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Arcadia Middle School - Rochester, NY

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Arcadia Middle School130 Islnd Cottage Rd
Rochester, NY 14612
(585) 966-33006-8MonroepublicGreece Central School District

School Head OfficialYear
Linda Pickering2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

8/2/2009studentMost people would be lucky to have such a great school. I loved Arcadia Middle School! There was absolutely no bullying and teachers were more than welcome to stay after school to help kids improve their grades or understand the material.
11/7/2008parentThis is my daughters first year at Arcadia Middle School. I think that the teachers and adminitrators are doing a great job. If ever I have had a concern and have called the school, I have gotten a call back withtin the same day. My daughter loves it and I am very pleased.
9/9/2008parentAs good as school as any other greece school , just don't get the recognition like Athena.
9/9/2008parentI have been very impressed with the quality of teachers at this school. My son feels very confortable with everyone and there is a very positive atmosphere. I think the best middle school in Greece BY FAR!
5/29/2008parentThis is my daughters first year at Greece Arcadia Middle School and what a disappointing experience it has been. Apparently, some teachers do not like to communicate with the parents and neglect to return phone calls or emails. My childs GPA is over 4.1 (due to the support she receives at home) however, I do feel that the lines of communication need to be open between the teacher, student, and parents. Oh well, I guess we're on our own.
1/13/2008studentThis is the best school! Every teacher is nice and kind!
9/17/2007parentBoth of my sons attend this school and love it. My kids have never been bullied and enjoy the environment of the school. I have emailed all of their teachers and have received great responses. I would like to see the administration stay the same from one year to the next.
9/8/2007parentThis school is sub-standard. The teachers are there only for a paycheck and don't really care about education or the children. Parent concerns are ignored and pacified which makes the whole situation unresolvable. We moved to get out of this school district.It is too big to have any real structure.
9/7/2007parentThe school is horrible. My granddaughter has had nothing but problems with being bullied since she's been there and no teacher or principal does anything about it. They ignore any problems that come up. They are there for the money and nothing more.
3/14/2007studentI am a middle school student in 7th grade at Arcadia. The school is really great! There is a student council and many extra-curricular activities like cooking club and yearbook. There are also many sports. The teachers are nice but sometimes don't know what they are doing.
8/24/2006parentIn reply to the PTSA and questioning its involment, may I suggest you attend the pre-announced meetings and discover additional information. As a VERY active participant in the PTSA, we are very involved! The problem is the lack of other parent involment. Our parent involment at meetings is ZILCH. Our excutive Board and a few more caring parents DO all the work and then some. Attend the PTSA meetings and become involved in your CHILDS school. Make a difference ! PTSA member
4/6/2005studentThere are tons of extracurricular activities and plenty of sports teams. There is little school spirit. Teachers are pretty much really good or really bad. There is a PTSA, but I know little about it's involvement in the school. And there is no student council as far as i know.
5/15/2004parentArcadia middle school services are horrible. We just moved from Gates, and I have never had so many problems trying to get services for my children. Some teachers do not respond to emails, phone calls or messages left. I tried to give it the benefit of a doubt for the 1st part of the year, but I am so disappointed that nothing has changed. Yes, I do work very closely w/my children and the teachers that will respond- who actually really care and do have tutoring as well. This is a complete shame. And then they mislead about the funding for buses, then want to pass budget again for something else? Lets find another reason to up the taxes. If my children had the help required, I would definitely support it. But they don't, so I won't.

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