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Wayne High School
5400 Chambersburg Rd
Huber Heights, OH 45424
(937) 233-6431
public | 9-12
County: Montgomery


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Reva C. Cosby2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/3/2009parentMy mom and myself graduated from Wayne and my daughter will next year. It's expanded and has come a long way in teaching our children and preparing them for the future. Their hard work and dedication will make future generations just as proud!
5/23/2008parentWayne is a fantastic school. Overall the teachers are very good at helping the students look forward to college based studies. The have excellent extracurricular activities for all students. Being in the military and moving often our children have adjusted easily at Wayne.
3/9/2008parentI have 3 children (now young adults) who went all through the HHCS system and overall I am very pleased with their experience. Yes, sports are a big thing at Wayne, but I also feel that academics are covered for the most part to prepare the students for college and beyond. There are so many excellent students that attend Wayne but those are not the ones that anyone hears about. Take it from me, a proud parent, they are there and thriving. Parent involvment, that is the key. This is something that the schools and teachers have no control over. Too many parents expect the schools to do it all, then sit back and whine and complain when little Johnny doesn't succeed. I am just thankful for the wonderful education that my kids received at Wayne High School.
12/31/2007studentWayne is a very nasty school and should be torn down and rebuilt with newer bathroom stalls, books, and other up-to-date school supplies that Wayne should of gotten years ago. The teachers need more training to handle different people. Though there are some teachers with good intentions.. though also, there are a lot of teachers who don't even like kids. So why are they their? To torture them!! Parents should interview the teachers to see if they are right for their child. Period!
11/27/2007parentI think the teachers and principal do the best they can with difficult circumstances. I do believe the school's in general need to learn to do a better job of budgeting. I am getting tired of being asked to approve a tax levy every year to support the schools. I have lived in Huber Heights for 20 years and it seems like every year they want more money but very little improves. The school is very large and some of the students are out of control which makes it hard for those students who want to learn to learn.
7/19/2007studentIts Excellent. The students are supurb.
7/5/2007studentTechnology is the worst! Parent involvement is the worst! Sports are more important than education. Teachers can only do so much and give up after trying all of the time and getting shot down by parents, administration, and students.
5/19/2007studentLook, the school is not all that bad. The problem comes with the extracurricular events during school. The teaches fo try to teach, but in the end it comes down to the kids wanting to learn that effects how the teacher loos. I'm in the tenth grade and have excellent teachers, but the students are the ones who make the classes harder for everybody involved. Though, I do agree that the football team is treated better than anyone else, but it is the marching band that is the 'pride of Huber Heights.'
4/25/2007parentI have a daughter that is a freshman and I'm very disappointed in the academic programs and the overall school district rating. Many programs have changed and are not offered anymore. I have a huge concern for the safety of my child. I'm an Alumni and I not happy with my decision for my child to attend this high school or to live in the district where the community do not support the levy for our schools and the teachers strike when our children should be in school.
10/18/2006parentWayne focus on preparing senior students for college has more to be desired. I am exhausted by the extensive school fees - FOR EVERYTHING....I have a senior student there right now and she loves the school but the overall experience is greatly affected by lack of funding and focus is more on football than on academics, in my opinion. They should be provided with more funding, like Centerville or Beavercreek High Schools so they can provide a more varied curriculum to their students, and seek to attain 'school of excellence' status! The school can be more effective if there was a greater parent involvement.
9/7/2006parentThis is probably one of the worst schools in Ohio. Great for football, but less than 2% play football. Graduates struggle at local colleges. One of the strike sticking points was the administrations lack of a no tolerance for violence policy - a no brainer. As a parent, I am disgusted. We pay Centerville level taxes with nothing to show. In every category, except football, expect the minimum.
8/21/2006parentschool focus on sports and not education. Burdens parents and residents with high fees and supply list while forcing passage of tax levys (taks buses away) for funding. Un-fit teachers remain on the job, and no classroom disipline. Building principles dont react to parents issues - have to work thru 'chain'
8/2/2006former studentI am an alumni of Wayne High School and although the school has its issues I am impressed with the amount of work the teachers put in to their job. Ultimately what is important is the job the teacher is doing and for the most part I think Wayne is on the ball. I do have issues with the athletic department taking over such a huge part of what counts at Wayne. Although extra curricular programs are important they should play a smaller role. Because of the Booster club the sport clubs at Wayne are able to keep the big budget. It's unfortunate this money can't be shared with more important issues. Over all a good school.
2/20/2006former studentwayne is a very good school the athletic department is great and students have a great time going there. Wayne makes learning fun for the students.
1/28/2006parentIt seems to be just fine.
11/28/2005former studentWayne is a quality school. The academic programs are good, and while the more advanced students do have higher courses that they can take, sometimes the teachers of those classes leave a lot to be desired. But the basic core courses are well taught by qulaified teachers, many of which take an active role in ensuring every child that wants to learn does. The sports teams are excellent and have the same tradition. It is extrememly heavy on football. The parent involvement does leave a lot to be desired.
