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Manheim Township High School
School Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 560-3097
public | 9-12
County: Lancaster


  School Head OfficialYear
David Hanna2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentI have had a child in the high school for the last 10 years and this is the worst year, leadership is not concern is acdemic. It is so sad
3/5/2012otherI graduated from MTHS in 2008. I'm so thankful that I was raised in township. I was diagnosed with a learning disability during my middle school years and the teachers accommodated me and prepared me for College just like any other student, except more at my learning pace. After graduation I ended up landing a full ride scholarship to the art institute of Philadelphia where I am majoring in Commercial photography. If I didn't have the encouragement and support from the staff at MTHS I don't know where I would be. I am very thankful.
1/23/2012otherI am a 1995 graduate of Manheim Township HS, so my experience is slightly out of date, but I went on to a strong liberal arts college, then to graduate school through to a Ph.D., and now I teach at a top-30 liberal arts college in Virginia. I have even had the pleasure of teaching a more recent Township grad who attends my university. My experience at MT was probably typical for a late-bloomer. Like at all high schools, smaller kids are largely left out of the dominant social circles occupied by those who happened to develop physically earlier. However, I always found the teachers and guidance counselors to be kind, devoted people, several of whom made a permanent impact on me. I also found a great niche with the school newspaper. I still remember my first major compliment from a teacher about my writing, and the kindness shown to me by the gym teacher who intercepted a bully just as he was about to bother me. I was well prepared for college, and developed a love of learning and a respect for the life of the mind first demonstrated by my MT teachers. Many thanks to those who helped me and so many others along our way in high school.
12/7/2011parentI was considering Manheim Township, however, academics is the only criteria, Children who love learning will excell at any school. My priority in education is academics with virtue and character. Manheim township lacks both virtue and character sorely reflected in their own quiz bowl team, wearing T-Shirts at a National Quiz Bowl competition that read, "We put the STUD in Study." Highly offensive posturing! Academics without character or social grace is a travesty to any civil society. Civility at Manheim T has somehow escaped their definition of academics.
6/14/2011otherAs a former student who graduated there four years, I call my years at Manheim Township to be some of the most sad and lonely memories for me. While I did meet some of the most amazing teachers there who encouraged my dream, I also met some of the rudest students ever. It was miserable trying to fit in at a school where a majority of the class is focused on materialistic things and are not open to welcoming others unless they are rich or fill their criteria of a 'worthy person' to hang out with. While I feel the academics are excellent and I like that they have clubs for all kinds of students, I just cannot get past the cruelty and that behavior of 'I'm better than you because I'm rich and wear expensive clothes' attitude that 70% of the classes usually carry. As a future parent, I do not plan to take my children here. My only solace of my years at this school is that the bullying I endured taught me that I did not want to be like those students and that instead of being a bitter and angry individual, I am rising above it and choosing to revel in how better my life has been since not going to Manheim Township anymore.
10/16/2009studentI currently attend Manheim Township, and I think it's one of the top notch public schools in Pennsylvania. The academics are phenominal, and the sports programs are amazing. I'm looking forward to college in a few years because I know that my teachers have prepared me well.
10/7/2009parentI graduated from MTHS and my son is currently in 5th grade in the district. One of the main reasons we stayed in the district is because of the schools. I felt very prepared, thanks to Township, transitioning to college and then law school. I like that the focus of this school is college prep. As is the case with all schools, you have your bad apples but finger pointing and blame placing gets you no where. Be accountable for your own actions. If you come to Township looking for a good education and are willing to work towards that goal, you won't be disappointed.
8/4/2009parentI graduated from MTHS and my twin girls went there last year. The quality of education was top notch, both academically and athletically. My kids were both straight A students and starters on several of the sports teams. But I must say I am extremely disappointed in the school's handling of bullying and the attitude of kids in the school. I even read in the local paper about one of kids murdering a neighboring family a few years ago. Very tragic. I think the community needs to look at itself and how it raises it's kids to treat and respect others. There's a lot of 'old money' in this school district and a superiority complex to go with it. We decided to send our kids to Lancaster Catholic High School, which happens to be nearby. Our kids are still excelling and happy as can be. Best choice we could have ever made.
4/22/2009studentAs a a student in this school i feel as if this school is a failure. Yes the building and education is very acceptable. They started to lose interests in the student feelings. Its sad. Kids are getting bullied and its a very rich area so if you don't have the latest iphone you pretty much done for. I am not getting bullied but people close to me are. And it is getting out of hand. If you send your kid here with nothing but k-mart clothes and a lunch bag. Your son/daughter will be put down emotionally and physically
8/27/2008parentAll of my children graduated from MT and I can't think of anything to complain about. Some of the students had nicer cars than I did:) I wish I had been lucky enough to get a Manheim Township education.
