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School Profile

Frelinghuysen Middle School
West Hanover Avenue
Morristown, NJ 7960
(973) 292-2200
public | 6-8
County: Morris


  Class SizeGradeYear
20 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Ms Ethel Minchello2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/17/2012parentthis school is average. i've seen much better. the PTO parent/teacher organization is nothing more than social club. they have meetings during working hours so if you want to get involved you have to take off from work which most parents can't. it's a great opportunity for wealthy stay-at-home moms to feel important since they are the only one's capable of attending meetings.
5/25/2012parentMy child is in the 7th grade. The teacher's at Frelinghuysen encourage the kids to care about the subject matter. The teachers are engaged and work hard to make sure the kids are as well. The school provides days at the end of the summer where you can go to the school and meet your child's teachers. While all of the teacher's are not always present I met the majority of my child's teachers. Progress reports are provided by mail before every marking period. Children have the opportunity to attend honor's classes. Successful students are the norm. The honor roll is long and diverse.
5/6/2012otherI think the FMS is a great learning experience but in house one there is a lack of writing in sixth grade it's only three writing pieces a year. in elementary school I wrote twelve. It's ridicules that we are writing as much as a third grade class would.
2/15/2012parentThe kids enjoy going to school at FMS. If your child is gifted, they will have access to honors classes and a gifted and talented program. The school is big, there are a lot of teachers, and while they try to make it feel smaller, and more of a community by creating a house system, it is easy for a child who is not very organized to become overwhelmed and fall in grades (like my child.) It is difficult to monitor their progress, and the only reports you get from school are a midterm report, with numbers corresponding to comments form teachers, and report cards. No where in this process do you know why your child is scoring what they are, and what they need to do to improve. That takes you reaching out to the teacher. Other schools email parents when kids are missing assigments, or can look up progress on line. This school has a lot of improvements they can make.
7/10/2011otherFMS is such an amazing school. It has a good amount of diversity and the teachers will respect you if you respect them. Also the people are so easy to get along with. They deal with the problems and if they need to get diciplined then they will. When ever you forget homework alot the teacher will tell your parents if something is wrong. Also the after school things are great. They have sports and indoor clubs. FMS is super good in the language arts. Two out of twenty students in the US got twenty out of twenty on the word masters. Also the seventh and eighth graders are tought Algebra. FMS is so great and the principal is so friendly and has a wonderful personality. I would sugest send your child to this school, It is wonderful.
2/8/2010parentSo easy for children to get lost here. My eldest has gone from A student to B student in 2 marking periods in his first year here. Assignments and homework have not been handed in and not one eamil, text or phone call to his parents to let us know how he is sliding in his studies. We had to investigate ourselves after recieiving his report card. Really disappointed after a fabulous history with the Morris School district. THe kids are on their own at this school -seem to get away with whatever. Where is it ok not to hand in homework and assignments??
9/5/2009studentthis school is awesome school!!!!!!!!!!!! they only teach you the stuff your going to need in your life!!!
6/30/2009studentits a great school you can make friends very easily. the sixth grade teachers r kinda of hard on u but it makes 7th grade a blast and i had a great time while in my 7th grade classes.som of the rules have got 2 go but i realize that these weird rules are for our own well being but some r drastic.FMS is great and if any parent was looking for a good school to send their child in the morris school district I will alway tell the FMS is the place to be. The sports teams are some of the best in the state and our test scores are just as well and the school is also safe.
6/26/2009studenti think that Frelinghuysen is a good school, but the house system are not to popular with a lot of the students that go there like my friends and I.
12/22/2008parentBig school, easy for children to get 'lost'. Difficulty handling problem children or special needs children. Very difficult transition from outside, lower grade schools.
10/3/2008parentMy son is in 7th grade and is now taking Algebra 1--if he continues on this path he will take Calculus 2 when he is a senior in HS. Because this is a very diverse school, people don't realize how many high acheivers the school is actually producing because the test scores are obviously always going to be lower than some of the surrounding more homogenious areas. If you are an involved parent, your student will walk away with one of the best educations this area has to offer.
9/25/2008parentAbysmal school. Shocking how low the standards are for learning. Level of learning is 2 or even 3 years behind.
11/16/2005studentgreat school but doesnt offer many honors classes...very diverse.

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