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Pleasant Ridge Montessori School
5945 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45213
(513) 363-4400
public | PK-6
County: Hamilton


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/21/2012parentPleasant Ridge Montessori is beginning to see the results of years of parental involvement to turn around the former Pleasant Ridge School. As students have moved up through the ranks, test scores have improved, and will continue to do so as more people discover this hidden gem. It's not just test scores, though. My children are challenged to be leaders, to treat others with respect, to show empathy for people who are different, to think divergently, to be independent. In short, they are learning values much larger than facts and figures. They are being prepared for the world of the future. Parents started this school, and parents continue to lead it. Just last week, 65 parents came to our PTO meeting. The depth of commitment is profound. We have turned down out of state job offers to stay at this school, that's how much we love it. It is such a hidden gem in this city.
4/8/2012parentPRM is a great school once you look past the test scores of the kids that did not start out their education there. The teachers there all love their jobs and it shows in the way that they teach and interact with the students and there is not another school in Cincinnati with better parent support and participation than PRM.
2/16/2011parentI am so happy that we chose to send our daughter to Pleasant Ridge Montessori and we plan to send our other two younger children there as well. We are so fortunate to have PRM in our neighborhood. I am constantly impressed with the quality of work that my kindergartener brings home and how much she is learning. The communications received from the teacher, PTO, and administration are excellent. I am also impressed with the extracurricular activities offered by the school. I did a lot of research and classroom observations of other area schools during our decision-making process and am so happy with our decision to choose PRM!
2/1/2011parentWe are absolutely in love with PRM. Don't focus on the test scores or you will miss an amazing educational opportunity for both you and your kids. PRM has been recognized as a premier model of a neighborhood Montessori school. The new building and new curriculum were introduced just 3 years ago. The school recently partnered with Xavier University and has XU staff on site daily. XU is also recognized internationally as the leader of Montessori Education. The energy at PRM is strong. The community is involved and understands that, with diligence, the scores on the outside will soon reflect what is really happening on the inside. Montessori is more than passing a test; it is teaching to the whole child from the inside out.
1/31/2011parentPRM is an amazing place, that is getting better all the time. My daughter began in Kindergarten and we are now in 4th grade. In Montessori 4th is part of "9-12", the 3rd age grouping. Her daily work is rigorous. We have had the gift of getting to know a wide diversity of students and families from all walks of life. This has been the biggest gift.
11/3/2010parentPRM is a tremendous success and the test scores do not reflect what is happening inside the builidng. The curriculum is above par with the help of a newly formed partnership with XU. The principal, teachers, and parent leadership are establishing firm guidelines and procedures. Weekly email reminders and notices go out twice a week. Folders come home with inserts. The web site contains the calendar for the year. Information is accessible. The parent involvement and ability to raise money surpasses most of the magnet schools. Everyone - parents, teachers, staff -- are so inviting and kind. There is room for everyone to be involved in some way. I have no doubt my children will get into the high school of their choice and be well-prepared after having access to the programming and extracurriculars available at PRM. PRM will be the gem of CPS soon.
11/3/2010parentOur family lives in Amberley Village and when we moved into the area with small children we were worried about which school to send our children. How lucky are we to have Pleasant Ridge Montessori right in our backyard. We have a 4 and 5 year old at the school and we couldn't be more pleased. Our Kindergartener is an avid reader and LOVES her time at school, continent study, the hundreds board, and the movable alphabet. PRM is a constant source of happiness for her. We have been extremely impressed with the level of parent involvement as well as the commitment to the children and the school that so many parent and teachers share. PRM truly is a community and one that we are so happy to be a part of.
10/16/2010otherI LOVE Pleasant Ridge Montessori!! I see hard work and determination to make a neighborhood Montessori school a success!! It is not easy, but it's being done AND BEAUTIFULLY!
10/13/2010parentWe had high hopes for this school. Unfortunately, they are an organizational nightmare. Often times our child will come home with papers about events that have already passed, or are going to commence that evening. In addition, our child is very bright and did exceptionally well in her last school. However, she has forgotten nearly everything she learned in the past because they are so behind at this school. Our child's teacher seems preoccupied and dismissive. We are looking into our options to get our child into a school that is more organized, doesn't fail the state tests and has adequate teachers. In addition to all of this, the PTO at this school is a joke. It is akin to a sorority/fraternity. Nothing ever happens at the meetings, just the same people talking to hear themselves talk. Oh, and the food they serve them is abysmal at the very least.
9/28/2010otherI attended P Ridge in the 40's and 50's. I loved my teachers, especially Miss Martha Seifried who taught music and made us learn all the verses to The Star Spangled Banner. I still remember the last verse! John Smith was the principal, Mr. Walling taught Gym, Mr. Wardlaw taught Shop, Mrs. Armstrong taught art, and Mrs Brasch taught Math. I entered in the 3rd grade and after 8th I went to Withrow.
