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School Profile

Roosevelt High School
3230 Hartford St
St. Louis, MO 63118
(314) 776-6040
public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Terry Houston2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/14/2010otherI attended RHS 1962-1965, and received an ecvellent education. Back then there were ove 5,000 students in the school! BABY BOOMERS! iT ISa shame it has gone downhill with undeachievers, drop=outs, numerous fights and unruly behaviour! Terrty Klasek
12/29/2009otherAfter spending a semester at Roosevelt, I can see why some of these comments have been made. It is true that there are a lot of rules, but they are there to keep the students safe. Gang violence is par for the course in St. Louis, and the schools are no exception. The principle is an incredible educator who is doing his best to keep his students safe. When things start to clear up and students can follow simple directions (such as no hoodies in the classroom), there may be some relaxation on the rules. As for the post concerning style and shoes, this is typical of any high school. Adolescents are like that; they try to make groups and leave others out. If groups were not made according to style and shoes, they would be made due to other things.
7/23/2008studenti went to the school and i love that school so much the teacher care everybody care and i would go back if i had too
12/3/2007student While I have come across teachers and councelors who actually care about the students, they are far out-numbered by the ones who don't. Unreasonable rules have been put into place making it feel more like you at a correctional faciltiy and not at school.
11/28/2007otherThis school tends to use to much disipline. It's not a good school, and I don't recommend it to anyone.
2/21/2006former studentWell I was a student a Roosevelt 9th grade center and attended big Roosevelt during R.O.T.C days and or sports and sometimes I was scared to go to school it's all about style and shoes at school and when you report to the teachers they really don't do anything so to resolve the conflicts I just moved out of state that's how serious it was! -Angela
11/7/2005former studentWell, I graduated from Roosevelt in 2004. Its a very nice school compared to other public schools that are falling appart inside and out. Teachers are great because they care about the students like they were their own kids. Yes there are sports and afterschool activities but most students dont take advantage of the things that are available. Very good math teachers, and not to ferget that we won the academic olympics in 2003. Of course there are improvements needed especially in the salaries of teachers. Even though they are not paid enough they are still there doing there best with the equipment they have, they need more involvement of the community and businesses around the school. It can be improved with efforts of people working together. If I could go back for another 4 years I would just to play soccer and football.
6/24/2005former studentI graduated Roosevelt in 2003. I have not done any science expierence, but that doesn't make the Science department bad. P.E. is all on the student. I have seen fight/riots throughtout the entire school year, but so what, it's a bad neighborhood. There are several good teachers, some teachers need to go back to school, but other than that, most of the teachers know what they are doing. All teachers give out homework.
2/19/2005parentMy daughter is in 9th grade at Roosevelt. After a full semester in Science, her class has yet to do one Science experiment. Often times in P.E., her class simply sits to fill the time. She reports roaches, rats.mice, almost daily fights. Tough/violent environment. Twice mob-like activity outside school grounds/neighboring area to extent that even a city bus driver, out of fear, passed up the students waiting to get on the bus. A couple good teachers, many mediocre teachers, a few very poor teachers (some not fully certitied). She rarely has homework. The bar is lowered.

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