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School Profile

Kingston Catholic School
159 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 331-9318
private | PK-8
County: Ulster


  School Head OfficialYear
Jill Albert2012
4/27/2010parentI could not have asked for a better choice for my son. He was struggling in public and a private. I was told to get a diagnosis so he can get special ed services. There is no diagnosis to give him other than he is now an 'A' student thanks to KCS's staff and amazing commitment to each child as an individual. He is becoming a true independent learner with self esteem and a whole new outlook on school. My only problem with KCS is that they only go to 8th grade. I dont know what we will do without them but I know my son will be prepared to move on and be a success. Too bad for those other schools. They missed out.
3/9/2010parentMy daughter went to Kingston Catholic in grades Kindergarten through 8th. While in Kindergarten, she learned to read by the end of the year. The education she received while here, far surpassed public school. There is a special warmth at this school that I have not seen anywhere else. The caring and teaching that goes on at every level is of high quality. This is an excellent school
10/24/2009parentMy child left this school after 6'th grade to enter public school. He received high grades at Kingston Catholic. We're now learning that he did not master basic math concepts while at KCS, nor were they taught. He is very far behind his public school peers. Nor did KCS provide enrichment course or most of the extracurriculars that they promised. The school lunches were atrocious and even included McDonalds cheeseburgers. This school is recommended as a last alternative only. Public school thus far has offered far superior academics and more exposure sociallly, as well.
3/26/2008studentI used to go here until I switched to a public middle school due to the fact I thought it was a bit...deserted and I wasn't Catholic. The classes were very small and you had to try to fit in with the small groups of friends because there were only like 16 kids in my class...in the whole entire grade.... I felt I wanted more friends to socialize and more people to be around with. It was very cozy, though. I thought the idea of wearing uniforms was less stressful so I wouldn't have to agonize over what to wear...but I like wear what I want to wear...I also like to wear earrings and jewelry...which there you couldn't.... Ooh! And nail polish...if the teacher saw your nail polish...BAM straight to the principal's office. A bit strict.... However, it gave me a good jumpstart education.
2/25/2008parentThis School is ideal for a child entering 6th grade from public school or who is new to the area. It allows your child more time to adjust to the Middle School Years without becoming overwhelmed. Great teaching staff.
3/29/2005parentBoth of our boys attended Kingston Catholic Pre-K program. It has provided them with a strong foundation in their faith. They have learned prayers and know much more about God and the Catholic Faith than many of their much older cousins and friends. They are given opportunities for music, art, and physical education as well as instruction in basic readiness skills, such as color, letter, shape and number identification. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking of sending their child into a pre-school environment.
2/10/2005parentkcs has proven to be a wonderful experience for our family. while relocating to the area they provided an inviting environment with an emphasis on academic accountability, and personal responsibility. The small size makes sure noone falls through the cracks, and creates a really positive experience. It's great having 8th graders in the same school as younger students - it lets kids be kids, learning their place with all ages. after-school activities have been a plus and although sports are not as competitive, local leagues offer those opportunities. The crae and academic learning can;t be replicated elsewhere.
9/13/2004parentThis school is fine for my three kids. The class sizes are small enough so that they get special attention if they need it, and I find the teachers are very caring and involved with the kids. I think parents who criticize Kingston Catholic have to realize this is Elementary School, and the relaxed atmosphere is much more positive for kids' development than a more disciplined approach. Whenever I go there, everyone is smiling. The kids, the teachers, the principal. My three are doing fine and they like their teachers. This is their fourth year there, and there is no other school in Kingston that I would send them to. I am a former teacher myself, so I am judging from experience. My kids can hunker down and 'perform' in High School. For now, they are enjoying their childhood at Kingston Catholic.

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