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Village Christian Academy
908 S McPherson Church Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 483-5500
private | K-12
County: Cumberland


9/24/2012parentWhen you get a school where the parents run it instead of the educators you get the same result. Sub Standard education. It is very disappointing when you know the Public Schools hold students to a higher standard. Public schools have to follow State Standards. Private schools don't and as a parent you have to be careful. Is this a private school for the kids that cannot handle the curriculum elsewhere? It is going down that road. Students do not have to work for their grades. They are given As just for being in the school. Sounds nice but your child will not know anything and not be prepared for college. The good teachers that try to uphold high standards usually don't last. They get bullied out of the school.
8/29/2012parentMy child attended VCA for 8 years, we started at the school when it was just in its infancy - that was when it was the type of school we wanted. I feel 8 years is a valid amount of time to give you an honest opinion of the substantial decline. The school has shifted its priorities from academics and religeon to athletics which is obvious by the giant billboard in the parking lot soliciting funds for the new football field (coincidentally the varsity FB team lost every game last year and the JV lost all but one). We finally had enough this past year and have pulled all of our children out. Village's best days are far behind. They have zero standards for admission to the school other than a parent's open checkbook. Limited class size in non-existant. Discipline is not readily enforced unless the issue is pushed. Having the children go to "chapel" one day a week and Bible class is just their version of going through the motions to maintain the "Christian" portion of their name. Bullying and materialism are rampant. Respect is considered not necessary by the student body. There is no relationship between the church and the school which is very obvious. LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!
7/27/2012otherI am not a parent at this time. I am curious what the change in administration was in 2008. Abrupt is uncomfortable.
6/23/2012otherVillage Christian Academy is a strangely named school, but there is in fact a reason for its unusual title. Many years ago in the year 179 AD, the Roman Empire was at its peak. At the time, the empire was not known for Julius Caesar or the Coliseum, but for its sprawling villages, which were constructed throughout the empire. The name "village" was derived from a Roman soldier named Fredrick Vill, who saved the empire from certain destruction by developing an impressive array of weapons, such as the bow-and-arrow, thus allowing them to defeat the redcoats from Britain at the Battle of Bunker Hill in World War One in the year 185 AD. Fredrick's ancestors then sailed to America hundreds of years later and landed on the North Carolina coast. After moving further inland, the town of Fayetteville was founded to serve as a prison camp for violators of the law. In the year 1762, Village Christian Academy was formed as a secondary school for those that could not attend the Fayetteville Institute, which was burned in 1906. Today, this history is still taught in classrooms at Village.
4/29/2012parentMy son has gone to here for two years - the first year was good the second year was absolutely horrible. Multiple students were expelled due to bringing weapons to school & other offenses. The school also has MAJOR issues with favoritism & the students know it. If a parent volunteers alot or parent is a teacher, then child is hardly ever disciplined & rarely gets in trouble. Other children get disciplined but not to the extent that this school is well controlled. Teachers are good but not very organized, they do not post grades in a timely manner nor do they update the parents when students are struggling. Now the grading system in my opinion is very poor, I am paying for my child to get an above than average education & personally this is average. Everyone is NOT an A/B student but over 75% of the students are on the A/B honor roll. This tells me the curriculum is not hard enough to challenging 75% of the students. If I didn't want my child challenged then I wouldn't pay money for him to go to school (that's what public school is for). This is probably the one issue that disturbs me the most. Average school but not great school. I cannot recommend this school to anyone.
4/26/2012parentI put my kids at Village because I was let down by the scores at the public schools. I love the teachers overall but the administration has some issues. They do not address problems like bullying and drugs at the school. Even if a complaint is made, they try to skirt the issue and pretend it doesn't exist. The school office is HARD to reach during the day. I have called many times with no answer and no return call for hours. It's a good thing they weren't emergencies. Academics are comparable to a GOOD public school. Teachers show true concern and compassion for the students.
3/3/2012parentVillage Christian Academy is one of the best schools I have put my daughter in. I pulled her out of public school, and placed her into Village. My daughter went to Village for two years and graduated. It is true that you have to go through Renweb for some things, however if you are active with the school, calling/e-mailing the teachers, and speaking with the principal you will find that it is a lot easier to stay on top of things if you have a high schooler. My daughters first quarter was not easy, it does take a while to transition into the school, but with the school being smaller than public school it was easier for my daughter to know her classmates. The teachers are very willing to give extra help if needed. The school has gone through ups and downs with gaining/losing staff, however every teacher my daughter had helped her every step of the way. The athletics and fine arts are very well organized. The AP program is excellent. My daughter is now in her second semester at Clemson University, before going to Village she never thought she would go to college. Village prepared her well, she grew up to be a well rounded young lady of Christ and Village is part of the reason.
7/5/2011otherThis school continues to struggle with internal strive, teacher dissatisfaction and behavior issues. I will not send my children here anymore.
6/24/2011otherI am a student at VCA, and have gone there for quite awhile now. It's a great school overall, and I love it. But I do have to say it has gone down a little since the changes in administration. I don't mean down by education, I mean as far as who they let in, punishments, and student behavior. It still has a great education, AWESOME athletic program, great Fine Arts program. But I would recommend sending your kid there for elementary school, not so much middle or high school.
1/11/2011parentVillage Christian Academy is the worst school you could ever send your child ! Academic standards, atmosphere, discipline, administration and teaching standards are inferior!!!! BEWARE!
10/12/2010parentVillage provides a quality education without many of the public school pressures and influences.