4/19/2010parentBecause it is a neighborhood school and the staff is great!
9/4/2009parentMy son and daughter just started this year (2009) at Pleasant Ridge Montessori. The community effort that has gone into this school is amazing. This is a true Montessori - in the neighborhood and community-focused. The start of school has be great. The kids are loving their teachers/classes, and the communication with parents has been really good. You can feel the energy! It is a school that has had a lot of transition in the past 1-2 years (new building, new way of teaching, going from K-8 to K-6, new principal last year, new teachers and training teachers for Motnessori). Now it is finally settled into its new home and has an established Montessori program with support from Xavier University. As the change in this school works up through the grades, with more kids with more years of the Montessori education under their belt, we are only bound see more successes.
8/14/2008parentMy prek daughter started in 2007. I wasn't familar with Montessori but wanted her to be in a prek class and figured I'd try it out. The teachers are wonderful, the parents/community are very activiely involved to make sure the school is a success, and best of all my daughter absolutely loves it. Just went to the preview tour last week and the school is beautiful. I can't wait till her first day of school. I have also been very impressed with the new principal Maria Lagdameo (formerly assistant vice principal) @ Clarks Montessori.
2/7/2008parentMy daughter started preschool in the 2006 school year. She absolutely loves it and we've been very happy with her development. There is a lot of parent involvement to ensure that this school becomes successful. We are very excited about the new school and look forward to the next year.
2/6/2008parentI am a parent of 2 children at Pleasant Ridge Montessori, one in preschool and one in kindergarten. We have chosen this school because we want our children to be educated in a diverse environment. We have been very pleased with the teachers, the Montessori materials and curriculum and the sense of community that surrounds us everyday as we attend our neighborhood school. CPS is a big district, with well-known financial challenges, but they listen to parents who care about their children's education. Pleasant Ridge Montessori is a work in progress, well on its way to success despite its test scores and well worth the support of every member of this community. It will be a wonderful school for every child that enters its doors if we give it a chance, have high expectations, and encourage greatness by being involved parents, and demanding the best from CPS!
1/7/2008parentI believe this will be wonderful school and a great asset to the neighborhood. My child has had much academic improvement since starting here. Teachers re excellent. Great afterschool program. Would love more diversity and parental involvement.
12/2/2007otherPleasant Ridge Montessori is a different school this year than the school which is reviewed in 2006 and before. This is the first full year of implementation of the new Montessori program with new staff, unprecedented parental and community involvement and a new principal. Although still new in its implementation and struggling in an interim facility while the new building is being completed, the educational experience has been transformed. This is becoming a true, high quality neighborhood school which is bringing the public back to public education.
11/28/2007parentThis is the second year my daughter has been at the school - Kindergarten last year and now in the 6-9 group. The quality of the teaching has been excellent, and she has grown personally in a diverse social culture. The new Principal has made a big difference in the overall effectiveness of the school. There are still administrative challenges, but my daughter is thriving .
11/28/2007parentI am a parent of two children who attend the Pleasant Ridge Montessori School. One child is in Kindergarten, and the other in her second year of preschool. Their experiences have been above average by far. The teachers are fabulous, and the materials are so inviting and interesting. There are so many involved parents. The school is trying to change in a such a positive direction. If it continues, and parents continue to send their children there, then it will be so wonderful for our community. It is up to us to make it work. So far, it has been wonderful for my children. I think it is great that Amberley finally has a neighborhood school. The school could be what we make it to be. Let's use it!
2/14/2007parentThe school is a Montessori school and they will have a brand new building in August 2008. Our child is in kindergarten and loves it. Her teacher is very good and the teacher she will have next year is very good as well. The school is becoming more racially and economically diverse, which is very important to us as we cherish diversity. There are a variety of neighborhoods that send children to this school. We have met several parents who are very involved in the school. This school has a way to go, but it has great potential. My wife and I are professionals and middle class and we are giving the school a try and suggest you consider it as well.
4/8/2006parentMy daughter attended this school from 2001-2003. Some of the teachers that I experienced were not attentive of student's needs. I was forced on several occasions to plea for my daughter to receive extra help.
1/26/2006parentThis is our neighborhood school, and we unknowingly sent our daughter there this year. We will not be returning next year. There are income restrictions, so we will probably have to pay for the tutoring out-of-pocket. Next year I would prefer to spend my money on tuition for a different school! There is absolutely NO incentive for a middle/upper-class family to send their child here. They are posturing to be a Montessori program next year, but they will still be a neighborhood school, so count us out.

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