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Park View Elementary School - Mooresville, NC

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Park View Elementary School217 W McNeely Ave
Mooresville, NC 28115
(704) 658-2550PK-3IredellpublicMooresville City Schools

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic72.55522009
Black, non-Hispanic17.98112009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.577292009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mark Cottone2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/18/2012parentEveryone raves about this school district, but after experiencing it for the past 5 months I have to wonder how bad surrounding districts are if this is the "best"! They practice "No Child Left Behind" to the fullest extent, but if your child is advanced or shows talent, don't plan on coming here for any type of advanced classes or challenging curriculum for your child. Every week I am shocked by something that occurs at this school, from the use of physical punishment (walking laps, loss of chair and being forced to stand) to the fact that there is virtually NO physical security at this school. At any time you can walk in the front door, turn down the hall to avoid the office, and walk around the entire school without being challenged...try it...I have done so multiple times! The ONLY reason that I give this school ANY credit is the fact that the teachers are great people and really care about the children! If it were not for my children loving their teachers I would have already pulled them out. Test scores are nice, access to laptops is nice...but the safety and happiness of the children is much more important! Visit this school before enrolling your children!
8/10/2011parentThe school is great but they need to replace the principal...Mr. Catone. He does not know what he is doing. Teachers are great. Assistant Prinicipal is great and should be the head principal.
11/15/2010parentPark View Elementary is a fabulous school! Very dedicated administration, teachers and volunteers! i am amazed at the work that everyone puts into making this the school one of the best in the area! "Every Child Every Day" is the Mooresville Graded School District motto. Park View Elementary excels where this is concerned...they really are about ALL of the children!
4/19/2010parentI will have my third child entering Parkview in the fall and I am, and have always been, very impressed with all the staff and students at this school. I see so many cooperative exchanges with so many different kids with different needs and expectations. The pricipal, teachers, ta's, office staff, and students all seem to share the idea of working for collective success. The technology applications that they are using are really impressive and the kids love them. The Mooresville School System really does seem to know what it's doing and how to do it well.
1/29/2010parentAlthough some parents may be turned off at first to learn that Park View is a Title 1 school, please do not let that determine your decision. Before moving to Mooresville we attended a school in an upper-middle class neighborhood and while the parent involvement was higher in that school, the education at Parkview is so much better. I think because there is a large percentage (40%) of economically disadvantaged students, the teachers and staff are very proactive and dedicated to providing the best possible education using researched based curriculum. They do not wait for students to fail. They look for problems and work to fix them before they become serious. The principle, Dr. Hill, is awesome. I registered my kids during the summer and on our way into school on the first day Dr. Hill actually said hello to my children and used their names.
9/20/2009parentAt Park View we strive to reach and teach Every Child, Everyday, Every Chance. We have a staff and parent team that is highly dedicated to improving student learning and achievement.
9/20/2009parentPark View is the best because our entire staff cares about children and not just in the classroom. We love them and want to see them grow, even when we are out in the community.
9/20/2009parentThe teachers go above and beyond to help these kids get the best start in life they can.
9/20/2009parentI think Park View is a great place to work and a great school for children. We work as a team! We encourage our staff and our children daily. We support one another and want each of us to succeed in our mission to reach each child everyday every minute. We work together in grade level meeting and share ideas. We realize we all have gifts and by sharing we learn from one another. We have a big heart for our children!
9/20/2009parentPark View is an amazing school with an even more amazing staff. Worked as a substitute teacher there and was without a doubt my favorite school to sub in.
9/20/2009teacherPark View is a friendly and fun environment! Everyone who walks in the school wants to be there and is excited to learn!
9/20/2009parentIts a great school with dedicated teachers who care about their students.
9/19/2009parentPark View is the best! It is a place where kids truly come first. We have a great principal and very dedicated teachers. We have the latest technology available. Everyone works hard to make Park View the best!! Every child, every chance, every day. Go Park View!!
9/19/2009parentPark View has the most dedicated staff I have ever seen. They love kids and it shows. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure the kids are successful. I wouldn't want my kids going anywhere else!
9/19/2009parentGreat School. Great teachers. Great leadership!!
9/19/2009parentGreat school. Excellent teachers with a lot of enthusiasm. Kids are their first priority. Great principal.
9/19/2009parentWe have a wonderful staff who cares about every student, every chance, every day! We have the latest and greatest technology available to enable our learners. The principal rocks! We go above and beyond to help and reach our students! The community support is fabulous!
9/19/2009parentPark View Rocks! Wonderful staff and with a lot of school Spirit. Every Child Every Chance Every Day !!!!!! Way to Go
9/19/2009parentPark View has the best teachers and kids in the nation! They don't stop until every child is reached!
9/19/2009teacherPark View is the BEST!!! We have the coolest students, best administration and the teachers ROCK!!! Go Patriots!!!
9/19/2009otherThe teachers work together to create a very dynamic and fun learning environment. My grandcchild loves to go to school and comes home excited about learning.
9/19/2009parentWonderful administration and staff! Dedicated to students and families.
9/19/2009teacherPark View Elementary School has the best opportunities for students and families.
9/19/2009parentKids come first at PV. I love teaching there and having my own children attend.
5/31/2009parentMy son went to Park View for 1st grade he had a wonderful experience. His teachers were extremely helpful and challenged him based on his learning ability. He really had a lot of fun learning. Would recommend to any one.
10/9/2008parentthe teachers are great with the kids. my son Gabriel likes school (wow) thats great and there is always school (cool) things to do as a proud Daddy with my son to. he is getting so smart, he will out do me and thats ex. what I want him to do!
8/18/2008parentMy son attended Park View for elementary several years ago, and my daughter will be in 1st grade there this year. I will say that both of my children have had equally rewarding experiences at Park View thus far. It is a great, family oriented school!
7/25/2008parentMy Daughter who is going into second this year had a great experience at Park View last year in her 1st grade class with Miss Moshman & Mrs.Parkman. I am looking forward to having 2 kids in the school this year. Ms. Crystal Hill was the most understanding and hands on with me and my daughter when it came to anything we need to have attended too. 2007-2008 was our first year at park view & I would recommend it to anyone moving to this area.
10/18/2007parentI have 3 children enrolled in Park View and have been very pleased and impressed with the care, structure,discipline and education they have recieved! 2 of my children were developmentally delayed entering kindergarten and after 1 year are of average to above average in their state tests. They have both graduated out of the exceptional childrens programing and are excelling in the first grade! This is due to the dedication of the teachers and staff at Park View. Thank you!
6/4/2007parentOverall, we are pleased with the quality of education received by our children. Pricipal and teachers are very responsive to children's needs.
11/1/2003parentWe are very impressed with the quality of education and dedication Park View Elementary has to offer to its students. Thank you!

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