8/27/2008parentWhen each of my 3 children started college I asked them how well prepared they felt they were. All said that they were very well prepared compared to the other college students! Thank you Manheim Township!
4/1/2008studentI am a former student and I still think this is the greatest school. Smart, dedicated faculty paired with supportive administration as well as enough money for all of the important things and a school board with priorities straight make for an unbeatable combination!
2/20/2008studentI am a sophomore at Penn State and I know that I would not be at Penn State today if it were not for the great teachers at township. You cant beat the education you get at township. I was an avg student in high school and transitioned well to college. Township prepares the students well by offering a lot of AP classes and holding students to high expectations. Township also has excellent sports programs. The only negative thing about township is the overly-strict principles, who seem all too eager to hand out detention and ISS (in school suspension) for little things. Overall, the school is amazing. I was way ahead of other freshmen in college when I came to PSU, and found my first year classes to be rather easy because of the level of education I received at township. Go PSU!!!!!
10/10/2007former studentI am a former student who continued on to Art School. The art program, for a high school level, is outstanding. The sports programs are the best in the area as well. The teachers are always available for after school help, and they truly want to see us succeed. I loved my high school experience, and I wouldn't have my children go anywhere else.
9/25/2007studentManheim Township has excellent Sports and Academics and a wonderful new school!
9/19/2007studentI go to manheim township high school and I think it is doing a wonderful job in preparing me for college and life in general. The teaching staff is a pleasure.
4/15/2006parentThis school has provided my children with the guidance they need to get into a good college. The facilities need some work. For example, there is no air conditioning in most of the building and the hallways are overpacked. There is not enough room for the amount of students. The classes are hard, but this school prepares students with their numerous AP classes and choices. The school athletics and spirit are top-notch!
2/14/2006parentMTHS offers a top notch education to those kids who want to work. MT offers courses that you would only find in private schools elsewhere. The teachers are very available to give extra help during study halls or after school, if your child seeks it. There are four principals and five guidance professionals for a school of 1639--that is phenomenal. There are countless opportunities to cultivate personal passions such as music, art, drama, quiz bowl, athletics, etc. The only downside of MTHS is the horrible condition of our building. Some kids have dropped out of band this year because the band room is so cramped--that is a sin in a township that is so blessed fianancially. We have dragged our feet on renovations and now we are paying the high price of waiting. Thankfully, we have the best superintendent in the universe. He will get the building in shape!
10/9/2005parentHigh quality programs; tends to focus on the college bound. Many extracurricular; sports are very competitive. High level of parental involvement.
9/29/2005former studentI am a sophomore in college who attended Manheim Township. I feel that the academic programs prepared me well for college. The art program is very good for a public school, in fact, it's better than that of my college. The music program is relatively good. The sports programs are wonderful, but although students can create clubs with a teacher to sponsor, the variety of clubs is sometimes lacking. There is a high level of parental involvement in the school.
9/2/2005teacherGreat academic offerings. Strong reputation for academic performance and many extracurricular opportunities. New building will be underway this year and will provide even more opportunities.
8/6/2005former studentA wonderful school which prepared me for the college level.
8/4/2005former studentManheim Township is the most prestigious school in Lancaster County. The academic courses provided and the teaching staff is second to none.
6/4/2005former studentRespectable academics, solid music and art programs, sports becoming more prominent, wide variety of extracurricular activities for those not athletically inclined.
7/22/2004studentManheim Township has a great cariculum and wonderful teachers. The only problem is the building. The school activities are wonderful and the students can always get help if they need it from teachers.
4/7/2004parentThe school building is an embarassment. It is outdated and does not serve the kids well. The academics are begining to suffer due to the poor appearence and quality of the building. The custodians have there hands full making the environment acceptable and conducive to learning.The teachers work hard tomake studnets comfortable and well taught. If you send your child here make sure they do not eat in the outdated cafeteria for the food is atrocious.
8/26/2003former studentManheim Township is based upon social standards. The teachers along with administrators treat different students differently depended on their parents social standard. Although, the curriculum is very good the policies are very out dated and the dress code is ridiculous.
8/10/2003parentThe School Building and district is very old and has grown over the years. Its policies are out dated. The ciriculum is well balanced and the teachers prepare the students well for higher level education

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