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Virtual Community School of Ohio
4480 Refugee Rd
Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 501-9473
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charter | K-12
County: Franklin


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7/17/2012parentI would not recommend anyone to use this virtual school. Ever since my daughter has started its been nothing but complications and problems. I have tried to contact principles and administrators but I always have to leave a message and they never called me back. The teachers dont care at all about the students actually achieving anything and the principle has never contacted me after I left multiple messages asking for them too. DO NOT sign up for this school. I have wasted money on this school and have been left with multiple unanswered questions.
7/7/2012parent I believe this is a great school. My kids got more help from this school than any others we have tried. Compared to "ohva/k12" VCS is much better. The teachers bend over backwards to see there students succeed. This was our first year, and the only complaint I had was there is too much emphasis on the state mandated tests, but all of the public schools are like this. Our teachers had alot of resources for studying. All in all we thought this school was great.
5/17/2012parentI love VCS. As we are transitioning away from Homeschooling, VCS is an excellent way to go. So flexible for my high schooler and the communication between parent/teacher is excellent. Also, their learning center is the best. Can't say enough good about VCS!
3/27/2012parentThere is such an egregious lack of communication both within the school and with the parents that I cannot even fathom how they continue to operated. There are many good e-schools. This is not one of them.
2/13/2012parentTerrible experience! My children have been enrolled now for their second year at VCS. The curriculm has NOT improved (as promised) the teachers have not 'engaged' the students. The staff does not care about anything other than test scores. As a parent that sits at home with my children and saw VCS as a great way to get around the state testing --not my responsibility to pay for the test etc- I have virtually allowed my childrens education to suffer! We traditionally homeschool all summer due to the push to get through the mass amount of homework that the children do. This is not a quality education and the principals do not care. The children WILL NOT be enrolled next year. We will go back to traditional homeschooling. The cat will do a better job. What a terrible school.
3/2/2011otherHorrible. I used K12 in Middle School, but I eventually went back to public school once high school started. But since I decided to leave my public school late and wanted to go back to homeschooling after 2 years away, they weren't accepting enrollments! VCS has the most outdated website I've seen. They are not interactive, which makes it HORRIBLE if you are doing a Spanish class. You need to learn how to pronounce the words. The classes are too easy, and not very challenging. The Current Events class has nothing to do with Current Events. I had many quizzes that were very irrelevant subjects, two questions being about a Groundhog! Very pointless. Most of the teachers can't spell. I actually had to call the school to make sure I was in the right place. I thought they all had Dyslexia! If you have to settle, go to VCS. But other than that, use K12. K12 had interactive flash assignments, a fast and MODERN computer, I can say this, thouh. The VCS teachers actually do email you back. They just aren't very good teachers. Sad there's no way for VCS students to interact as well. I literally made no friend from this program. I am so glad that I still kept my public shool friends.
3/5/2010parentMy son has been attending VCS for almost 4 1/2 months now. He has earned more credits and is actually enjoying learning online. I love the teachers and it's very easy to keep up with his progress,and the teachers let you know very quickly when something is wrong. The technical support is incredible never had to wait for help,they're right on it and they do it right. I'd highly recommend this school to anyone.
9/22/2009studentI am currently a Senior at VCS ohio and I have been here for about 2 1/2 years and the education is great. I came from a private school and classes at VCS are just as challenging as they were at my other school. I am so glad my parents chose VCS for me to finish out my high school years.
7/30/2009parentMy younger brother is a VCS student, and I tutor a number of other youth enrolled in the school. The communication from teachers and administrators is horrific. The courses have technical problems, are full of broken links and assignments so grammatically incorrect that they don't make sense, and asking a teacher for clarification can take weeks. VCS has been a stressful experience. It could be a great school if they would only be willing to address the issues with their site instead of the usual response I get, always along the lines of 'deal with it.'
6/21/2009parentIf you want a good virtual school for middle school & under go to K12 (OHVA) I used it last yr for my son & they are great!. The classes are interactive & fun, the teachers hold wkly conferences & are very helpful. K12 class layout is awesome! I didn't use it for my son in high school, his K12 teacher said K12 HS is harder. VCS was a BIG disappointment. No wkly conferences, teachers never contacted me unless it was just an announcement of some sort, never to check on how my son was doing. Their site is outdated & confusing. The PC they sent was so slow we couldn't even use it. I called the help desk only to be told the PC is just slow & basically deal with it. Don't use VCS. Help Desk is useless!! K12.com has sample lessons for you to see.
5/30/2009studentI have been a student at this school for 1 year and I am definitely transferring out at the end of the year. When they say that their curriculum meets the 'state standards', that's code for barely scratching the surface. There was one class in particular that I didn't even need to study for because it was so easy. The problems were that no Honors/AP courses and no extracurriculars are offered. However, the teachers at VCS Ohio are fantastic; they are always helpful and are genuinely dedicated to helping the students. I was particularly influenced by one in particular, the French teacher, who has instilled in me a respect and love for the French langauge and culture.
2/23/2009studentThe teachers are really nice and they do not give up on me.
1/24/2008studentI've gone to VCS all four years of high school this one being my last, and over the years I've run into some good and bad teachers, but you find that at any school that you go to. VCS has been great for me because I've been able to do my homework whenever I want and that means that I've been able to work a full time job and go to school at the same time. What I think is so great is that they put your classes into one semester so you have a full year's worth of credit for a class and you only put half a year into it. The teachers are great they're all really nice they can just get frustrating sometimes when it comes to trying to get an answer out of them for something that you need their help for.
12/3/2007parentVCS-Ohio is a wonderful alternative to traditional high school. The teachers have kept in good contact with my son. VCS offers good academic requirements to help my son actually learn without the distractions of a traditional school. Parental involvement is a must and actually a requirement of the school which I find to be a positive, as there are many parents that don't stay involved. VCS uses a multidisciplinary approach to good sound teaching. They offer a vast amount of resources aid in the learning process. The work load can seem somewhat heavy to some students but it is achievable and necessary for educational success. When considering VCS you must consider how serious your child and you, the parent are about education. They have high expectation and expect your child to perform independently with parental support. I am very happy that I found out about VCS and enrolled my son.
12/2/2007studentThis is my first semester at VCS Ohio and I am learning without the outside pressures of a 'normal' high school. Expectations are high and you have to really work but it will be worth it in the end when I graduate. The teachers go out of thier way to help you. I really like attending high school online at VCS.
8/29/2007parentVCs has a long way to go. The first day I walked to into the building there was confusion all around me. No one knew anything I asked. It was very puzzeling. Me and my husband knew that was not a good sign but we wanted to be open and understanding. Unfortunately it only went down hill from there. My son a 7th grader hated it as well as my two 8th grade cousins who are honor students. They all felt neglected.
6/3/2007studentV.C.S. Ohio has one of the best school systems I have ever seen. It provides the student with flexibility to their pace, but still allowing them to learn a lot. It gives them one on one time to learn and discover new things with their parent, and the parent doesn't feel preassured to be the full time teacher. The teachers are experts in their area of teaching and have particualy good skills for teaching. It's open minded in regards to developing individual abilities, and gives the student time to involve in their own physical activities. I would reccomend V.C.S Ohio to anyone, it's the best virtual school I have ever seen.
5/26/2007parentVCS Ohio offers many opportunitites to request help. As an online school I find this quality very refreshing. Many times not having a teacher present would pose a problem, I appreciate how available your teachers make themselves.
5/25/2007studentVCS Ohio is a good online charter school. Parents are included in school activities, and even have their own staying invloved 'class'. The classes are usually very easy to follow, and most of the teachers are great!
4/30/2007studentVCS is the best school I have ever been in. The teachers are very dedicated and care about each student. I am a gifted student and the course are challenging. Parent involvement depends on the grade level of the child.
