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Meehan Austin Middle School
3001 Ryan Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19152
(215) 335-5654
public | 7-8
County: Philadelphia


  School Head OfficialYear
Mary Jackson2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/21/2011otherMeehan to me wasn't much of a educational experience then i wanted it to.I have to say that there were fights over stupid stuff and never made sense and there was gum on the wall in the lunchroom. But thanks to my house leader, Mr. Morris, he kept in under control. but some teachers let the bad kids ruin the other students education. But i only had a few favorite teachers here and they were Mrs. Barretto and Mr. Kramer
5/5/2010parentAustin Meehan Middle School is an excellent School. I am most impressed with the manner in which the teachers and staff handle themselves on a day to day basis. These teachers are given minimal resources in a school where parental involvement is lacking, and yet they manage to succeed. I applaud their efforts. The school itself may not be the most ideal for learning but the school community makes due with what is has, and continues to improve assessment scores every year.
8/10/2009studenti graduated austin meehan 2 years ago and i dont miss it at all. I do miss my 4 teached though. they are Mrs.Strollo, Ms.Nolen, Mr.Jones, and Mrs.Taylor. They are the ones that helped me out the most and actually taught me and not just said the same thing over&&over again.
4/3/2009studentI am a 7th grade student here at Austin Meehan and I absolutely HATE it!!! The students at this school just have to take away other classmates education. The teachers let them too though! When one student acts up the teachers blame the whole class! Also the lunchroom is discusting because on the wall there is a long line of chewned up gum! Also there are several fights on a daily basis. If it were not for my friends attending this school I wouldn't even be attending! I hate this school and can't wait to leave in 8th grade next year!
11/9/2008studentI'm A Student in Austin meehan and its nothing like people say it is the teachers are caring they only want whats best for us the students all get along i don't know what has happen in the past to give this school such a bad name because the past 3 years i have been here were great every year theirs new rules to keep us safer get smarter ect. so don't start saying something until you have visited or been to our school -proud Austin meehan student
9/10/2008parentMy oldest daughter graduated from Austin Meehan last year and her younger sister just started there this year. The problem that i am having is that when i call to speak to staff there about important issues regarding my children i always get the run around or am told to leave a message. Ive left lots of messages and no-one ever returns my calls. I feel like the staff at this school don't like to do thier jobs and that thier first priority should be parents and the children who attend thier school! I have had 1 Teacher go out of her way for me and my daughter her name is Ms. Taylor!!! Too bad there aren't more teachers like this one....and if one teacher could make a difference it is definitly this one!! Thanks so much Ms. T your always in my thoughts!! Mrs. T.S.
4/23/2008studentI am graduating this year from Austin Meehan.... and I am proud to say I am very happy with my expierence there....the school has a nice staff and a nice student body that I am actually happy to go there every morning, we have alot of after school programs including Dance, Math 24, Basketball, Chess, and Robotics. Austin Meehan helps you with what you need to learn to go to High School.
1/18/2008studentI was a student at Austin Meehan last year in 8th grade. The best years of my life. I couldnt wait to go to school and my friends were great. I never failed a class there, and the teachers are very helpful. I was on a high reading level and everything. Then i moved to jersey wich were suppsed to be better schools but im failing almost every class. I love Austin Meehan and i think it is a great school
11/3/2007studentI go to Austin Meehan and I think its great.They have a great M.G. program.They have good teachers who care about the students. The school also has many after school programs including soccer, basketball, volleyball, art club, baseball, and track& field. I love this school because it has a great academic raise this year
10/8/2007studentYes I am a student that is attending Austin Meehan, and I do care about my safety, and I think this school has that saftey protection that I need. And I think that the parents that have reviewed about this school,they need help, because this school is awsome. And if our school was so 'lacked of lerning' then why was our teacher Ms.Berk the teacher of the year last year!? Also then why if I am in danger of failing because of my lack of work my teacher do their best to make me get a B or a C, maybe even an A. Last year I was in 6th grade in house 1 and my literacy/social studies teacher Mrs.Ormond who retired last year and I am so lucky I got to be in her class because she helped me alot so I wouldbnt fail 6th grade
9/23/2007parentI was worried about my daughter attending this school. She tells me she loves it. I was in the office the first day of school and the office was very helpful. So far so good. I think if everyone works together on security everything should run smoothly.
