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School Profile

P.S. 162 John Golden
201-02 53rd Ave
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 423-8621
public | K-5
County: Queens (Queens)


  Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Joan Casale2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/13/2012parentThe teachers there are great. School environment is excellent. The new Principal is very warm and friendly who tries her best to make the school become a very safe place for students to learn and grow. But the admin. workers there are very unprofessional and also very unfriendly. They never said " Thank you", "Please", "Sorry", and I guess they've never attended the kindergarten. I heard they yell at the students and treated parents in a very rude manners. The worst part is that they acted like they are the big boss who control the school. Don't forget that without all the parents supports, the school can not function well. Remember, you are only the worker there, not the President of the school.
10/24/2011parentmy son went to this school for 2 years... little recess time, art and music ... the teachers are constantly screaming in the hall wall. The staffs don't welcome parent involvement. Parents are not allow to go in the classroom to celebrate birthdays. All the administrative staff including the principal are unfriendly. My son is really shy and he said the teacher is constantly yelling at other trouble kids. Overall.... a very NOT caring school.
6/23/2011parentWe've been in this school for 10 years. I wrote a 5 star review after my child's first year here and now its down to 1. The principal prior to the one who recently retired seemed to have it right. Most of the attention in class is spent on the loudest child-usually with behavioral issues. There is a lot more bullying going on. It has come to screaming matches and tears among parents in the yard during pick up. Most of the teachers are Wonderful educators, but there's a handful that are more concerned with their cell phones than their classrooms. They should be required to leave their phones in their mailboxes upon entering the building so they are not tempted to use them during working hours. Everything in this school is about the testing. This is not my idea of a well-rounded education. Huge lack in the spelling dept. What happened to the annual spelling bee???Positive changes are definitely needed. Parent Coordinator has made some, maybe she can bring back plays & trips too. Keep in mind: disrespectful, loud children get the attention here. If your child is quiet but may need help now and then, there is a good chance they will fall through the cracks of this overcrowded school.
6/14/2011parentMy son is about to graduate PS162. He is going into Middle School. This is one of the worst schools possible. I was on the PTA for years and very involved in the school. I had a different opinion from the principal and was severely retaliated against. I only asked that the kids get a real recess and not be made to stand in line during the whole time, field trips, access to class parties, art and to feel welcomed in the school. Apparently these things are too much to ask for. I have switched my younger daughter to PS130 and it is like the opposite experience. I now know what an excellent school is. PS 162 should be slated to close and start all over with a whole new administration and I mean completely new. Beware if you are stuck with this school. Ask your children what is going on and follow up on what they say. They are most likely telling you the truth.
10/6/2010parentI give it a 5-star! My son just started the kindergarden in PS 162 this September, and I have noticed that my son has been learning a lot every single day. The Principal is a very warm, organized, and professional school leader. The teachers there are very passionate in teaching. My son is so happy to go to the school, and he even asks me why he can not go to the school on Saturdays and Sundays!
9/23/2010parentThe school is overcrowded with kids from other school district. Some teachers are great, some are lazy.
9/21/2010parentI love the dedicated teachers - they put in much more that a regular workday and it is obvious as soon as you enter the school. My child is always happy to go to school and his older sister has only fond memories.
10/20/2009parentMy child,Winnie has been in PS162 for 3 years and is in 5th grade.For her state tests,she always get a full score.I recommend people to go to PS162.
6/25/2008parentThe teachers in this school are great. My daughter attends this school and have so far received a great education. The parent coordinator has been a great help to me. I'm so glad the school has her.
4/11/2008parentI am a parent of two children in this school and I would like to acknowledge our Parent Coordinator. She is a wonderful asset to our school. When a problem arises, we as parents know that we can go to her and she goes over and beyond to make herself available and see the issue through to the end. Most importantly, our children know that they can go to her at any time if the need arises. She shows exemplary service in her duties and we are proud to have her as our Parent Coordinator
11/9/2007studentI just graduated from this school last year. I thought this school was a great experience. The teachers teach you if you don't understand. The principal is nice, but she was also strict. I thought this school met all the standards. This school even got us ready for junior high. They got us ready by: Each teacher was teaching a subject. We went around the school to get to our classes just like junior high. It was fun. A former student, Christie
2/14/2007former studentI graduated from 162 2 years ago. I loved the experience. The teachers were wonderful. I learned alot.
1/3/2007parentMy child is in Kindergarten currently and so far we've had a good experience. My child's teacher is fantastic and caring. We were lucky to get one of the best. My child is learning so much and is reading books on her own now. They focus primarily on reading and math. However, art and music do not seem much of a priority if any at all. I'm not even sure what they do for physical education either. The majority of the children come from Asian immigrant parents, therefore, there is some hesitation to participate due to work schedules or lack of understanding English. Overall, its a good school, but it would be nice if all the teachers were as great as the one my child has this year and if there was more of an emphasis on creativity and the like.
12/14/2006parentMy son attends this school and I feel that the quality of the teaching staff is excellent. These are wonderful caring people. I have had some not so wonderful experience with the administration. They are not concerned with the students as they should be. I've also sought the help of the parent coordinator and found that she was not only concerned with my child but also with me as a parent. The school has some exceptional qualities and the administration should open their eyes and give some respect to it's staff of dedicated teachers.
9/18/2006parentI believe the negative review below is unfair - there was construction being done around the school and the children were kept indoors for their safety for most of 2005. The school also has a large percentage of students for whom english is not their first language. I have been in the school for four years and have had a completely opposite experience. The teachers have been caring and wonderful. The PTA is excellent however participation on the part of many parents is non-existent. I hope the reviewer's experience has improved because this school can be a wonderful place for a child to learn.
3/15/2005parentThis school provides a safe and nurturing environment for young children. My daughter in in kindergarten, so this was our first school experience. We see great improvements in her scholastic proficiencies and at the same time she's having fun. The PTA is very strong and adds to the overall atmosphere. The school has a healthy ethnic mix that introduces children to the 'melting pot' environment of NYC.
3/15/2005parentMy daughter attends P.S. 162 as a first grader. She has always recieved wonderful attention from the teachers, and the principal is very involved. I am very happy with this school, it is a star NYC public school.
2/9/2005parentMy child has atttended PS 162 for 4 years. It is one of the worst schools academically in District 26 even though its test scores put it over the citywide average. It is extremely overcrowded and special services like occupational therapy are given in the hallway, much to the embarassment of the child receiving it. Classes average at least 25 students and many upper grades have over 30 students. The students are jammed into the cafeteria for lunch where they sit shoulder to shoulder on benches and shoving is common practice. The students seldom go outside at lunch and physical activity is discouraged. The children basically sit for 6.5 hours. Teacher quality is uneven. Many older teachers don't even bother anymore, they are just waiting to retire.
7/22/2004parentI choose to send my child to PS 162 and I am very happy with the decision. The teachers, staff, principal are very dedicated to the students. My sons teacher was excellent and from what I can see the other teachers are just as outstanding. Mrs. Durando, the principal, always has a smile on her face and with such a large student body, I am sure that is hard to do. I really cannot say enough about PS 162. The high ranking of the school tells a great deal about the high quality of teachers that are there. I am glad that my children will be getting a great education in a safe and warm enviroment.

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