4/25/2007studentThe academic programs at VCS are kind of difficult, but the system of assignments and quizzes is all organized well. There aren't many extracurricular activities with VCS but I knew that when I signed up for home schooling. I cant expect VCS to have them because it would be difficult to organize them and everything.
4/19/2007studentSince attending Virtual Community School of Ohio, (VCS) my attitude toward school and doing the work has completely changed. with VCS you witness instant results on tests and quizzes showing you what questions you missed and what to do to improve your skills. teachers are one on one and provide you with all the information needed to help you succeed. When I attended public schools I had a C or d average , now a have straight A's! enrolling in VCS has been the best decision I have ever made!
3/30/2007parentThere are many advantages to VCSLearn that made it possible for my daughter to get a well-rounded education. Her disability would have made it more difficult in a public school setting, and this was just perfect!
3/30/2007studentSince I have been going to vcs ohio I think it alot better than public schools. You can e-mail the teachers whenever you want and they have something like little chats like a little classroom. I like it a whole alot better than regular school!
3/30/2007studentI've found, in VCS there are a lot of good academic programs, and, if a student needs any help or has any questions there are many ways to contact there teachers. There are also extracurricular activities available for students. There are many ways for parents to be involved in what their child is doing, they know that if they have any questions there are many ways they can contact who ever they need to contact.
3/30/2007studentI believe that the academic programs are okay. But there is know availability to extracurricular activities. There is a low level of parent involvement.
3/19/2007studentVCS Ohio is a great school to be enrolled in that is home-based. I was a little worried about gong from public to home-schools and how i would adjust. I have found that you get just as much help as you would in public schools. I love it.
3/2/2007studentLets see now Virtual Schools of Ohio (VCS) is in my opinion one of the best online homeschooling programs out there. I'm just not saying it because I want the school to look good but the teachers are real people and if I'm ever in need of help on a question I send a message. Then in about 3 min. I have an answer for the teacher and they are very helpful to me. Well since the school is based in Cincinnati the only way I can do music or art, sports is if I go through the public school here.
2/27/2007studentVCS was very confusing at first, but once I caught on to the whole internet schooling thing everything just seems to fall into place. If I ever need help I have great teachers and an excellent counselor that will help me in any problem i encounter.
2/23/2007parentThe school provides a very good alternative to traditional schools. It allows for more freedom and flexibility for myself and my children. We are not bound by the traditional school times. We do not have to deal with the unnecessary activities,problems,school fees,driving in bad weather,dangerous students,dangerous teachers,etc. The academic programs allow my kids to advance quickly in their studies and possibly start on collage courses.
2/22/2007parentI learned about Virtual Community School of Ohio through a friend. My son was being left behind due to his learning disabilities. I decided to give this a try. I can only express gratitude to the school and the wonderful people that it is made of. When my son left the public school in the eighth grade, he was barely reading and showed no interest in trying to. After being in VCS, he had been picking up books and looking at signs asking what a word is if he cant figure it out. My son no longer feels stupid and has more confidence. All his teachers thus far are understanding and great, they work with him to help his accomplish goals.
2/21/2007studentThis is a very good school for children who are able to apply themselves well and do not constantly need to be reminded to do their school work.
2/20/2007studentI think that VCS Ohio has found a very clever way to teach students what they need to know for their lives. They have made it to where students cannot cheat out of doing work and actually have to try in order to get their work done. Also, your grades cannot be effected if you are late to class by suspension or whatever else that public schools like to get you into trouble for. You can do your schoolwork at your own convenience but it still motivates you to work because if you don't work for a minimum of five and a half hours a day it may effect your grades. It is very simple for parents to be involved in their child's school this way too.
2/17/2007parentI think that VCS has really helped with my daughter after having a baby in 2005. This is her second year, but it takes a lot for someone to make their self to do the school work.
2/12/2007studentThis school is very helpful. I like it better than my homeschool. The teachers are more hands on with you. The level of parent involvment is very high.
2/9/2007studentI think VCS Ohio is amazing. It's so easy to understand and easy to navigate around the 'school'. Classes are easy to find and teachers are always there to help you out if you need it. I recommend that everyone go to VCS because it is so easy and fun! Plus you get to do it on your own time...whenever you want! This is why I love VCS Ohio. :)
2/9/2007studentVCS Ohio is a great school that provides a quality online learning envirorment. The teachers are great people that love helping their students. Learning at VCS has made me a smarter, more disciplined person.
2/9/2007parentThis will be my second year as a vcs parent. I've been very impressed with the teachers and all the quality time they spend giving more one on one teaching rather then just general assignments. I have never had a problem getting in touch with any faculty member and never had a question go unanswered.
2/8/2007parentI like the program,it seems to give me more control' and it is easier for me to monitor my daughters progress.i work second shift and i'm a single parent so this is a great benefit to me also.In public school the classes are usually so large that the teachers don't have time to spend with students on a individual basis .as for the assignments they are challenging and a few are quite interesting..which makes everything a little more fun..i like the fact that when my child has trouble with an assignment she has more time to work on it without the pressure of a deadline which can result in mistakes that can affect her grade..i like that there are not so many social distractions that are experienced in the public school system.
2/8/2007studentVcs of Ohio is a great school, our academic programs are many in number and vcs makes it easy to decide how to pick.If your worried that your child will fall behind,well thats explanable but weather he/she are attanding a public school or an online school its all the same because it depends on your childs commitment to succed.The diffrence here is that vcs can offer one on one help and will work with your child so that no matter what your child will be successful.Our school also offers many different extracurricular activities for your child to participate in. And You can always keep track of what your child is doing with just a click of the mouse
2/8/2007studentI am a student/parent, this school is very good for someone who is a mom and needs to spend time with their kids and get a diploma at the same time. VCS also has very many classes that are great educational classes, I recommend this school to almost everyone I know that is struggling with school and parenting. I really like this school and I hope that it helps everyone else out like it is helping me.
2/6/2007studentEven through VCS is a home school the parent and student is really involved in alot that goes on.
2/6/2007studentI'm a student at VCS, and I love it. It allows challenges for me, and I can work at my own pace. I've learned how to be more organized, and how to balance work and school. It's great the teachers are there to help you, you just have to be sure to ask.
2/5/2007studentWhat i believe online schooling has done for my self and others is it provides an alternative learning experience. Im also able to put my mistakes behind me and start a new slate. Its great that they give any kid a new chance to succed when before anyone had access to be able to gradugate on a computer maybe those kids would of never got thier diploma.
2/4/2007studentI think that this school is great for my child. She has done so much better through this program.
2/3/2007studentThe academic programs are great, there is a great variety. Also the teachers really help you out and make sure you understand everything. They really give you confidence in yourself to the best grades that you can.
2/2/2007studentVCS has positive and negative issues. I can learn at my own speed and the teacher is always there for me. I have always received a quick response from my teachers and 99% of the time my homework is graded within the same hour I turned it in. I enjoy this quick response and the teachers comments help me understand the work more. I really enjoy the fact I can go to lectures all day or night through the videos, power points or links the teachers provide. Most the time I work all night and my mom and I discuss the work very early in the morning and we submit it together. Even if I don't care to work with my mom on school work we have actually become better friends because of it. I would prefer to go to regular school for dances and friends.
2/2/2007studentI have only been in VCS for a week and its the greatest thing thats ever happend to me because i can work around my work schedule.Only bad thing is its so easy for your parents to see exactly what you do.
2/1/2007studentThe academic programs are of a very high level, and parent involvement is alot easier because they can see exactly what is due and when it is due.
1/31/2007studentI've been attending VCS for about 6 months now, and I still love it. It's such a great school to attend. Previously I attended another online school and had so much trouble with it. The teachers here really help and when you have questions they answer as fast as possible. I have recommended this school to many people and my sister is getting ready to move and she is going to begin attending it next year. I love it and im so thankful that I saw the commercial and took the initiative to call.