9/21/2007parentI'm sorry to say I like Austin meehan. The school is in need of some work on the outside, but on the inside it's a whole different story. My son is in 8 th grade and likes the school. I never had any reports from him or his friends of any trouble. Yes there are bullys but if your child can not stand up for themselves the bullies will keep on bothering them if they know they tell on them. My son is above average in reading. All the teachers in house three are awesome. I think they should have more after school activities sports wise for these kids. I am happy with the changes happening with this school.I feel my sons going to be able to go to a top school because of the help of the teachers and his parents.
3/28/2007parentAutin Meehan needs so many things there would not be enough room to list them all in three reviews. The school is dirty, dingy and cluttered. The atmosphere is not conducive to learning. The daily focus is on survival. I removed my child from this school and watched him grow and blossom in another learning environment. There is no formal parental organization and parents are seen as an interference if we show interest in our child's education. The administration is condescending.
5/17/2006parentAustin Meehan continues to be a terrible school! My daughter was assaulted by a Meehan student. I was met with diffidence from the staff when I reported the issue. There is an article in the 'North East Times' regarding recent violence in the school. My sons' lives have turned around since I removed them from this school! Last year, the school was even nominated for 'school improvement'. I hope that some day, the school can get a handle on these problems and make it a better place to learn.
4/21/2005parentAustin Meehan has provided my son with an adequete education. The homeroom teachers have always taken an interest in my sons education and teaching. Unfortunately they do little to nothing to shield the 'good' kids from the bad bullies.
10/19/2004parentMy nephew is in that school, and in seeing the experience through his eyes, I have to say that I am not impressed with the school's academic prowess. He is in a class with 29 other males. The school does not give an explanation for this class make-up. The boys are disruptive, and it is hard to maintain a learning environment that encourages a student to 'thirst for knowledge' or excel. The school is dirty and dingy, grooming the students to attend the dingier, dark Lincoln High School nearby. Why the parents would put up with this mediocre, at best, sad excuse for a 'middle' school, escapes reason. It may be a wiser choice to use a relative's address to gain access to a better school. This school will not improve until the parents demand it.
10/9/2004parentAustin Meehan is an overcrowded school that is in dire need of repair. The school isn't well kept. My daughter who in 7th grade absolutely refuses to use the restrooms as they full of girls smoking and the restrooms just aren't clean. One of sons graduated from Austin Meehan last June. I have another son at Meehan in 8th grade in learning support, I have found his teachers to be supportive. I like the area where the school is located, as we live in the area, but the outside of the building certainly doesn't reflect what's on the inside.
5/12/2004parentI read the reviews from other parents, & it is sad that they blame the school. As a parent of 1 who has graduated & 1 who still attends, I blame the parents not the teachers, they are not babysitters, the have a job to perform, it is our responsibility, the parents to teach the children appropriate behavior, yes my child has had some incidents, & I still blame the parents.
4/21/2004parentMy son has been assalted by other students a total of five times during the 2003-2004 school year. I agree that Austin Meehan could be a good school IF. However, I have not seen any change yet. I too also fear for my son's safety every time I drop him off.
11/13/2003parentThis is one of the most unsafe schools in the city of Philadelphia. I fear for my children's safety everytime they leave to go to school.
9/15/2003parent I think Austin Meehan has the potential of being a great school. The problems I see is the lack of organization and discipline but these problems are slowly being dealt with.
8/26/2003parentThere are many fights at this school on a daily basis.

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