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Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun - Flushing, NY

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun141-51 71st Ave
Flushing, NY 11367
(718) 261-47389-12Queens (Queens)private 

School Head OfficialYear
Norman Fisher2012


8/18/2011studentHigher level of education. This school attempts to combine a vigorous religious program with a equally demanding academic education. For the most part the teachers and rabbeim are amazing. The kids who dorm are amazing, they are accepting and are very mature. The 'lower track' rabbeim are also amazing and some of the warmest people around. The actual building is a gorgeous, brand new multi-million dollar facility. The dorms are beatiful. The location is in the center of the frum Kew Gardens Hills community and is seconds away from all major stores. But the problem is they try to be "Brisk" by day and Harvard at night. This leaves the kids with tons of work and deadlines and hardly any time to complete it all. Kids who dorm receive a better experience in general, but have more demands to meet such as mandatory 'night seder' every night and no time/place to work on academic studies. Normally by the time all work is completed there is no more down time and there is a mandatory lights out in bed. They can't even work by their desks or be walking around their rooms. Also, the tests and quizzes from Judaic and Academic studies are not integrated well and give rise to major conflicts.
1/27/2009studentgreat schools top teachers, in my opinion the rebbeim are very intellectual and are one of the premier in the world
5/30/2006parentThe quality of the academic program leaves much to be desired. Homework and tests are assigned haphazardly, and key elements of the curriculum are ignored due to religious studies (which are not impressive either). So much for a dual ciriculum. APs, advanced course work, and extracurricular activities essentially do not exist, contrary to what you are made to believe. No aid is given to the students in preparation for their SATs. College and scholarship applications are not even discussed. A medicore school for an outstanding price.
1/30/2006former studentExcellent black hat yeshivah in queens, ny. It has an all encompassing curriculum, including many AP and college level course. Students are well prepared to enter whatever school, college or proffesion that they choose.
3/7/2005parentVery solid limudei chol (college prep level), good limudei kodesh, great in terms of splitting time between the school and home (for those in the dormitory). Could do more to ignite the fire re: developing a love of learning, but I guess that also may depend on the boy himself. 12th grade is also 1st year bais medrash - that is good and bad - some boys can handle it, others lack the maturity and really need a 4th year of traditional classroom learning.

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