1/31/2007studentThis school is great for those students that are eager to learn and get their education. It's a simple way for you to learn and get your high school diploma. As well, the school works around your time, not the other way around. The teachers are fantastic, when you have a question the get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.
1/30/2007parentI believe the outline of academic programs are well done.
1/30/2007studentThe quality of the academic programs at VCS of Ohio are superb, they meet and exceed all standards for the state of Ohio. The availability of extracurricular activities at VCS are also very high for being a virtual school. The level of parental involvement is ideal since all work is completed at home, and the parents can keep track of how his/her child is doing in their academic classes.
1/30/2007studentI attend VCS Ohio online schooling. This is a great school for me because it gives me the ability to work whenever I want. This really helps because I have a full time job. The teachers are great at this school. They're really helpful and concerning.
1/30/2007studentI love going to VCS especially since I have a little boy to take care of it's a lot easier to get on here when I have the time and get school work done and still spend time with him and help him grow. Since I've been going here I have always gotten help when I needed it and my questions have always been answered in a fast way. I love it!
1/30/2007parentThey have better teachers and you can get on and work whenever you wish. Vcs is no dought the best thing we have done for our child
1/30/2007studentVcs is an excellent shool to enroll your child in. The teacher are very helpful. When my child needs help he or she can contact the teacher and get the help that she or he needs right away. There is so many new thing my child has learn thanks to vcs ohio
1/30/2007studentVCS Ohio is a great school. Teachers are there for you, patient, and very helpful. You can go to class whenever is convenient for you, if you work in the morning you can still go to school. Parents don't have to worry about their kids getting detentions not having lunch money, or even missing the bus. The classes are straight to the point, no time wasting, students can go at their own speed, and if they are stuck they can always email the teacher for assistants.
1/29/2007studentI am a student of VCS and I absolutley love it. I am currently a Junior there. I am graduating early. I love all the teachers there. They are all awesome
1/29/2007studentThis school is one of the best homeschooling programs out there. They have qualified teachers that know what they're doing and they teach the students as much as they can learn.
1/29/2007parentVirtual Community School of Ohio is a good school. The only problem I have seen with it so far is that many times it is hard to get into contact with someone at the school. Some of the teachers seem to be uninterested in things you might have to say.
1/29/2007studentVCS Ohio is a great school to me. The teachers are nice and caring. They are always there to ask a questions and if not they get back ot us as soon as they can. People can contact the teachers by phone and talk to them themselves. Understanding the school and how to navigate is hard at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really easy. The way they set up the school is very helpful, they have alot of things to help the students in their work. So not only are there teachers but different books and even tutors. There are alot of things to help the students, like live elluminates. Alot of the reading that is done is very helpful. This school is a very good online school. Everyone is encouraged to go to this school if they need to be homeschooled or otherwise.
1/29/2007studentI am now a student at VCS. This seems like a great school. I especially like how all the teachers do their best to try to help each student. They are always available if the student needs any help or assistance. Also, it is easy to navigate around the site to do work, there is even a calendar to show upcoming events, such as tests. I am not really aware of the sports or extracurricular activities. The level of parental involvement needs to be high in order to make sure the student keeps up on their work. If you don't really like public schools and would like to do your education in the safety of your own home, then VCS is for you.
1/29/2007parentIt is a great school for those who do not do well in a traditional school or who need added flexibility.
1/29/2007parentsince my niece has been with this program she is really looking forward to graduating. its helped her to set goals for herself.
1/29/2007studentVCS is a great learning experiance for students who need time to complete work. It is good for students who want to move fast or slow and they can spend as much time on a class daily as they want
1/29/2007studentVCS is a great school. It gives kids who have disabilities getting to school a chance to learn and get the same knowledge. Parents have the same if not more access to their kids grades as public schools.
1/28/2007parentMy daughter is currently attended Virtual Community School of Ohio. This is a wonderful online schooling program. It is wonderful for those students who may need more one on one attention. The courses are very thorough and my daughter is excelling here. She can work at her own pace and if she needs additional instruction on a certain topic, she can work on it until she fully understands it. The teachers are very helpful and are available to my daughter is she has any questions. There is a broad range of courses available as well as information on OGT testing, colleges, etc. I would recommend this school to anyone thinking about enrolling in an online program.
1/27/2007parentmy son enjoys being a part of the VCS of Ohio program, i think that it has been great for him. his school enviroment he used to be in was becoming a bad enviroment. he has enjoyed the homeschooling with VCS of Ohio with no regrets. As for the sports and exercise we take him out bowling, golfing, baseball, basketball, and to play football with his friends.
1/27/2007studentThe school is very convenient. The teachers are friendly and extremely helpful. This is a lot safer than going to a public school. They also allow the parents to get involved and have meetings with them.
1/26/2007studentAs a student at VCS, I feel it is a great learning experience. The teachers are friendly and always ready to answer any questions that you, or your child may have. The courses are set up in a way that is very easy to understand. In my opinion this is no doubt a very good choice of schooling for your children.
1/26/2007studentThe classes in this school are fun and even the subjects I don't like somehow don't get boring. I learn a lot of interesting stuff. There's no shortage on music and art classes. However, the level of parental involvement is somewhat lacking. While they are many ways a parent can be active, there's little that they have to do except maybe for assignments that they have to sign or take their kids of sites where progress tests are given.
1/25/2007parentThe programs seem to be very informative. We have have an availabiity of music, sports and extracurricuar activities. The level of parent involvement will be increasing.
1/25/2007parentThe quality of the academic programs on here are equivelent to ( in my opinion) the standard city schools. The availability of the programs are as widely ranged as the students desire to participate in them.
1/25/2007studentThis school is well organized and very helpful. Although it is easy to fall behind, the work is fair and there are plenty of resources to refer to. It is also easy to get ahold of teachers in case of any questions.
1/25/2007studentAs a first year student of VCS I really do think it is great. They allowed me to choose my electives and they also are helping me get an extra class so that I can graduate earlier. The teachers a beyond supportive and are willing to answer any questions you have.
1/24/2007studentThis is my first year going to VCS. I Have went to public schools since I was five years old. I wish I would have heard about VCS a long time ago. This school is a lot better and puts me first. Im finally passing school as well!
1/24/2007studentTo me I look at the school as just learning as others. VCS has just as many acagemic programs as a pubic schools and they also have PE and health. Im not sure about the art but I'm sure they make a way because this school has a lot more then what you would think. They do have sports for kids to join and have fun in. They have classes and involve parents as much as they can but to me I think more parents join in more and some less. Over all I think VCS is a great way to learn and is a lot like a public school.
1/22/2007studentIn my opinion, VCS is a good program for kids who don't have the lifestyle for regular public school. Things happen, people get expelled or move constantly. I kind of wish it was easier to stay disciplined about it though. My parents don't have much involvement anymore since i moved out, but they check on it occassionally. It would be nice to know about any track teams too.
1/21/2007parentWe've been involved in VCS for 4 years now, been tough but also a great alterative then regular school, I believe peers can be good, but also can be bad influence and distractions. I believe that this school is great idea, the curriculum is good, but the teacher's need to view the work and say would I give this much to a student at regular school. Then, what I want them learn, a lot is just rewriting the text book word for word and putting it in their own words, making sure we read it, well what about note taking on their own, they can do this. This school does let you work at you own pace which does help and can make your own schedule. Also it is a safe environment good program lot of good curriculum.
1/19/2007parentMy Daughter was failing fast in regular highshcool. I knew there were to many distractions there for here because she has ADHD. VCS has been a God-send. There is still structure but yet the distractions are gone. The classes are very informative and the teachers are always there to guide my daughter when help is needed. That is one thing that her regular highschool lacked was the teacher guidance. They never seemed to have time. My daughter is now passing everything and performing above average.