9/19/2005teacherAcademic programs deserve a B+ rating. It has a great marching band; no symphony as of this year, budget cuts; excellent music and chorus program; art is B+ also; sports - Football A+, coaching staff is great, some students have gone on to OSU, Purdue, Wilmington, Ohio Northern, etc.; B-Ball B for boys, coach is new and just starting a new program; and N/A for girls, new coach, hoping to do better this year; Baseball B+ some players have gone on to WSU and other colleges; Softball - B pretty good program for girls, good coaches; Volleyball B for girls and boys; Track & Field A+ excellent state champs several years in a row; Soccer - B+ some have gone on to college in this sport also; Overall rating B++ - Pretty good
8/15/2005parentThey are installing $500,000 artificial field turf in the stadium while they are cutting teachers and classes. That tells you where the emphasis is in this school. My son went for entire four years but I'm sending my daughter to private school instead. Classes are very crowded and not academically challenging while there are dedicated teachers, nearly the entire staff says that the size of the school is too overwhelming to maintain order and discipline. Kids wander on and off campus and between the buildings at will. Just visit their website that hasn't been updated in 4 years. The calendar lists all the sporting events, but doesn't even say when report cards are sent home.
4/18/2005parentI have a freshman at Wayne and I have been pleasantly suprised by the quality of education there. My main concern was with the size of the school, and educating that many students effectively. And that is a problem, BUT one that is dealt with very professionally. The staff are fine- some teachers are better than others, but the principals and admin staff are excellent. My biggest complaint is the overwhelming emphasis on athletics over academics. An age-old problem at most schools, and one that still is not solved. Huber Heights is a blue collar community and that is reflected at Wayne, but my son has made good friends, and I think the education is good, all things considered.
4/1/2005former studentI am a graduate of wayne high school class of 2000. My child will not attend wayne high school. The school is run more like a social clubhouse than an institution for learning. Also, because of Wayne's constant irresponsible spending, and their focus of athletics over academics (i.e. changing the graduation ceremony late in the year because a couple of athletes MIGHT make it to state, and the numerous 'assemblies' for athletes signing college scholarships but no mention of those signing academic scholarships)I will continue to vote against the levy. I think most people around here agree, the levy hasn't passed in a long time.
2/7/2005studentI am currently a Sophmore attending Wayne High School and am very aware of what goes on there. The academic programs are nice, and the school offers many honors classes, in which you have to go through a process to be accepted. Many of the people in the Honors program deserve it. Wayne has many clubs and sports, in order to participate in the sports you have to be passing all classes. However I would say the level of parent involvement is not very good. The parents don't even care enough about their childrens education to pass the operating levy, many teachers and classes have been cut from Wayne's curriculum and the situation will get worse if the parents don't do something about it. Most of the students at Wayne are respectable, but like most schools, we have our own problems.
12/25/2004parentI have one child who has graduated from Wayne, one that is a senior and one that is a junior. The school has been an awesome place for them. The choral music program has consistantly received rankings of 1 at the states level. We are so fortunate to have Basil Fett leading these 4 emsembles! We have had only one bad experience with a teacher who had retired several years ago and came back. She was rude and judgemental and after one year she was no longer at the school. The teachers and administration do a great job and truly count on the parents to partner in their child's education. The teachers I have encountered have gone above and beyond the call. We have 2 more children yet to enter the high school and I'm pleased to send them to Wayne. Keep up the great work!
11/15/2004former studentI am not a parent, but I am an alum of Wayne High School and a future teacher. Looking back at my times at Wayne there is only one real complaint. The parents are not involved enough in their students education. I have nothing but nice things to say about the teachers and counselors that were there during my tenure.
11/12/2004former studentI am now 17 years old. I came back to the states from saudi arabia when i was 14 1/2 to huber heights. My first day of school was chaotic! i went from a school that consisted of 165 students for 10 grades (k through 9) to a school of nearly 3,000 for only four grades. But, they gave me a student to help me find my way around, and my counselors were very understanding. Everyone was so welcoming, and i made one friend in one week - more friends than i'd ever had before. Unfortunately, when i turned 16, i had to move to oklahoma, and now i'm attending a very rich (and snobby) school. I miss wayne highschool so much. Their standards were so much better, and their credentials were much easier to reach! -chels
10/18/2004studenthello. i am 14 years old and im a freshman at wayne highschool. they make a huge effort to make you feel welcome and to know where you're going since it is such a large school but you get used to it fast. the teachers are good and lunch is cool. there cheese fries are really good and theres a candy store.theres also pop machines, vending machines, coffee machines, and ice cream too. u can eat outside also. the councelors are great.if you have any trouble you can ask them for like scheduling or even problems at home, whatever you need. i definately recommend this school for your child.
10/11/2004parentOffice personnel are very rude and judgmental toward single parents trying to enroll their child in school. Wonder why they want to call another school and try to get the student nailed for truancy. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL

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