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School Profile

Rosemore Middle School
4735 Kae Ave
Whitehall, OH 43213
(614) 417-5200
public | 6-8
County: Franklin


  School Head OfficialYear
Mark L. Trace2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/1/2011parentMy child is now in his 3rd year at this school. He has had opportunities I never had in Worthington SD. These kids can take algebra, geometry and Spanish before entering high school and it counts toward their high school credits. I also have the ability to track test grades and homework before I go to the parent/teacher conferences. The teachers believe in the kids and push them. When your child does well they have special recognition breakfast for those kids as well as a rewards ceremony at the end of the year. I receive phone calls saying what I can do to help my child do well on statewide tests. I have had the teacher call asking why my child fell asleep in class twice in a week. I've also had the the science teacher that gave my son a chance to bring up his grade with home experiments. Also, I've watch the principal ensure my son didn't get hit by a car in the busy parking lot. These people truly care about your kids. I feel my child will learn more about life and schooling by attending this school. I'm a proud parent of a Rosemore student. Be an effective parent, the teachers only get so much time with your child.
4/25/2011parentMy child attends this school. They seem to care more about dress code and calling home bothering parents to inform them of each minor violation. My child was a good student at his previous school, no problems at all. This school has broken him down into this person that I don't even know anymore. He wont be attending this school any longer. I'm doing online schooling from this point on.
6/14/2009parentthis school is turely amazing. my child has improved alot well intending rosemore middle school
12/12/2008studenti am a student here and the teachers and staff dont have my personal interest. also punishments are too easily conducted without an extent on the case
6/19/2007parentI currently have 2 children attending Rosemore middle school. I think Rosemore is a good middle school and my children are doing well. When one of my children grades started to slip, the teachers notified me and gave me weekly reports on my child grades and behavior. I believed that the teachers truly cared about how my child did in their classes. I believe the communication and the teacher-student-parent partnership is the key to having our children be successful in school no matter what school your child attends.
3/3/2007parentI think the parents would be more involved if they were asked to be. I know I have never felt like I was needed.I go to parent teacher meetings. Other than that I have never been asked to to any more. I would if I knew what more was needed.
2/27/2007parentI belive children have a safe place to learn at rosemore.Children can learn as much as they want at this school but kids will only learn what they want as for the sports programs they would be great if you would hire coaches that knew what they are doing not have the kids teach eachother
11/21/2006studentThis school is okay not so good and not so bad.But they should let 6th grade participate in extracurricular activities.
4/13/2005parentLets start with the sports program if you are going to have 6th graders in the building you should let them parpicapte you let them feel left out of these activites. Witch in turn makes them feel left out of school functions as far as parent envolvment goes thats a joke unless its for sports.

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