1/18/2007parentMy daughter started attending VCS of Ohio in the fall of her sophomore year of high school. She needed to work at a slower pace and often required additional explanation on assignments or lectures that other students/teachers didn't seem to have the patience for. This often frustrated and humiliated my daughter. At VCS Ohio, she is able to work at her own pace and has personal time with teachers if she needs it. The teachers are always in contact with the students via email or phone if my daughter needs any help. I find VCS accommodating for the parents as well; I can review her grades and see how she is pacing her studies at anytime without having to schedule a meeting or phone conference with multiple teachers. There is also a parents lounge to help parents with the students curriculum as well as other issues that students may have.
1/14/2007studentThis school is the best! You never have to be on all day and u can do work any time of the day u want! I would never go to any other school ever!
1/13/2007parentVCS is the best school my 2 sons have attended. We have faced too many negative issues in other more 'traditional' schools. The best part of this school is the fact that it can work around any schedule since the student accesses their lessons from any computer, either at home or away and at any time. VCS offers the best learning environment by giving the student and the parent good communication of what is expected. What problems we have had have always been worked out, it is important for the parent or guardian to be involved with the student's progress. The teachers and staff are accessible and helpful. I am extremely pleased with how much they have learned. Parents do need to provide the extracurricular activities themselves, this was not a problem since the learning opportunities were the most important and we provided the activities and sports ourselves.
1/13/2007parentThis is a very high quality and intuitive school.
1/10/2007parentI think the school is great and the teachers care a lot about the kids. If they are failing they let us know. Then the school does everything it can to help them out. My kids love it cause it gives them a chance to have the one on one with the parent or the teacher.
1/9/2007studentthis school is great it provides great leadership and its teachers are phenominal at what they do this school s great
12/30/2006studentThis is my first year at the school, and I can say that I absolutely love it. It is much nicer to be able to work as fast or slow as I need too, and you don't have to worry about your alarm clock going off at the right time to get up for school or worry about harassment from other students. I still get to see my friends whenever I want, and I get the benefits of safety at home.
12/19/2006parentMy son has been in VCS for 3 yrs.I absolutely love this school.The staff members are excellent.The academic programs are to my highest standards.I would encourage parents to let there children join this wonderful school.
12/19/2006studentSchool is great, parents can be completely involved, its great. Absolutely no problems with it.
12/17/2006parentI find this school a very good alternative to the traditional public school system. My child is able to work at his own pace and his work is always available for my review. I do not have to wait until a teacher sends a report home or report cards are sent. I can check on my son's work every day. We are able to talk about the subjects have insightful discussions and look up information together. The teacher are always available through email their answer are always quick and precise. I have found nothing lacking in the art, music or extracurricular activities offered. I have found that being able to structure are own schedule allows the opportunity to explore museums and such on are own.
12/15/2006studentDuring my first school year here things were a little hectic. I transferred in the middle of a semester and had a lot of work to get done so that I would be caught up. However, my job was made easier because the teachers were helpful, nice, and easy to get ahold of.
12/14/2006parentAcademic programs seem equivalent to regular school. Difficulty arises with subjects better taught in class. Extracurricular activities are unknown to this parent. Parental involvement school-wide is unknown to this parent.
12/13/2006studentThis school works best for children who have self discipline or for children who are to sick to go to school everyday. If you don't have self discipline than you won't be able to finish your work as scheduled. Children who are too sick for regular school would like this program because they get to socialize with more than one teacher and they will feel like they are part of a normal school community. The teachers are very friendly and care about their students.This a really good option for children who can't go to regular school.
12/12/2006studentThe best school ever. Very involved with the parents. Very helpful. Can work at your own pace.
12/7/2006studentI am a student at v.c.s. the school is about helping students succeed in work and learning. I belive this school is helpful because they help with anything you need to work on for school. If you have trouble you have 2 teachers one online and one on site
12/2/2006studentI think this school is a great opportunity and chance for children who either do not like learning in a regular public school, or do not have to ability to do so. I Like the way the school is designed and it is still challenging enough to give you a well broad based education. I think it is wonderful that they have a school like this! The teachers are also very easy to contact, and helpful. I had one teacher that even came and met me at the library near my house to tutor me. And it was quite a long distance drive for her! I give this school amazing credentials, and would recommend it to anyone who would need it!
11/27/2006parentYou will get as much out of VCSOHIO as you put in to it. The academic programs are good and the teachers are available, but you have to be very involved as a parent unless you have an extremely motivated child
11/22/2006studentThe Quality of academic programs varies from each type of class. Some classes can be harder then other without a teachers help, Although with its eliminating classes, where teachers help your student. You can over come all this. Extracurricular activities can be a bit annoying at times but fun to some students. Most of these classes are to easy and can be done in a day or two. Parent involvement is very important because its easy to fool anyone on there grades and if there even doing it or not. So yes you must check up on it.
11/21/2006parentSo far the quality of the academic program has been satisfactory. The level of parent involvement (i.e. my involvement) has been very high. I intend for my daughter to be able to reach her full potential no matter what I have to do to get the material available. The only problems I have had thus far is material being completely available at the beginning of the term. My daughter is a highly accelerated student. She completed Algebra I in 3.5 weeks and Spanish in 1 week. The only reason Algebra I took so long was my daughter had to wait for the material to be posted to do it. She has A(s) in both courses and only has to complete her Language Arts course.
11/21/2006former studentI think that VCS Ohio is a very good idea for a school system. This allows kids to work at their own pace and still have time to do many other things that are important, like spending time with thier families and extracurricular activities including sports. Since I am living by myself it is very hard to manage time with school, work and managing money for bills. Other than that, I think that parents and even children would enjoy this time of learning system.
11/19/2006studentI really do like this school. Because we can work on there own paste.
11/10/2006parentThis is an excellent way of learning in the way a child is 'programmed' to learn. Their own learning style is utilized and therefore the student is able to excel. The qualifications of teachers and the courses offered make certain that children reach their goals. Greatest school ever!
11/8/2006studentSame as a regular computer but easier then school (regular school). I can do it all from my home computer, and listen to music and chat with friend/brothers and search things. So I enjoy vcs as the school they are, I was in ecot and it was horrible how many computer problems their where and now I can just finally get some actual work done.
11/6/2006studentI really like VCS. Its a great school with great teachers. Only thing I think should change is that we should have field trips to Kings Isnald and Cedar Point and other places. Also we should have a Junior/Senior Prom at the end of the year.
11/6/2006studentI found VCS to be very understanding. It is very easy to navigate and makes at home learning that much easier for the students. The academic programs are the same level as being in a high school classroom minus the noisy students. The parents are just as involved as the students which makes it an overall learning experience for everyone.
11/6/2006studentI think that the school is really great. All the teachers are really nice. They keep in touch with each student on a different level as well as school.The academic program is kept up with very good. There are some easy projects. The availabilty of everything is very good and easy to get to. The music is relaxing to work to. Which makes it easier for me to do my school work. I work best with a little bit of music better. The parents involvement in everything is wonderful it lets me know that they do care about their childrens education. This school is the best online school that I have tried. Everything is up to date and the teachers actually care.
11/3/2006studentI think that this is a good school program to help parents and kids bond. I also think the work is based on the kids level and they can work at there own pace.
11/3/2006studentQuality of Academic Process- Students can go at their own pace Teachers offer multiple means of aid Kids learn discipline and responsibility Music,Arts,Sports,Ect- There are high school music and art courses that are designed to teach kids about music culture and art history There is also health and PE for high school students Other extracurriculars are home based, each child is responsible for their own and can count it as school Level of parent involvement- This depends on the student and parent, some parents are involve while others aren't. However there is a huge opportunity for all parents to be involved In conclusion- It is generally a very good school. My experience has been fairly good. High school is the age I would reccomend most for this system. The other grades are bit more challenging in an online atmosphere.
