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Tigard High School
9000 SW Durham Rd
Tigard, OR 97224
(503) 431-5400
public | 9-12
County: Washington


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/17/2009parentTheir caring teachers and their orchestra program.
3/29/2008otherTigard High School has one of the most, if not the most outstanding academic program in the state of Oregon in a public school. Tigard High offers the International Baccalaureate program as well as dual enrollment programs with Portland Community College and Portland State University which offers college level courses with transferable college credit. Tigard High school has reasonable class sizes and even a PhD instructor. Tigard High is also one of few schools with an Orchestra program. Athletics are also outstanding having won championships in Dance and Football among others. There are numerous activities for students to get involved in such as student council, newspaper, and a variety of clubs. Tigard High has sent numerous students to Ivy League Universities. High school is what each students makes of it for him/herself. Tigard High Schoo has all the equipment to produce an outstanding student.
6/11/2007studentI enjoy this school. True, some teachers are not all that great, but most of them are awesome. All the ones I have are great. I think THS offers a large variety of classes and most of them are great. We even have a Tech Support that has students as part of the work. The administration can be a little ... odd. I digress ... overall this school is great. As I walk the halls (which are hard to get trough because of groups of people just standing around) I don't see any bulls or such.
6/7/2007former studentSchool Atmosphere is overall kind of weak. This is due in part to Mrs. Henslee, the Principal. She makes every small school tradition unacceptable for some reason or another. Teachers for the most part are pretty good. In a school of nearly 2000, students need to be proactive in keeping up with their work. Teachers will not babysit. If one wants to achieve higher, they would have to go in and talk to their teachers about any problems they have faced in the Curricular aspect of things. Yes, there has been a stinker or 2 for the teachers, but they are few and far between. High School is for getting ready for college and Tigard High does just that. In college you won't find anyone that will make sure you do your homework on time and that you keep your A. At Tigard, you must be self motivated. By ex-student.
6/27/2006parentI have had an overalll, good experiences with the teachers at Tigard High. A few have been quite helpful in facilitaiting my student's being placed in the appropriate classes after the high school placed her incorrectly and refused to address the problem, telling me to 'wait until next year'. That answer is not only unacceptable but less than helpful when the error was on their part. I have also had more than a few negative experiences with the lower level administrative staff. They are curt and tend to pass on any responsibility, either denying that they can help me or transferring me immediately to another staff member. One secretary informed me that I was not my child's 'primary parent' and could not have my address listed on an information card to be contacted in an emergency- my child lives with me. I would just like to see more cooperation.
1/16/2006parentVery few teachers answer email from parents. A FEW teachers are absolutely wonderful. More than a few are duds. There is a lack of guidance for the kids who tend to fall between the cracks. The self motivators do wonderfully but wouldn't they do well anywhere? If you aren't a achiever you will be guaranteed to just float along without any direction. It's hard for parents to be proactive and help their child with the lack of teacher response.
6/18/2005parentAcademics-Many excellent, dedicated teachers; some are misguided and seem determined to sway students toward their own liberal viewpoint. There is a lot of time wasted on fluff (i.e. some of assemblies, energy that goes into getting kids to wear zany clothes, PJ's etc.) School and district administrators seem unwilling to seriously address and consequence flagrant violations of innappropriate teacher and student behavior, dress code, etc. Choir and Band are phenomenal. Drama program is lacking and we have yet to see a quality musical production involving kids from all areas (set construction, art, etc.) like the Middle School Drama Program at Twality. Sports/Dance Team-a lot of involvement and quality... Parental Involvement: Good, but there is always room for improvement, no?
4/8/2004former studentIt was great when I went there but it seems to be going a little downhill with decreased funding from the state. Lots of self-motivated students and school spirit, but still a lot that seem to get lost in the crowd. Wouldn't go through it again but enjoyed the experience wholeheartedly.
4/2/2004parentMany of the teachers are phenomenal! Administration seems to give a pass to teachers and students who don't follow district guidelines. Kids who are self motivated do okay, but a lot seem to slip through the cracks.

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