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North Brandywine Middle School - Coatesville, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
North Brandywine Middle School256 Reeceville Rd
Coatesville, PA 19320
(610) 383-37456-8ChesterpublicCoatesville Area School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic62.6052009
Black, non-Hispanic29.83192009
Asian/Pacific Islander1.470592009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Ms Chamise Taylor2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/16/2009otherThe staff and administrators at North Brandywine go the extra mile for all of the students entrusted to their care and also the staff is looked upon as family. The atmosphere that is shown everyday is one of success is the key to the future.
8/29/2009parentI am a very happy parent of NBMS. My daughters have come so far. When they entered NBMS their test scores were low, but with the fabulous teachers and caring administrative team my daughters are now scoring advance on their PSSA's. My youngest daughter can't wait to return to school because she misses Ms. Sober and Mrs. Young. This is the best middle school in the district. Way to go NBMS!!!
9/18/2008parentSince transferring to this district my son's test scores for reading dropped ten points. Education is not taken as seriously as my previous school district. I am looking into private school for my son so that he does not fall behind or end up average or below when he has the ability. And what is up with the homework? The homework levels are below standard. How are they going to prepare for high school and college.
1/11/2008studentI think this is a great school. Aside from the pushing and shoving in th hallways and the foul mouthed people running around thinking that they own the school. There are many racial problms in this school.
8/29/2007parentit is a great school my daughter finley understands math thanx to Mr. Fraterman i give it five stars
5/19/2006studentThis school is a great school it has wonderful teachers that teach them a lot and still have fun with the kids!1
3/25/2006parentI believe students can receive a good education here only if they have the best teachers(there are many)and happen to be in the highest academic classes. Otherwise students may be subject to numerous behavioral classroom distractions. School could use more clubs and extra-curriclar. Nbms used to have many great clubs and a high level of school spirit. This has diminished for many years. The facilities are extremely tired and the maintenance and cleanliness leave much to be desired. Many of the teachers are young and freshly motivated to make a positive mark on the kids. Academically, not much homework is given. No foreign language is taught. Most class sizes are huge while some are small due to inept scheduling.
1/19/2006parentOverall, I think my son is getting a good education at North. He had a difficult time adjusting his first year there, as there are some pretty tough kids and there were some fights, but his second year has gone much more smoothly. Most of his teachers are great--they are qualified and are genuinely interested in the kids. He gets really excited about some of his classes, like his computer technogoly class and cooking class. The building itself is in disrepair, but the school district has it on the list for rennovation.
8/24/2005parentthis is just the worst school ever. The children push each other into the locker in the halls and say very foul words. The teacher seem to do a great job the problem is many of the children are very hard to handel and the teachers must spend to much time with these students. Leaving the ones who want to learn till last - I feel that all is done that can be and don't want my child to miss out on a great education. Please note I went to Coatesville area schools. I am doing fine but do think things would have gone better in a better school. Right now 2005 the sports for the 6th grader is none! Yes that is what I said you must be in 7th before you can play any sports. Level of parent involvement is very low in this middle school.

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