11/3/2006studentIt is great, I can learn at my own speed and probably work ahead so that I don't have to worry about playing the catch up game. As far as I see there aren't any music or art. The level of parental involvement is high.
11/3/2006studentVCSOhio has high quality academic classes. It offers the top classes there is to offer. Becuase it is a virtual scool, however, it does not offer sports, or many extracurricular activites, but it does have a Music class to offer. Parent involvement is a vital role to the student's success at VCS. Parents need to be involved to keep their child on task, and to make sure they are succeeding, and helping them wherever they need help. VCS is a very good school.
11/3/2006parentI really like it and most of the teachers seem really attentive to the kids needs.I would recomend VCS to other children .
11/2/2006parentThe academic programs at VCS are very good and well structured. This is my son's second year at VCS and it is going as smoothly as his first year. All of the teachers are helpful and supportive. When you call them or give them a message on the school system, they call back within ,at most, a day. The parents can be as involved as they want to be in their child's education. All in all, I would advice VCS to anyone.
11/2/2006studentVCS enables me to work at my own pace. I am getting much better grades than I did at public school because everything is more organized.
11/2/2006parentI think the academic program at VCS is a little below that of public schooling. My daughter told me that the things shes doing now are the same things she learned last year. I'm starting to think maybe this is too easy for her. As for extracurriculars there really are none. My daughter participates in a lot of sports and now it seems like she can't really do that anymore. As for parent involvement it could improve, but I like the fact that you can get on and look at your children's progress. Well that's really all I have to say ( :! -Debra Davis
11/1/2006studentI think it is a very amazing school. The academic programs are very helpful. The teachers keep you motivated to do your work. I think its the ideal school for teen childrean to be in. It has helped me so much. I've been in it for 3 years now. I started out slow but I'm getting back on track. This school is a school where you have to learn to push yourself. It helps children learn responsiblity. The art class in this school is amazing. VCS ohio is just a plain out amazing school.
11/1/2006studentI believe that the parent envolvment in cyber school is very high because they are right at home and they can't help them when they are at school. I think the extracurricular activities are sort of limited because the cyber school itself doesn't have many sports the children can join. I think the quality of this cyber school is wonderful because we can work at our own pace and we have a teacher right there if we have a question and they are willing to answer the questions. It let's me see the grades anytime or any idea of what the grade in that class is so I can see what needs work and what I'm doing really well on. This I believe is going to be the future of all the schools and most everyone will be going to a cyber school in every state and all across the country.
11/1/2006studentI really like this school. It is a lot of fun. When ever I need help it's always right there anytime I need it. This school helps me learn better than in a public school.
10/31/2006studentI think that VCS is a good school, but somethings the teachers need to work on. They should send a text book to the home if a student requests it. I think the classes should spend more time in each lesson than what is given. I also believe that all the homework should be in the assignment link so students could print it out and use it as a guide to know where they are in a subject.
10/30/2006parentI think this school can be good if there is more comnication. I would refer alot of people to this programn. I think that this is a good place for kids that dont like the schools and cant handle being in a big classroom full of kids and if they have troubles from the teachers I think this would be the best way to get kids to graduate it may be a little hard for kids with special needs
10/29/2006parentWoah! Im disappointed, VCS wasn't as good as the other online school I had my high schooler enrolled in. After a month we went back to OCA. OCA provides more.
10/25/2006studentIt gives the students and chance to work at their own pace. and if they need help they know that they can message their teachers at anytime and they will get back with them when they can. It's never to long. The level of parent involvement is very high. Parents can long on at anytime and check their child grades.
10/22/2006parentSo far I think that the Ohio Vcs has done a terriffic job bacause they have actually called her to check in when she doesn't log in they keep up with her and they keep her oon track which actually aint as easy as you probable think it is because that is one reason that she is on Vcs. I really appriaciate what the schools of Vcs has done for my daughter they are actully going to give her an education.
10/20/2006studentVCS is a wonderful alternative school! For kids with behavioral or sleep disorders such as bipolar or ADHD, it is great. The quality of the academics is high, and it is hard work just as it would be hard in a normal school. Parents can check progress on there students as well as talk to their teachers.
10/19/2006studentVCS is like any other school, the only difference is that it is online. All the work the student would do in a regular classroom is now done online. I like this type of school because a student can work at their own pace and get assignments completed when they want to. If working online is what a student likes to do, then this school is for you.
10/17/2006parentI have 2 students attending VCS and both my kids like this school. It is hard at times keeping my boy on track as he tends to put things off. But over all it is much better than our home school district.
10/17/2006studentI think this school is for kids who do not want to be social people and is really smart. I say really smart because you have to do these worksheets by yourself and get a little bit of help. You also have to be a student who does not learn visualy.
10/17/2006studentThis is a great school for me. It is a very different and fun experience for me. I am glad I got into this program every thing is right in front of you alls you do is click and do your work.I am very happy bye the way things have turned out thanks Virtual Community for helping me make the right choice
10/15/2006studentTo Whome It May Concern: VCS Ohio has been very understanding of our situation of not being able to get internet here. Thru turn of events they've understood and taken everything into account and I thank them for that. There office staff has contacted us many time about paper work that we've filled out at orientation. I do have the measn to send them this information again it is just going to take longer. The Teachers are wonderful and understand. Over all VCS is a good school they just need to get there paper work thru and be avilable for phone hours. Everyone has there things they need to work on so its understandable with the circumstances of being a online school. In the end my report is there a good school and like everyone elese they have there lil things they need to work on.
10/13/2006studentI really think that this is a very good school. I have not been in it that long but the time that I have been in it I have did better than I ever have. I have gotten better grades. I also have been a lot better behaveed. I would recommend this school to any one if they was looking to go to home school. I actually plan on continuing to go to vcs after I complete the program I am in now. But I think that it is a really good school for kids who have problems in public schools.
10/13/2006studentI am in the VCS Ohio Program for the school year 2006 and 2007. I think VCS is a very well educated program for children. It explains things very well and gives plenty of examples and help. In my opinion VCS is one of the best online schools.
10/12/2006parentI feel this gives children to opportunity to get one on one help and not feel overwhelmed like in a traditional school setting.
10/12/2006parentMy 16 year old son had been home-schooled for the past three years and decided that he wanted to try a vocational school. He had difficulty fitting in with the learning environment and decided to try Virtual Community School. He started about one month after the beginning of the school year and was caught up with the rest of the students in a matter of days. Any questions he has are answered in a timely manner by the instructors and the Help Desk. He likes being able to do his work whenever he wants. And I feel that the classes are on a level that will challenge and educate him, getting him ready for future events.
10/12/2006studentI have never done well in a regular high school, but since I have stated VCS, I am doing a lot better. The teachers are very friendly and the homework is not always that hard. You have more time to do things that you would not be able to do when you were in a regular high school, you can work and have fun at the same time. So deciding to do VCS was a great idea and I am glad that now I am able to do work at my own pace, and I am happy to do school now !
10/11/2006parentThis is a cool school. You can go at your own pace and parents can check in at all times to make sure that children are where they are suppose to be.
10/11/2006parentMe and another parent joined VCS this year and we have had nothing but confusion and dismay from the very first day. None of the staff ever seemed to know anything. I am always told to ask another department in which they never know either. They have lost our paper work a few times and alot of times I NEVER get anything but voicemail on the phones.
10/11/2006studentWell, to start this off, I am a new student with vcs. I still have complications with certain things and I still do not get how to do everything. Yet, I am trying so hard! So far, from what I know of this school.. I find it to be very nice and very educational. It also gives you more opportunity. I do have a lot of trouble with a lot of things, but, once I get used to all of this and once I totally understand it all, I think I'll do just fine. I am definitely not ashamed of asking anyone for help, but, as I said before.. I have to figure a lot more out. Sometimes I think that I should have picked a different home school to go to, for the main fact that this school is just like a regular public school without anyone physically there.
