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Farmville Central High School
3308 East Wilson Street
Farmville, NC 27828
(252) 753-5138
public | 9-12
County: Pitt


  School Head OfficialYear
Brad Johnston2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/28/2009studentI went here for four years and loved it! The school is what you make of it! There are lots of sports, clubs, AP/Honors classes but you have to WANT to get involved! There are some students who do bad things- sell drugs, party too much, etc.. but every school has that! You just have to know who to stay away from and actually make a point to avoid them! At the end of the day 'the choice is yours'- my principal would always say! Make the most of it! It's Pitt county's best kept secret!! - Class of 2007 student
1/30/2009studentI really dont think that my school is safe. The teaschers act like they dont care and the principals are not doning there duties with the uniforms or anything else. The officer acts like hes scared of the students. I think that the students have taken over.
11/13/2008studentI'm now a sophmore at this school, and although the classes are pretty easy, the teachers are very good at what they do. I will admit the administration is having trouble enforcing the new uniform policy, and that there spending to much time worrying about it, but the staff seem to be more motivated with our new principle, and everything seems to be flowing better than it was last year
11/4/2007parentI don't think fchs is a good school. I think some of the staff is racist.they aren't fair to some students because of mistakes made in their past. my child hates this school and I'm enrolling him in to JH rose .
3/28/2007parentMy daughter is a freshwoman at FCHS this year. At the beginning of the school year I had hard time getting her to attend FCHS although she attended FMS for 2 years. She wanted to go to JH Rose. However, she ended going to FCHS and loving it 100% academics are excellent but she needs more AP courses. Doing tons of extra-curriculum activities. Representing school in competitions. However there are some problems. Teachers have to have individual study plan for each student. Some less serious students are pulling the serious students down with their acting out behaviors and lack of motivation in class.
6/24/2006parentThe administration is not fair nor consistant with discipline. I have not witnessed any effort made by the administration working with or offering support to its faculty or staff. This school definitely is not a site managed by an administration that knows what it is doing. Most of the teachers seem open and respond to problems and concerns. I just wished they were working in a happier environment. It is no wonder why there is so much turn over in the teaching staff. My child liked his teachers. Most of the teachers seem to be really concerned that he is successful. I only wish the county would replace the administrators with a new staff that knows what they are doing.
6/17/2006teacherFarmville Central High School is the best kept secret in Pitt County. The school is small enough so the teachers know the students, but is growing in size to accomodate more advanced academic courses. The school also has a strong arts program. I don't think parents would know much about teacher morale, but teachers are regularly present at and support student events. Student test scores are typically above the county average. Accurate scores can be accessed through the NC DPI website. The school also has some of the top sports programs and has two state championship teams this year.
5/13/2006teacherThe students at Farmville Central are for the most part not reading at grade level and nothing is being done about it. The teachers that are trying to effect change at the school are/were worn-out several months ago and just seem to be doing time with the students now. The Principals are nice people but seem to at times not have a clue. The moral of the staff is the lowest I have ever seen at a small school as this. The Principals enforcement of attandance and discipline policy is a joke. As a teacher and parent I would not and do not plan on allowing my child to attend unless changes are made.
2/19/2005parentOverall, I think Farmville Central is a good school for students to advance in. The Staff are alert and responsive. The Teachers are well educated and care for their students. In the past when my daughter attended, all of her teachers were always ready to work with us as parents to better my daughters educational needs. Mrs. Hardy who works in the main office is always ready to assist anyone and does so with a great attitude. The one problem that I have found with the school is when one needs to sign out their child, they have to go into the Choice room where the troubled students go. Personally, I feel that the sign out book should be placed in the front office. I don't think that parents should be subjected to snickers and rude comments from the students in that room as I have experienced in the past.
1/31/2005studentI am in FCHS and I do not think there is no problem with it. I think it is a wonderful school we have 3 great principals and they are doin a great job. how ever we do have some problem with trouble makers in class and sometime make it harder for other people to learn but it is a good school over all.
12/7/2004parentOne child graduated from FCHS and now in college, a average student, but graduate with no help from faculity or staff--soley by parent stepping up--inquiring and being involved . another child attended for one year but I pulled her out and her away--a straight A student-other students started fights with her-when she defended herself over and over again she was suspended and treated like a trouble maker by most staff. She is now a senior and offered full scholarship by three universities. My last child at Farmville Central a Senior as well--gets good grades, never in any trouble-but comes home and tells me about the bad treatment of other students, the double standards for certain students- she also is attending college next year-my last child who is 12 will not be attending FCHS- we are moving out of the area, so that he does not have to attend-I am researching schools now!
8/4/2004former studentI think Farmville Central was a really good school for kids these days. It has a better principal and now that he is inforcing the rules, I myself think it will be a better places to learn and hang out with friends.
6/14/2004former studentMy daughter attended Farmville Central through the years of 2002-2004. Farmville Central is a really small school in a really small community. Everyone in the town in of Farmville know each other and are most likley related. So if you like the country you will enjoy this school. Thank you !
2/11/2004studentNot a parent, but a former student. I attended FCHS in the late 70's and still vividly remember even to this day the people from this school that shaped my life today. I remember Mrs. Cobb from my Algebra2 and Advanced Math classes as being a caring and honest teacher.I know 25 years have passed but I know that FCHS was and still is the best school in Pitt County.
6/25/2003 My daughter just experienced her junior year at Farmville Central after having two terrible years at another high school in the area. The teachers and staff are wonderful and care that the students have a good education and if they have problems, they are more than willing to help them. Even though we're driving two hours per day to get her back and forth to school---it's well worth it. She has been so happy there!!

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