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Girard College
2101 S College Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19121
(215) 787-2621
private | 1-12
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs Frances E Smith2007
7/13/2012otherI currently am a student at Girard College and I think it is the best school in Philadelphia.
7/12/2012teacherThere is ONLY ONE, Hail Girard! There is NO such school in the entire world to my knowledge. It is NOT just one of the many and SHOULD NOT be placed among and compared to all other kinds of private schools, I really mean it!
6/1/2012parentI have two brother and a child that have gone or are attending now. Wonderful school!!!!!In elementary School Every child take French, Spanish and takes piano. My daughter has stomped me with her homework wowed me with her writing and made me cry with the moving Spring and Winter concerts, plays and Community service. I hate not having her with us every day but its more that worth it for the education that she s getting. And both of those brothers that I talked about Graduated and got in to exceptional Colleges!
3/6/2011parentThe weekend program was terminated school year 2010-2011 indefinately. The school has been scaling back on enrollment and staff due to the economy. Check out the Philadelphia board of city trust web site for up to date information regarding plans for student enrollment and the management of the school. They have started a really neat nutrition program for healthy eating. However, there are some kinks that need to be worked out. The staff to student ratio is great in the elementary school. One major draw back is the lack of foreign language in the elementary school.
4/14/2010parentThey provide a full scholarship to all students. All students come from family's with one parent and financial need.
12/18/2009parentAcademics: Exellent Extra Curriculars: PE, Music, Choir, Yearbook, Tech Crew, Student Council, Super Troopers, Band, Dance, Drama, Acting, Science, Art, Computers, Libaray, Musicals, Plays, Talent Shows, Pagents, Fashion Shows Concerts, basketball team, soccer team, French class, Spanish class (Get to travel to Spain and France when your in 11th grade), flag football, football team, mentors program, trips and ETC
10/6/2009parentGirard is a wonderful school, that cares about their students. They have high standards for their students and expectation for them.
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2/14/2009studentGirard is a very good school if your looking to finish school and if you live long distance like in NY the school has a weekend program so child can stay until it time for a holiday
9/25/2008parenti have 2 children that are currently enrolled at Girard they both are honor students this is philadelphia's best kept secret for single parents trying to get ahead.
12/14/2006parentGirard has been a great experience for my daughter. While she has attended Girard she has supervision before and after school. This year they have provided more activities for my daughter. Due to my child attending Girard I have completed my bachelors degree. I am no longer low income and she still has a full scholarship.I know without this school it would have been very hard to care for my daughter and attend school full-time.
7/26/2006parentMy child attended Girard College for 4 years. For the most part, it was a great experience. There were, however, a number of faculty who seemed to care very little about the overall educational experience of the children. Being that this is in fact a boarding school for low income children of single parent homes, it seems that staff would keep these issues in mind and work hareder to help the youth when they encounter set-backs. Unfortunately, scholarships are pulled when student grades suffer - many caused by the very same issues required for enrollment (low income, single parent households).
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10/10/2005parentThis is a wonderful school.Girard provides a safe and nurturing enviroment for my child. Both the educational and residential staff do an outstanding job. My child is well rounded and outgoing. He gets excellent grades and is looking forward to one day going to the college of his choice. I strongly recommend this school for future students and parents that want the best education available.
2/23/2004parentGirard is not just a school it is an experience. My children have learned to set high standards and reach for the stars.
8/10/2003parentI really believe that if you are able to get your child into this school, then you should allow them to stay until the end. This is a very good school to send your child to, the staff is respectable and very caring. You don't have to worry at night about the safety of your child.
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