10/10/2006studentSo far V(virtual)C(community)S(school) has been the best school that I/we have ever encountered.
10/10/2006studentLove this school, would recomend it to everyone I know
10/10/2006studenti think that the school is better then public school. i have more time to my self one on one with the teachers. and i dont have to deal with kids at school
10/9/2006studentI think virtual school is good cause a student can focus more without any distractions from other student plus you doin school work at your own pace. Students can learn different skills other than academics like improvin their typing skills and useing the computer. Virtual school is like regular school but their doing it in the privatce of their own home. Teachers keep contact with their students and students can contact a teacher if needed. The acadenmic programs have more propgrams that a pudlic school like bussiness math and music tech. Parents can get involved in a students learning by checking their school work, they dont have to wait for the progress report to come out because the grades are already on line sothat parents can check them so they can see were their child is at. For me sso far I like virtual school because it a different experience.
10/9/2006parentI have just begun with VCS and so far I love it. Orientation was informative and complete. the staff was very nice and took time and answered all my questions. The material is easy to read and user friendly. It has provided a service to my son that was needed very badly.
10/8/2006studentI love VCS. Its a way that I can stay in school but also be with my daughter. I get the help I need when I need it.
10/7/2006studentVCS is a wonderful school that teaches students that they can accomplish their school work no matter how easy or hard it was on them before come to here. VCS has plenty or courses to chose from and its a wonderful learning experience for the students and parents to learn and be able to have access to the students web page to see if they have done any work or if they haven't logged hours yet.
10/7/2006parentMy son has been attending VCS for the last 4 or 5 years. Overall I believe VCS is an excellent school. I do think there should be better procedures for the kids when they enroll in classes each year. The last two years when we go to the re-imaging they have not had my sons transcripts so they are not sure what courses he has completed. He has enrolled in classes that he has not completed prerequisites for but was still assigned the classes. I think there should be some kind of warning that appears when a child has not completed the prerequisite class. I think it is great that the children are allowed to work ahead.
10/4/2006studentI feel that this school is the best for me because of the fact that it's safe! the courses are challenging and I like that.
10/4/2006studentI think VCS is a wonderful School for students. I think they provide the same opportunities for children to do things they normally would attending a public school. They try to keep the parents involved as much as possible. The teachers are great. They really care about helping the students learn, and reach their best potential.
10/4/2006studentI am very happy I joined the Virtual Community School of Ohio! It is helping me out a lot. I can work at my own pace and I don't have a certain time I need to turn my work in! In public schools you don't have that long to finish work and it was very stressful. VCS allows me to take my time and work as long as I need to. It is also nice working at my home. The quality of academic programs is amazing. There is so many to choose from and they are very interesting. The availability of music,art,sports and other extracurricular activities is also great. No matter what you like to do it is there to choose from. The level of parent involvement is outstanding! They encourage you to get involved. They provide information on how to get involved with your children.
10/3/2006studentThis is the best school its fun and it not in the way with timing so I can stop and come back to it when ever I feel like it
10/3/2006teacherI think that this school is perfect for parents to prefer there kids to. It gives them a oppurtunity to look at there kids grades.
10/3/2006parentI think the layout for a 9th grader is abit scattered. One simple Assignment/Quiz page with dates due and submitted that the children can just click and do the work would flow better. I've taken online courses with CourseCompass, and it flowed extremely well and was easy to follow. VCS's layout you can tell a lot of effort has gone into it, but it still needs to be simplified for children to follow in each class. Other than that, the teachers I've met so far are great! The administrator's are friendly and helpful and so is the Tech Support Office as well. I'm pleased, but I have to spend alot of time as a parent, keeping my son organized and on track more than I thought I would be doing.
10/2/2006studentI think the classes are very good, for an internet school. They improvise well for not being able to be in a classic classroom environment.
10/2/2006administratorIt would be nice if anyone ever returned my phone calls or when they are returned a week and a half later I am not in a position to talk. The support is less than desirable. We have a lot of questions, however no one returns phone calls. I can understand people being busy, but that is no excuse for not doing your job. In the real world I would have been fired by now if this is the kind of customer service that I provided. Also we were given one schedule and have a different one on the computer.
10/2/2006studentI think the school is a great way of learning for kids who do not comprehend in public schools. The school is also a great way for families to spend time with their kids. Keeps kids out of fights, keeps them from getting hurt to. It is all up to you on how much help they get in school so if they need more help you can request it so I think it is a really good school for kids to learn in without all the hassle.
10/2/2006studentI feel that vcs ohio is a very good school. They have a great selection of classes. There teachers are first class. The quality of teaching that goes on is excelent. They are a very well put together online school. The only thing I feel that is lacking is extra curicular activaties but since this is an online school thats okay.
10/1/2006studentI prefer this type of school for my grandson as he does more on line than he would do if he attended class.
9/29/2006studentI would recommend this school to anyone that docent like school and hates to go to regular school. you can do this home schooling anytime of the day but you have to have 5 hours in a day. You can also go at your own paise and the teacher are awesome and they help students whenever they need help and do one on one time if that's needed.
9/29/2006studentI believe that vcs is a very cool school it has taught me a lot of things.
9/29/2006parentI am so grateful for Virtual Community School of Ohio. Both my daughter's life and mine have changed so much for the better because of this wonderful school. My daughter is very involved with playing the piano and is constantly traveling and performing. She used to attend a traditional public school which was absolutely not working for her. She found she was wasting so much time at school and was not sufficiently being challenged. With VCS Ohio, my daughter can work whenever it is best for her and she is able to advance more quickly than she would be in a regular school. VCS is so flexible and understanding and offers a variety of options. All I can say is thank you VCS!
9/29/2006studentVCS is way better than public schools. It give you the opportunity to work at your own level then the level that public schools put you in.
9/28/2006studentVCS is a very good school. It provides quality learning opportunities, and a very easy to follow schedule. You can work anytime you want day or night.
9/28/2006studentI think this is a perfect substitute for regular schooling and is not just for problematic children as traditionally thought. This is for anyone who wants to make a flexible school day actually possible.
9/28/2006studentI Like This School, It is much more better for me to be doing, I like the way I dont have to wake up at a certain time, and get dressed and worry about what Im going to wear, and I dont have to worry about getting suspended from school, or getting grounded becuase of getting suspended. I like that we get a free computer, scanner and a printer when we sign up for the school, because tha internet is always fun. I like that even if i dont log in one day i can do it the next day and still get credit for it. I like that we still get vacations, like reguler schools, and that we still can graduate. But overall I like VCS.
9/27/2006parentI like the academic programs . I am now more involved them I was before I now know if he is turning in work and if he is doing it. He failed last year and it was a lack of not knowing and getting info . Thanks VCS the is doing great
9/27/2006studentI love VCS, I like being able to work on my school work any time of the day, I like how the work isn't really due any certain time its a work at your own pace school. I wish that it had more classes that I can but thats okay, I miss the sports from my school but my old school still lets me be in their Marching Band!!! I just really enjoy going here!!
9/27/2006studentVCS is a great school! I am a student and I love the freedom that I have to get my work done. I also love the teachers. They are so ready and willing to help in any way needed. VCS is definitely a great choice
9/27/2006parentThe parent involvement in this school is better then any school that I have had my kids in. Everytime that my daughter needed help she always got it. With this school my daughter always gets an answer with 20 mins. She has been in two internet schools, and out of them, I love this one. This is her first week of this school. I have three kids in this school system. And I like the fact that they can work any hours.
9/27/2006studentThe academics are wondeful. Parents are very involved.
9/27/2006parentVirtual Community School of Ohio is a very hands on school and the parents are very involved in the childs school work.
