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27 School(s) in Milwaukie Oregon

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School NameGradesAddressZipPhoneCountyTypeDistrict Name
Alder Creek Middle School7-813801 SE Webster Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 353-5700ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Ardenwald Elementary SchoolK-68950 SE 36th Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3656ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Bilquist Elementary SchoolK-615708 SE Webster Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 653-3660ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Campbell Elementary SchoolK-611326 SE 47th Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3674ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Candy Lane Elementary School3-65901 SE Hull St
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 785-8150ClackamaspublicOregon City 62 School District
Christ the King Catholic SchoolK-87414 SE Michael Dr
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 785-2411Clackamasprivate 
Concord Elementary SchoolK-63811 SE Concord Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 653-3665ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
El PuenteK-611250 SE 27th Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3805ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Jennings Lodge Elementary SchoolK-318521 SE River Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 785-8035ClackamaspublicOregon City 62 School District
Lewelling Elementary SchoolK-65325 SE Logus Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5440ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Linwood Elementary SchoolK-611909 SE Linwood Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3676ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Milwaukie Academy of the Arts9-1211300 SE 23rd Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5830ClackamascharterNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Milwaukie Elementary SchoolK-611250 SE 27th Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3681ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Milwaukie Eschool9-1211300 SE 23rd Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5833ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Milwaukie High School9-1211300 SE 23rd Ave
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5830ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
New Urban High School9-121901 SE Oak Grove Blvd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 353-5925ClackamascharterNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Oak Grove Elementary SchoolK-62150 SE Torbank Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5520ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Oregon Outreach-Northern Clackamas7-1214700 SE Rupert Dr
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 281-9597Clackamasprivate 
Portland Waldorf SchoolK-122300 SE Harrison St
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 654-2200Clackamasprivate 
Putnam High School9-124950 SE Roethe Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 353-5860ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Riverside Elementary SchoolK-616303 SE River Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 353-5560ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Rowe Middle School7-83606 SE Lake Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5725ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Sojourner SchoolK-61905 SE Oak Grove Blvd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 513-4540ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
St. John the Baptist Catholic SchoolK-810956 SE 25th
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 654-0200Clackamasprivate 
View Acres Elementary SchoolK-64828 SE View Acres Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97267(503) 653-3694ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Whitcomb Elementary SchoolK-67400 SE Thompson Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 353-5660ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District
Wichita Elementary SchoolK-66031 SE King Rd
Milwaukie, OR
97222(503) 653-3697ClackamaspublicNorth Clackamas 12 School District

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