding, academics are rigorous, and the teachers are caring, A great school with suoerb parish support and excellent leaders.
4/18/2010otherI am an SHF alumnae. I attended SHF k-8. Honestly, grade school was one the worst part sof my life. The students teased certain kids & made their lives horrible. Once I went to the teacher with a severe bullying problem & the teacher said it was normal for kids to go through this. The education was good & I am a smart young adult. I just feel the cliques that reside between the students & the parents are very disheartening. There were about 20+ kids who dropped out throughout the years, and most of them because of bullying. I know bullying happens at every school but SHF does not discourage it. I would never send my kids there. My younger brother (who my parents chose public school for) is having an excellent time.
3/12/2010parentMy daughter was diagnosed dyslexic by the public school and given books on tape. I sent her to SHF school and thier special Learning Center. They not only taught her to read, but brought her up past her grade level. The bond between students was amazing to me. As my daughter said. ''We are not a school, we are family.'
2/18/2010otherAs a tutor of several 7th grade math students at this institution, I am dreadfully unimpressed with the curriculum. There is no reason to spend 5 class sessions on rounding numbers. For being a supposed 'exemplary' institution, their mathematics and algebra curricula are lacking.
4/3/2007parentSeven Holy Founders does an wonderful job preparing students for the top notch St. Louis High Schools. Year after year, their students are accepted into their first choice schools at extraordinary rates. The teachers are great and the principal provides strong, focused leadership. I strongly recommend SHF as a school and as a loving community.
1/18/2007parentMy daughter began her 6th grade year at the local public middle school, but after a few weeks it was clearly not in her best interest to continue her education at this school.I was concerned about having her change schools again, but after one visit at Seven Holy Founders, I had absolutely no doubts about changing schools.The care and compassion has helped to make the transition easy. And never have we felt more welcomed and at home than we do now.My child's whole attitude towards learning has improved remarkably.She's also has a new respect for her teachers;something that was severely lacking at the previous school.Communication, positive reinforcement, teacher enthusiasm, and accountability are just a few things that make this school a step ahead of the rest.I would strongly recommend this school to anyone who wants to give their child the best in education.

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