9/27/2006studentI really enjoy attending VCS. The teachers and staff are really friendly and helpful.
9/27/2006parentI thank that they are good an they teach the kids a lot of stuff. I thank that the extra activities are good. They keep the kids out of truble after schoool. I try to help my little student to saceed in life an help her on this prgram
9/27/2006parentThis is the best school I have ever chosen for my children, it adds flexibility and the curriculum is just outstanding. My children are way far advanced compared to the regular schools. Everything is provided online and it works with my busy schedule, and if I need to travel I can take it with me. The teachers are outstanding and they appreciate their students. Parents are always expected to be involved they promote parental involvement. I love VCS of Ohio!
9/26/2006parentVirtual School is a very good school for children of all needs. My son is a special ed child and when he was in the class in school, there really was no help for him. Now he is at home where I can help him all the time. The parent involment is hands on. You can monitor that work, the grades, and the time spent doing the work. Overall this school has made my life and my son's life a better learning experience.
9/25/2006studentI think that almost everything is perfect about this school. However, I think that it would be more beneficial if the student were sent school books for the classes that are being taken. I also think that there should be more activities to do other than just reading and answering questions. I would appreciate it if these arrangements can be made.
9/25/2006studentVCS is a great school. It has helped me a lot to understand life itself. VCs's teachers are great and patient, and very great at what they do. they help the kids, learn, and understand life's meaning.VCs's availability to music, art, and their extracurricular activities are great fort hose who have disabilities it will make them want to do more than just be shy and stay in the house and do nothing.
9/25/2006parentI think the quality it very good.I believe that VCS it the most best homeschooling service i have ever seen.
9/25/2006studentI think that VCS is a very good school especially this year because I have really nice teachers; and the lessons seem easy enough. I am proud to say that I go to VCS because the lessons are fun and the teachers are nice and finally the education is much better
9/25/2006studentI am a student at VCS and I think it is a great school. The academics are very good. There are classes you can take on just about any subject, including Art History, Music Appreciation, and Computer Technology. Since it is an at home school, you can do whatever sports or any extracurricular activities you want. The parental involvement is not that high. I am a ninth grader so I don't need as much help from parents, but I'm sure the younger students need a bit more. Overall, it is a great school.
9/25/2006parentThis is a great school for my daughter. She can work at her own pace and schedule. This is our 2 year in vcs . I think its great for the kids whom have trouble with social issues. In regular school my daughter got into trouble all the time till I was able to let her stay home and help her do the work. Now its alot better and our relationship is better also she seems to like it when we sit down together and talk and do the work. I think parents have to be more involved in thier childs lifes and school studies , kids seem to enjoy the attention mom or dad give them. Thanks. Great school. Kim
9/25/2006parentthis is the first year at vcs and I wish I would have done it much sooner. I like that the student can work at their own pace. If my son or I have a question about anything the teachers have gotten back with us immediately. Even on a Sunday. I love the parent involvement. I am able to watch learn and help my son with everything he does. If he needs help I know what assignment it is and when it needs to be done unlike traditional school where, to be honest, sometimes it was hard to get out of the teachers exactly what needed to be done. So far my experience with vcs has been wonderful.
9/24/2006parentI like the school because my kids were getting into a lot of trouble in Columbus Public Schools with all the peer pressure that is going on today and all the violence in the schools, I thought it was best that I brought them home for there education. The Virtual School has allowed me to stay on top of their class work and to know exactly what they are doing in their assignments, whenever I need to speak with one of the teachers all I have to do is e-mail them and I get a response within 24 hours. This is our second year with the school and I would recommend it to everyone.
9/24/2006studentThe school i go to is called Virtual Community School of Ohio. It is an online based school. I do much better in this school than i did in traditional schools because it allows me to work at my own pace and do work at the time that is best for me. The courses are very easy to get used to. Its nice that i am able to write my teachers a message or call them whenever i need help.
9/24/2006teacherI think VCS is a great online school. VCS proveids a quality education that is in-line with the state curriculum and state tests. The teachers are all highly qualified and caring.
9/24/2006studentI really love this school! Ever since i trasfered to this school my life has changed for the better. When i went to public schools i really didnt fit in and the stress really made me ill. I also found the classes too boring and slow for me. Now i can do homework as fast or slow as i want. That is really great for me. I also love the teachers they seem to really care. I cant picture any of my old public teachers caring as much. I am really happy with this school system.
9/24/2006parentThe Virtual Community School of Ohio in my opinion is one of the best schools in all of Ohio! There's always teachers available either online or by phone, the curriculum is just as good if not better than traditional public school. Not to mention the most important factor in my opinion, The availability of school-work 24/7. This works excellent so my child can access her work anytime: day or night, weekend or weekday... I would recommend this school to any parent who feels that public school is either challenging or not challenging enough for their child/children. This school accommodates! Without the embarrassment of school kids making fun of your child's academic standing. Also it is nice to be able to see how your child is progressing without having to make an appointment to see their teacher, saves gas money to!
9/23/2006studentI am a parent/student and I am really enjoying this online schooling. I needed to get a few more credits to graduate high school and I looked into VCS and I am glad that I did. Now I can be home with my 3 month old and get my high school diploma. I think more people should look into this schooling!
9/23/2006studentI like VcsOhio because its allot more of a relaxed learning enviroment where i can learn things my way.
9/22/2006studentThis is a virtual school. We have more access to our teachers in this school then we did in a traditional school. I feel that the teachers who teach at a virtual school hae to go the extra mile so they care even more. They call us, have elluminate classes and I have even had a few teachers offer to meet me at the library to help me. I am learning more because I don't have the extra interreputions from fights, arguments, note passing ex.
9/22/2006studenti think that this school has very good programs, they are high in quality and not to difficalt. i dont really know about the extracurricular yet until next semester thats when i get gym. the parent involvment level is good they help me out alot. i think the teachers are really nice and helpful.
9/22/2006studentVCS is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so happy I found this school. Everyone is just so nice and helpful in the school you can't ask for more than that!
9/22/2006studentI think this is a great program for certain students who do not function well in a traditional school. It is an amazing alternative for students with social anxiety problems such as myself. the academic programs are flawless, there are good art programs, although there are no sports teams, that would be almost impossible for this type of school. Parents can be completely involved in every aspect of schooling, even more than possible with a traditional school, simply because it is done from home. Overall I think VCS Ohio is absolutely flawless in the services it provides.
9/22/2006studentI think this is a really good school. It has helped my family a lot. Although there are some faults about this school like: no prom..no band class... and I am sure other students have thoughts about what they would like also. But I think besides that this school is great! My family has been at VCS of Ohio for several years now so it has to be worth something. I would recommend this school to all.
9/22/2006studentThe level of parent involvement is very high requiring them to constantly check and see how their kids are doing so far in their classes. The academic programs are very good for a online class. There is music art and physical education classes for extracurricular activities.
9/22/2006parentVCS Ohio has been a great asset to my children. It has given them time to work on thier schoolwork instead of rushing them. And thier teachers have been wonderful.They take the time to help them, when they need it. They seem to care a lot about the children that are in this school. I have recommended it to everyone I know. When you need help with things, they are there to help you, whatever it is.
9/22/2006parenti believe that with out an education life is a half open book. the virtual school gives kids with a bad view of thier current school situation a second chance at an education. with out online schools kids would think that a g.e.d. is their only option. online schools provide a valuable educational service for kids who might other wise struggle with school, do the min. that is needed till they turn 18 and can quit school and get the g.e.d. when they feel like or life requires it.
9/22/2006studentI love this school...I get to work at my own pace and its wonderful!
