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School Profile

Larimore Elementary School
1025 Trampe Ln
St. Louis, MO 63138
(314) 953-4500
public | PK-5
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Rhonda Ely2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/9/2011parentMy child came from a Riverview School District and was not pleased at all. Larimore I believe is a decent school so far this is my childs 1st year there (2nd grd) and his teacher keeps me informed and they helped him when he was having issues with his reading.
1/15/2009parentI think Larimore is casualty of no child left behind. My son did attend there for 5 years and transfered to private school. He was not being challenged at all and was given 'extra' work to keep him occupied while other students were being helped or were being disruptive. I am not blaming the teachers by any means. They were nothing but wonderful and he was treated as one of their own children while in their classroom. Our society thinks that if a few children in the classroom are not 'making the grade', so to say, that the work must be too hard, so they 'dumb it down', that way everyone will pass. We need to demand a better education be given to our children and make local school board officials accountable for the failure of public education that our kids are receiving now.
10/31/2006parentI have child at Larimore for the 2nd year (3rd grade) and I must say the studies are far behind what is typical for 3rd grade. I even compared the work they are doing with Hazelwood's own curriculum and it isn't what the district says they should be doing . Before attending Larimore, my child attended a private school and my child's K1 work was further along than Larimore's current 3rd grade work. I try to be involved and communicate with the school but the principle and staff always seem annoyed rather than welcoming. I was even rushed out of my child's last parent teacher conference because the principle wanted to close the school down (so much for being interested in the parents and students) . My child will not be attending Larimore next year even if means home schooling my child. The one bright spot is my child's teacher.
1/23/2006parentI have had three children in this school. I have to say the teachers stay in constant contact with the parents. The parent teacher communication was good they encuraged parent participation. The problem I think is funding with this school there are few field trips and extras but I really have the feel with a little money this school could be great. The staff overall is friendly. They are very greatfull for all the parent support they get. I do feel that some of the time the studies were rushed threw insted of taking approprate time for children to get the grasp. Also I worry about the quality of studies my childs grades have droped since going to a new school it seems they are behind in some studys. I dont know if that is from different curriculams but I wish they were better prepared it made their transition harder.
10/18/2005parentI have a daughter and a nephew that goes to Larimore. Some of the staff are very unprofessional. I try to be involve in my daughters school far as just visiting to take a look in her class but I can notand attending field trips. You have to make an appiontment.

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