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Kensington Culinary Arts - Philadelphia, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Kensington Culinary Arts2463 Emerald St
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 291-51859-12PhiladelphiapublicPhiladelphia City School District

School Head OfficialYear
Mr James Williams2009

3/26/2011parentI don't know how people can rate this school high, and make it out to be one fantastic school? I am a parent of a student. And the times i have been in that school I am forced to see savage fights at the end of the day. Or even in front of the office with 4 girls. With no security around that time i might add. The teachers are "Worksheet" teachers, Meaning they give out worksheets with there textbooks and call it a day. I wouldn't send my dog here. Good Luck parents. Alot of the parents dont even step into the school, let alone know what there kids are doing. The Principal I will admit, Is a very nice man. Now only if he weeds out the kids who go because they wanna have a good time, and the ones who want to learn.
11/5/2009studentIt has different variety of ethnicity, It has good teacher, and the classes are great. The only problem i'd have to say is it's too small. I would know, i use to attend the school. It was the best years of my life but i didn't do what i was suppose to. But yes kensington culinary arts high school is a great school. -Devante Leach
9/4/2007teacherKensington Culinary Arts High School is among the best schools in Philadelphia.It is located in a new building on Emerald Street in the Kensington section of the city. It has highly qualified teachers, good staff and an excellent leadership team led by Doctor Rubin Yarmus. The school environment is safe and conducive to learning. The Kensington students also known as the tigers, are the image of America, they are from a diverse ethnic and cultural background. Their parents care and participate in the school programs. The students are exposed to a rich curriculum which prepares them for colleges, universities, and the job market. The school met the 2007 AYP goals. The tigers at Kensington Culinary Arts do many extracurricular activities such as playing sports, going to field trips, and participating in the beautification of the city of Philadelphia by planting trees, cleaning their neighborhood, and doing mural projects.

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