9/21/2006teacherI have been a teacher with VCS Ohio since February 2003. It has been an incredible opportunity for me to participate in such an innovative alternative to traditional schooling. Many of my students are teenage parents, emotionally/socially/physically disabled, work full-time jobs in order to support impoverished families, or simply have been ill-served by their public home-school districts. Currently, I teach Language Arts 3, Creative Writing, and Classical Tragedies. VCS curriculum is aligned to the state standards and is presented in a variety of instructional methods that both challenge and entertain. In addition to core classes, VCS offers a variety of elective courses including: Art, Art History, Music Appreciation, Music Technology, Web Design/Office XP/Computer Skills, Life Skills, Work Study, Mythology, Drama, Study Skills, Writing Skills, Psychology, Current Events, Spanish, and French. There is a direct correlation between parental involvement and a student's success in an online environment. Our best-performers have actively-involved parents.
9/21/2006studentVCS is great, its a place where we can work in a great working environment (our homes) and work at our own pace, parent involvement varies from student to student and even grade level to grade level, for instance a younger child would need more help from a parent, but a high school student would not need as much help, but by having all assignments posted in one place, its not only easy for the students to know what they need to do next, but its also a lot easier for the parents to know what there child is doing in school, personally I have a really fast working pace, so I don't spend countless hours sitting in class, no, do my work, and then I have time for other things. Choose VCS for your kids its great.
9/21/2006studentVCS Ohio is a great school! The High School Curriculum is so much better than was offered at our local high school, the teachers and staff are great also!
9/21/2006staffVCS Ohio is a wonderful alternative to traditional public schools. Focus is more on working and improving academically rather than wearing the latest fashion or hanging out with the 'right' crowd. VCS Ohio does a wonderful job in student accountability and making learning fun and safe for all kids.
9/21/2006studentVCSOhio is a decent school for the most part. When you need help there is always a way to get ahold of someone, day or night. The website is easy to get around and find the things that you need to do. The best part about this school is for busy students who may have jobs or other responsibilities outside of the classroom, this will give you the flexibility to get your work done when you want to or when you have the time to. I would recommend this school to anyone.
9/21/2006studentVCS has allowed me to work at my own pace. I can get as much work done as I would like and be ahead so that I don't fall behind. VCS has offered plenty of help when I have asked for it. The teachers at VCS are awesome! They are totally hands on and willing to help you in whatever way they can. Their extracurricular activities are so close to regular school activities I don't really miss being in regular school. With me being homeschooled my Parents get to be there for me every step of the way in my acedemic future. They also get to be more involved in my personal life. VCS is an awesome! School!
9/21/2006studentThis school is great. If you do not care for your child going to a regular public school because of the atmosphere VCS is where you should enroll your child. It is Virtual school meaning everything is done on the computer at home. VCS is set up to where you can at any time of day. The academic programs are pretty much just like the ones in regular public schools. Extracurricular activities are limited. The teachers are great here too, they are nice and respectful and more than willing to help out a student. Parents must make sure their students are doing their work properly. A student can easily not do its work if you don't check. Meeting are put together for parents with any questions or concerns. VCS also has its own library to help children have a better learning experience.
9/21/2006studentvcs is a great school! I can work at my own pace, and I can also talk to the teachers privately through the message center. The best thing is that I get to work from home !
9/21/2006studentI think that this school is a great learning system set up to help children who are for their own reason not able to attend public or private schools. This will be a great learning experience for me and I am so happy you can offer this to the great state of ohio.
9/21/2006studentI enrolled in VCS when I was 18. My parent's don't check my school work but i know that if they enrolled me it would be very easy to check it. I'm married and have a baby girl. I really like this school because it works around my schedule. I can get online when ever I need to. I like having a teacher to be accountable to. It's not me doing this on my own. I also like how I can message my teacher and always get a quick message back. Elumminate sessions are good too. I can actually be in a live class with my teacher. I don't really have time to do extracurricular activities but my school does offer them. This is a great school if your worried about the safety at school too. I really like Vcs and it gave me a second chance to finish High
9/21/2006studentI think Vcs is great, you have help if you needed and you always have teachers emailing you and willing to help.
9/21/2006studentAs a 20 year old student, I am my own parents opinion. I'm my opinion I believe that VCS is a great second chance to finish school and get the education that I need. I'm thankful for VCS and I feel that it will get me to where I need in life.
9/21/2006parentThis program allows me to be very involved with what my student is doing and lets me keep track of his progress. The school offers a varitey of quality classes. The classes are well taught and the teachers are always there to help the student.
9/21/2006studentAcademic Programs are grest for Children to have that participate in school, and keep good grades. It's great that art,music and sports are conciders to be apart of virtual school. parent involvement is very important. parents should stay on top of their students to insure that they get the best they can out of any school. if you don't stay on top of your child he/she will probably not do so well in academic standards.
9/20/2006staffThis is a fantastic school. The staff work hard to get students on track. The teachers are phenomenal!
9/20/2006staffVCS Ohio offers great flexibility for students. Since they can attend on their own schedule, they are able to pursue other interests that might conflict with a traditional school schedule. For example, students who travel frequently can still attend school--even from another city or state. The caring teachers at VCS make it easy for students to stay up-to-date on their coursework.
9/20/2006parentVirtual Community School of Ohio is a great school. My son attended there for two years. The teachers were very caring and helpful. Although it was very different from what we were used to, my son excelled. The teachers were always very accessible and eager to help out. I found that I had much more contact with teachers that I ever did at the public schools. I would recommend VCS Ohio to any parent looking for a new and exciting alternative to public school.
6/2/2006former studentCaring environment for kids. Teachers in this school reach out and go the extra mile. Curriculum is standard based but the focus is on meeting the individual needs of my student...school is extremely flexible. High tech curriculum delivered exclusively via the Internet (i.e. virtual) All teachers are highly qualified and the students are showing progress from year to year. I highly recommend you check this out as an extremely good option for your student in Ohio. Computer equipment and Internet connection to your house is providee free of charge.
6/2/2006parentThis is a wonderful school. My child was struggling with health issues that made traditional schools difficult. This school and staff worked hard to ensure that her needs were met. She works when her body is ready! We love VCS.
4/27/2006parentVCSOhio is a great school. mY son has been going to this school for 4 years now. His grades are higher. He can concentrate better. He is more motivted because he can work at his own pace. The classes they offer are basic at first but as they go higher in grade level then they are offered more courses. They allow extracurricular activites, ie: baseball, soccer, music lessons, etc. Parent involvement is as much as the parent wants to be involved. They have meetings online for the parents (PTA). The favor the parents being involved with the students anthe teachers. This program is great if you are a single teenage parent, someone who needs to work at a slower pace, or someone who doesn't like the way thier local schools are being run and the students safety is very important. Their education is number one priority. We love this program.
11/5/2005staffInteresting curriculum opportunities
6/8/2005parentBoth my children have attended VCS for the past 3 years. VCS is a great learning experience with many great,caring teachers. The amount of communication with the teachers is excellent,and they truley take the time to help the students. I have and would still recommend VCS to anyone seeking a good, strong education for their children.
6/7/2005parentI have two children enrolled in VCS Ohio, and we all think it is great! It not only gives my high schoolers the opportunity to progress at their own pace, but it also allows them to do so without most of the distractions found in traditional schools. I won't say that VCS is for everyone, but I will say that for most students, it's a true blessing!
6/7/2005parentI was never so pleased as the day I found VCS Ohio on the internet. I was looking for another option for my 'gifted but lazy' son for his last year of high school. After homeschooling himself, he needed a little more direction and with me working full time, I just couldn't sit on him. The teachers were wonderful to work with and gave him the impetus to meet his deadlines and get his work turned in. The Administration worked with his special request to take Latin and Calculus even though he was the only one taking Latin and one of 5 taking Calculus. I wish this school had been available to him all along.
12/29/2004parentWe have a great school! The teachers are really caring, and we have great academics and activites! I would recommend our school to anyone!
8/13/2004parentExcellent, caring teachers. Your child will improve in academics and self-esteem.

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