5/29/2010parentVillage overall is a good school, not a great school. First and foremost, it is a BAPTIST school, so if you expect that you will not be surprised. Academics are good, but not rigorous enough to call it a college prep curriculum. They need continuity in the school's administration! The high school's math department is weak. Ask them about AP test scores before you enroll your student. Also, I actually heard a middle school teacher say "I don't do computers." Honestly, how can you be a teacher today and not integrate computers into your teaching?!? Even with those issues, I would still say Village is about the best private school Fayetteville has to offer.
2/10/2010parentMy duaghter attended preschoool at Village before we recieved military orders and had to move. We had a wonderful experience. I cried like a baby when we left. Having moved to Florida and attending public school, we are disapointed in the subpar quality of education. My daughter is simply reviewing what she learned last yr at Village. I would recommend this school to everyone.
5/22/2009parentThis school is a ton better than public. It's safer, cleaner, and gives good education on not only school required teaching but also God. I recommend it greatly to all my public schoo friends.
3/10/2009studentThis is my second year attending VCA (I am now in the 7th grade), and I am very pleased with it. The faculty is amazing and I don't have any problems with anything. Sometimes it does get hectic with communication between students and teachers, but its still a great school!
9/27/2008studentI attended Village Christian Academy for 5 years, from 6th grade to my junior year, and overall it was a great experience for me until I started having problems with the administration. The amount of communication from the school to parents is very little, and the discipline techniques used are either not enough or to the extremes, even to the point of humiliating students. It is a very thin line you must walk to fit in here, or you will be singled out. There are not enough opprtunities(like extracurricular clubs,etc.) to really branch out on, and it seems like they are trying to make you conform to a certain mold.
9/8/2008parentMy Son is a Senior at Village, having attended all his high school years at Village. Overall I've been mostly satisfied being that this seems to be the best Private Christian school in the area affordable to us. I've been disappointed in communication between the school & home. You must check Remweb daily or your just out of the loop on everything. When we started in the 9th grade we sold discount cards under the assumption that the money raised would lower tuition, well that never happened & tuition has gone up every year by $25.00 ~ so plan ahead for it. The ROTC program was on the table from the get go, yet here we are a Senior & the ROTC program never materialized, but you bet Football has come around this year. I'm thankful that my son has been happy with being able to publicly be a Christian.
5/9/2008parentVillage is likely the best that Cumberland County has to offer. I have two high school students. Overall we are pleased with the atmosphere, safety and quality of the teachers. There should be better communication between the administration and parents. Policy issues such as use of cell phones and signing out of students should be better addressed at the beginning of the school year. I find that the discipline at the school is either over the top or not enough. There are often students wandering the halls during class periods. Recently there was an abrupt change in adminstration. Parents should have been notified of this change without a detailed explaination in writng the day after this event occured. Unfortunately, this situation was a poor example of Christian adult behavior to my students.
11/13/2007parentWe found the school (H.S.) not receptive to parental communication. Most calls to the principal, guidance counselor and some teachers were not returned. We expected a more Christian attitude in an environment such as this.
8/14/2007parentMy children are starting their second year at VCA, after attending a Christian school in Virginia. The faculty and staff are wonderful. The teachers and principals are responsive and willing to work with parents and children to help children achieve. I wish there was foreign language training in the lower grades but I am very happy with the curriculum. I am especially pleased that, when a problem is raised, the faculty immediately takes steps to address it. I love that the teachers pray with parents at the start of meetings. I love VCA! The uniform policy is great, also, allowing for some individuality while meeting a standard.
6/14/2006parentThe teachers are very involved and caring. Without a doubt I feel my son (grade 7) was given a quality education. Having said that, we did have several frustrating times, most of it having to do with lack of communicaiton. One example: We recived a letter stating practice times for soccer. My son showed up 2 times and both times the field was empty (my phone calls were not returned).
2/23/2006parentWhat a gem. What a breath of fresh air compared to the antiquated Cumberland County public school system. Your not just a number at VCA.
10/2/2005parentSuperior academics. Caring teachers. High parent involvement. High quality of extracurricular activities (strings, ballet, sports).
7/24/2005parentMy daughter has been at VCA for 2 years and previous to that she attended the preschool. We are extremely pleased with her academic performance. She is well above other children in her grade level in public schools. The teachers are wonderful. The parental involvement is tremendous, which really helps add value to the educational experience. The only con I can see right now is there is no art program for the early elementary. The sports programs are strong and continually growing. The school continues to grow year by year, adding fresh new faces. I live about 40 min away, so it should say something that I am willing to drive that distance to bring my children to and from school! If you are looking for a GREAT christian education for your child, you will find no better place than VCA!
6/14/2005parentHaving 3 children Elem/Middle/High we get a taste of the school at every learning level. We have been more than pleased with the education and environment at VCA. The Principle and staff are outstanding. We are so blessed to have a principle that shares her faith, knowledge, understanding, and care for our children. I wouldn't be surprised if she didnt know each and every students name. VCA offers a wonderful education fast and growing sports program, great students/parents and wonderful teachers. We wanted to say thank you to everyone there for such an outstanding school!
1/13/2005parentMy son has been attending VCA for two years. He is in first grade and is reading better than most third graders. He loves the school and enjoys learning. The school principal, Mrs. Dayton, is the best! The only complaint that we would have with VCA is that they will hit you up for funds for everything! It would be nice if tuition included all those extra. BUT you simply can not bet the level of education at VCA! It's a GREAT Christian private school!
8/6/2004parentMrs. Dayton is a wonderful principal. VCA has the best teachers in Fayetteville. I'm so blessed to be able to send my child to this school.

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