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Eagle Nest Elementary School
8640 River Oaks Dr
North Charleston, SC 29420
(843) 695-2460
public | PK-5
County: Dorchester


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/27/2012parentI am not happy with Eagle Nest Elementary School and am upset that my son has to go back there this year. We were trying to move but are not able. My 1st grade child got LOCKED OUT of the building when at the aftercare program and it wasn't until a teacher heard my child crying and banging on the door that anyone realized it. My child came home and told me this since no one else decided to (no note, explanation, nothing). When I approached the principal she said she was aware of the situation and is putting better practices in place. Also in Kindergarten my child came home without underwear one day and was told to just throw it away because they had an accident. (again no note) My child also came home without a note from the nurse with a large scrap and bandage on his arm. No note when he lost a tooth or had a bloody nose all over his shirt. Believe me if I could find another alternative I would do so.
4/20/2011parentWhere to begin? Eagle Nest is not my favorite school. The car rider line is unorganized; there is very little adult supervision for the children from the curb to the school entrance while there is a lot of traffic; both foot and car. I was very upset when after only one week of school, a teacher went on maternity leave a few weeks earlier than planned and it was nearly two weeks before a long-term sub was hired. NOT a way to start off the year for kindergarteners. Parental involvement is very low. While there are some parents who give their all, you almost always see the same ones over and over. For a school this size, it's sad. The majority of the teachers are amazing but for those who aren't, the administration tends to turn a blind eye as if there's nothing that can be done. The principal has treated me rudely when I dared to ask questions. They seem more interested with the distric politics than making sure that ALL the kids in the school are being tended to. It's amazing to me that parents who DO want to be involved in their childrens' education are treated as impositions rather than assistants.
1/25/2011parentI am thrilled with the education my child is receiving at Eagle Nest Elementary. My only concern is the lack of supervision the children have at recess. Nearly all the problems I hear about stem from what goes on at recess. When questioned "What did the teachers do when kids were getting out of hand?" my child often says "The teachers were talking to each other or busy doing paperwork and didn't see any of it." My recommendation would be to hire playground/cafeteria supervisors who's job it is to watch over the students at recess and during lunch. My school had "playground and lunch ladies" who ran a tight ship when I was in elementary school. Not only did the ladies keep a close eye on what was going on the teacher's got a much needed break.
9/28/2010parentMy daughter thanked me for moving to the neighborhood that is serviced by this school and since she has been there her grades have improved and she loves going to school! She especially loves how funny and engaging her teacher is, Mr. Sanders (4th).
6/11/2010parentI think the teachers and staff are hard, dedicated workers. As a substitute teacher and parent, I see these hard-working teachers being talked down to by the principal. There is very little praise for these folks who make the school the best that it is. PTA is awesome! Teachers are awersome! Principal needs to leave ASAP!
3/1/2010parentMy kids love he learning curriculum, learning styles, & learning concepts, are excellent . However, my concern is that the school does not have any programs in place to assist children that haven't been attending this school since pre-K or kindergarten. These are the children that have the most difficulty, especially when entering from a different school district. The school needs to create programs that would be a beneficial factor on these particular students.One that would (decrease stress, increase grades, & build stronger self confidence) In return the school benefits through (the school's increase in academic grading performance PACT etc), The school has yet to put in place a proper channel to give these children the same opportunity as other children. In my opinion this makes the school look as though it only caters to a particular group of kids. As clearly indicated above under tab entitled TEST SCORES
5/16/2009parentWe moved here from another county in the middle of the school year and my children, one kindergartener and one second grader, love it at Eagle Nest. My only qualm with them is that I dont think they put enough emphasis on reading.
1/27/2009parentMy son is in kindergarten at Eagle Nest and we love it. It is a warm and nurturing environment. The teachers and administrators have strong expectations for behavior. My son has grown both academically and in maturity in the 5 months that he has been there. I am amazed by the things he has learned and the great strides he has made. The technology available to the students is wonderful. My sons speaks of the things he learns on the computer everyday. Class size is good. Teachers are warm and wonderful. We are so happy at Eagle Nest.
1/26/2009parentEagle Nest is an excellent school. My daughter is in kindergarten and can already do so many things. She has really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the next 5 years here.
11/22/2008parentI am very honored that my daughter attends this school. how wonderful it is when my 10 year old daughter is able to explain to me how to use power point to do projects and presentations. The administrators are warm and care about all their students achievevents ,concers and accomplishments. The technology is top notch.They havev highly educated teachers as well as new new ones to the education field that enjoy teaching and it shows through the students.
8/27/2008parentI think Eagale Nest is an excellent school. The techers and staff go above and beyond to help the students. The PTA program is doing a great job in keeping parents involved. Toya

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