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Sacred Heart High School
15 N East Avenue
Vineland, NJ 8360
(856) 691-4491
private | 9-12
County: Cumberland


5/18/2010parentAs a parent of a student who graduated from SHHS, I have high praise for this school. They provided an excellent education delivered by a dedicated, caring faculty. The family atmosphere provided comfort and safety. Extra curricular activities are also well run and exemplary. My student was accepted and is attending a highly ranked college and was well prepared. It is worth every dollar of tuition and more.
1/26/2010studentI am completing college with a degree in teaching. I was prepared academically, developed good work ethic and became a positive leader in my university. Sacred Heart gave me all the academic tools, but must of all instilled a strong sense of conviction with solid morals and values. I am proud to say that I graduated from Sacred Heart.
7/15/2008parentParents are cut off from the days when the Sr of St Joseph ran it. It is run with secrecy, easy money and violation of trust. Tuition is higher and parent input is nill. Quality of Education is lacking.....
4/26/2008studentI am a former Sacred Heart student and I know theat the teachers are far below state standards. The small school atmosphere can be nice. That does not however make the teachers any better. Most of these 'teachers' use busy work and other lazy methods to do their job for them. A few teachers in the higer level maths and sciences who are infact good. The only thing that makes this school catholic is the fact that you go to church every month or so, you say prayers, and are alowed to use the word God.
3/11/2008parentThis school is an excellent academic choice for a child who wants to have a total educational experience in high school. The small size allows for ample opportunities for individual academic attention and participationin extracurricular activities and athletics. In addition the curriculum allows the students to get into some of the best colleges in the country. My son was a graduate of this school, has made the Dean's list and is competing in NCAA athletics. This school helped to lay the foundation for him to succeed in college.
3/5/2008parentThis school is an excellent choice for your child. My daughter was a graduate and had a tremendously positive experience. The academics provided her with the opportunity to achieve her goals and ultimately admitted to an upper level college. The athletics and extracurricular activities are well run and tremendous. The family atmosphere was comforting. The teachers were excellent and contrary to an earlier review, there is no lack of control in the classroom. Quite the contrary, if you walk the halls during classes (which I have on numerous occasions), there is an extreme sense of stability and control. Unfortunately, there is always an individual who has a personal vendetta and their review presents a distorted view of the school. Don t let one student or parent deter you from an ultimately excellent education.
1/29/2008studentThis school is the wrong school for your child. All of the teachers cannot keep their classrooms under control. A high dissappointment in education too.
9/7/2005parentQuality academic programs, High Level of parent involvement.
4/13/2005former studentAs a former student of this school, I know exactly what happens and how situations are handled. There are a few teachers that meet state standards and are great in the classroom. They help students and teach the course properly. As for others, they are unsatisfactory. Most of them do not how to control their classes' antics and do not know how to teach a subject, at all! The faculty preaches to parents and guardians that the school is a family/home like atmosphere with Christian values at heart. Family? Christian?! The only thing Christian about this school are the textbooks and the cruxifixes on the walls.
2/23/2004parentI have had a son and daughter graduate from Sacred Heart High School. They are both focused and disciplined in their work habits. They always had alot of homework and studying and this helped them when they got to college. The personal attention they got from their teachers was invaluable. It really seemed to me that all students had access to the faculty and staff at all times.
9/9/2003parentMy daughter is a graduate from Sacred Heart High School class of 2000. The school prepared her with an excellent education and leadership skills which prepared her for college. I would highly recommend this school.

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