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Maternity BVM School
9322 Old Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19115
(215) 673-0235
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private | PK-8
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms Kathleen P Veasy2007
8/16/2012parentI have two sons in this school my husband and I are also alumni of this school. I can say that yes you have good teacher/bad teachers, but what school doesn't. The good ones you can e-mail anytime and they will take the time to help your son/daughter. The bad teachers they won't be there next year or maybe not even finish the year out. They have a 0 tolerance for bullying, they have a guidance office to help the students with issues. The principal, Mrs. Z. yes can have an attitude and have her favorites, but you have to trust that she knows what she is doing. You do not have to agree with her, and she will listen to your point of view. Once your child does one thing wrong she will keep a close eye on him/her the whole time they are there. Father Q. GREAT pastor will work with you and is not concerned with money, in fact his family donated money to BVM to help out with repairs. I like this school and would recommend it to any new parent. Good schools are hard to find and this is definitely a good school. Lots of sports and involvement if that is what you are looking for. You can sit and watch or be involved in everything
9/25/2011parentI have 2 kids in BVM for over 5 years now and the lack of discipline at the school is a joke. My kids routinly come home & say this person got another demerit and this one got another demerit too. What good is the demerit system if it is not enforced. I am though very happy with all my kids teachers but it seems their hands are tied with disciple because the principle, Mrs Z doesnt care & the pastor only cares about money. These bad apples will never be thrown out of BVM because the bottom line is less students means less funds coming into the school. The sports programs at the school are a joke. We tried a few sports there but they were highly disorangized so we decided to stay with our local rec department for sports. Like I stated earlier, I love the teachers there but there is no support from the principle or the pastor. I send my kids here because I'm scared to death to send them Phila Public schools.
5/3/2011parentI would not recommend this school to any parent. If you have another choice of Catholic Elementary and can afford the tuition you would be better off sending your child anywhere but here. The bullying that goes on in this school is intolerable. The principal talks a good story but does NOTHING to stem the ripple effect of the on-going bullying. It is pervasive and no one at this school has done anything about it. This has continued for more than 2 years and it seems to get worse with each year. BUT, the teachers and Principal are quite quick to dole out demerit slips. Parents can only do so much as they are not there during the day. You put your children in the hands of people who are supposed to teach them how bullying is WRONG on every level. Rregardless of what you teach your children at home, they will learn quickly what they can do and get away with which merely undermines what it taught at home. This school is an embarrassment to the archdiocese.
11/18/2010parentAs a parent I want what is best for my children. I have been very happy the last three years at Maternity BVM. Any time that I wanted to meet with a teacher or the principal I have always done so. Discipline is very good here. Our kids are only going to behave how we raise them. Being involved in any activiy keeps the communication going. I would highly suggest BVM.
4/27/2010parentMaternity B.V.M. is a great place to learnl! The teachers & staff along with the help of parents & volunteers; work hard to help every child reach their full potential!
2/26/2010parentExtremely disappointed. I have a child in 3rd grade. I agree with another review wherein is stated that BVM teaches on a 'fast track'. If the kids learn, fine, if they don't, oh well too bad. They should go back to the fine tried and true way of teaching. I attended 12 years of Catholic School and the way they teach today is not beneficial to the kids. Additionally, the pastor is not accessible he only wants your money! The new principal Mrs Z. has no clue how to run a school. She does not return phone calls unless she feels her position is threatened and forget about sending her a note. She can't find them because as I was told, they were probably in the pile of paperwork on her desk. Send your child to another school.
11/29/2009parentwe had two children in this school. The school has high discipline it is really good, some teachers are really really good .The new principal try to do a good job for the school. The children don't have many sports for do there. Doesnt have an after school program for help to the children with needs how math or reading it is doing between of the hours of regulars classes ,this not is good because the kids are losing classes. Prekinder, kindergarden and first grade have a wonderful place and teachers. Its a good start for the children
11/29/2009parentIm happy with high discipline of this school. I have two children and they are happy learning there.
7/17/2009parentWe had our son in this school since pre-k to 2nd. We had him tested independently and he is at a 1st grade reading level and they want him pushed into 3rd grade. The teachers while some maybe excellent, to many in my opinion are well below par. The staff sticks together and never take blame for falling short, always child or parent problem. Seems they rush through subject and if the child learns, great if not o'well, we covered it you should know it. Enrole your child elsewhere if you value their future.
6/11/2009parentThis school is not a good environment for any kid!
3/4/2009studentI attended B.V.M since pre-k and am very Unhappy with it the girls are very clicky and care more about what they look like then they care about going to school! I had people come to my class from public schools and knew everything that we learned that year public schools have by far a way better education! the only thing i can't complain about is the teachers they are very nice and the new principal is Nice she will welcome everyone.The people that work in the office are very RUDE!!! And take it from me don't send your kid here they will hate it like the rest of us it's hard to belive but public schools have all good reviews and we have all bad that just proves it.
2/6/2008studentI am currently attending B.V.M. Some of the teachers at BVM have no idea of what they are talking about. But others are very good teachers. We never get to go on class trips. And the pastor there is not good at all. He does not listen to what the children or parents think. I have been told i was stupid and that im worthless by teachers. Me personally i hate bvm and to me hate is a very strong word. Your kids will hate it there. Just telling the truth. =]
8/26/2007parentI have to kid going to bvm for the past 6 years and am so unhappy with the way they run everything over there at bvm.. Tuiton is very high it goes up more every year. This is going to be there last year there!
7/8/2007parentI had two children attending BVM for the past 3 years, only one of whom attended for this past year. (I took one child out and sent him to public school, but have not found a better public school alternative for the other one for 7th grade.) I am totally disgusted with the lack of educational quality at BVM. There is more of a focus on religion, than academics. It seems like there is a high teacher turn-over rate. Inter-mural sports program is ok, if your child makes the team. I consider this school high-priced baby-sitting.
9/11/2005parentSchool is really great, staff is good this is a really great place to send your child for a good learning experiance I have been a parent at this school for about 3 years.
4/29/2005parentMy children attended BVM for the last 9 years. I am happy with the discipline and academic structure. However there is a new pastor and the rules are changing slowly but surely - not sure how things are going to go but we'll.

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