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Rivercrest Elementary School
4825 Rivercrest La
Bartlett, TN 37134
(901) 373-1373
public | PK-5
County: Shelby


  School Head OfficialYear
Portia Tate2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/27/2012parentMy children LOVE Rivercrest! The teachers & principals are wonderful. Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children, volunteer, tutor, & be a part of their strong PTA.
4/15/2012parentI love Rivercrest! It is a wonderful school. Rivercrest's teachers, staff, and principal are terrific to the parents and the students that attend. I could not be more pleased with Rivercrest!
3/24/2012parentI am truly blessed for my children to go to RIVERCREST! They are my family. THey have the BEST teachers and principal. They are always thier with smiles and an open door for me and my children. We have been there 6 years next year and it is the BEST elementary school around!
3/1/2012parentRivercrest is a wonderful school. When my children are at that school I know that God is with them. Rivercrest is a family school with open doors for everyone. The teachers and staff are great with the children. When my children leave Rivercrest I know they got a great education because of the teachers. Thank you Rivercrest! We love you too!
2/27/2012parentRivercrest is an awesomely diverse community school with excellent teachers, kindhearted administrators, and involved parents. Not only are they doing a fabulous job teaching the kids, they give back with Kids Kan food drive, Hats for Homeless, Hoops For Heart, and raising money for St. Jude. Rivercrest students will grow up to be citizens who care about and respect the world around them. There are tons of opportunities for older students (APEX, Chorus, Guitar Club, Chess Club, Beta Club, Student Council). The PTA is fantastic, and does a great job at supporting family involvement through monthly iMOM and All Pro Dad breakfasts. This school is awesome! I'm proud to be a Rivercrest Redbird!!!
2/27/2012parentRivercrest truly is much more than a school, it is a FAMILY!!! I have three kids in school here and we have been here for 5 years now and we LOVE it. I will admit I was very nervous and apprehensive about school when it was time for my oldest to start kindergarten because my children were never in day care, but I am here to tell you that all that worry was for nothing! Every single teacher, administration and principal that we have ever had contact with at Rivercrest is amazing! All of the leaders at the school really do love the children! I wish that we could stay here and not have to leave for middle school! Thank you Rivercrest and keep up the good work!!!!!
2/27/2012parentMrs Tate is a true asset. There is no doubt that Rivercrest is full of quality leaders that love the children and make them the number 1 priority. That starts at the top with Mrs Tate. She not only loves her students, but the parents as well and makes sure they are always encouraged to be involved. I'm a proud parent of two sons that have attended Rivercrest.
2/26/2012parentTerrific school. You will love our school. Great teachers, awesome administration and very involved. PTA.
10/6/2010parentRivercrest is a wonderful school my son loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The staff and the whole overall facility is great!!!!!!
8/30/2010parentThe faculty and staff at Rivercrest are the best. They really care about all of the students and it shows when you walk in the door. It is an excellent school with excellent teachers.
5/21/2010parentRivercrest is a fantastic school becasue of the leadership and staff. My two boys were educated for several years at this school )I'm Navy) and I can tell you without doubt that this principal (Ms Tate) and the teachers are the best I have seen in my wanderings in TX and CA.
5/19/2010parentMy second child just finished school at Rivercrest. We have nothing but praise for the school and the staff. Mrs. Tate has done a wonderful job here. We've know her at this school for over 10 years. She has guided this school and staff in the right direction. The kids love it here show gratitude with hugs. The staff is attentive to every kids needs. The facility is top notch also.
8/1/2009parentWe loved this school, I had 3 children attend for 3 years and were very pleased. They have a great gifted/talented program and after-school clubs and activities. We were sad to be transferred to a different area.
7/30/2009parentOverall a great school. 3 of my 4 kids have attended here so far. We've been Rivercrest parents for 8 years now. We still have several more years of Riercrest ahead of us.
5/1/2009parentMy kids have attended Rivercrest School for several years and I have been very pleased with everything.
12/5/2008studentI love that school they have so many activites. Its super duper.
9/13/2008parentThis is my son's 2nd year at Rivercrest. His kindergarten year was great. Mrs. Kramer was his teacher. She was a God sent teacher for us. She went above and beyond to make sure that her class was learning. And she always keep the parents informed. Now my son is in the 1st grade and Mrs. Price is his teacher. We love her for making learning more challenging and exciting. Rivercrest' is a Great School. Rivercrest Principal is so loving and kind. When you see her, you feel her warmth and love for the children and their families. Rivercrest we support you 100% and we love you. Go Redbirds!
9/11/2008parentI have been very pleased with rivercrest elementary, my daughter was in Ms Maynard class last year, she had a wonderful time and despite that she is now a 1st grader, hardly will a week pass by without her mentioning Ms Maynard. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work
7/10/2008otherThe 2007-08 school year was awesome! The new principal stepped right in and has held the teachers to high standards. The students are actively engaged in learning.
2/6/2008parentI have been very pleased with Rivercrest School since we started there 3 years ago. The new principal is fantastic. The teachers seem like they really care about the education of our students. Keep us the good work.
10/25/2007parentI have 4 years experiance with Rivercrest as a parent. The teachers and administration are outstanding. They are hard working, caring, and very capable. Overall I am very pleased. Unfortunately, they (and the neighborhood) have had to deal with the residual effects of a disfunctional relationship between the Memphis City School and Shelby County School systems. A large number of children come from a distant neighborhood that is in the Memphis annexation area. These children should have a school near them but must come to Rivercrest causing overcrowding.
11/2/2006parentMy son just started Kindergarten at Rivercrest. We thought about private school since he had been in one for Pre-K but decided to at least give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised! I think the whole staff at this school is excellent. They truly care about the children. All the teachers and principal welcome parent involvement and encourage it. We are very happy also with the curriculum. I was worried since my son scored high for his age group that he would not maintain this level of education at Rivercrest. Again to my surprise he does and it's due to the teacher and staff being aware of his advanced skills for his age in reading, language, and math. Kudos Rivercrest! Private school is not an option while he can attend this wonderful school!
10/17/2006parentI had no choice but to put my son in this school, but we have been blessed to be able to. The teachers and administration love the children. They truly want to help them do their best. Like everything, though, it is not perfect. Some teachers should be more one on one with the children and they tell you what you want to hear and ignore your concerns if you do not stay on top of them. Otherwise it is a diverse and healthy environment. I will be moving to Lakeland next year, if you want your child to go to an excellent school, I have done my research, Lakeland is known in every aspect to be an exceptional school.
5/1/2006parentRivercrest is an awesome school. The teachers are very involved in the everyday curriculum and activities. I have a daugher still attends rivercrest and a daugher who graduated from rivercrest school from the 5th grade, year 04-05 and now attends Shadowlawn Middle School. Every time I see this teacher she is full of joy and also ask about her previous student. My family relocated from CA to Memphis, TN. My children have attended private school, before the transition of public school. My concern was will they receive that same expectation at Rivercrest Elementary School. (The answer is yes). Great school for any child to attend. Way to go Rivercrest Elementary School.
2/21/2006parent Unfortunatelty, this school is not able to accommadate those students who need more stimulating classes.
2/11/2006parentThe curriculum at this school is satisfactory, and the teaching staff are great. There is some problem with the quality of student, however.
1/21/2006parentI don't understand the last comment about extra curricular activities especially with music. Students at Rivercrest go to music class once a week. The music teachers are awesome! Rivercrest has a chorus that is exceptional!!If this parent is referring to after school programs for extra curricular activities, is she willing to pay the teacher for his/her time that is put into it? I have seen many teachers at Rivercrest put in many extra hours without any pay.
5/14/2005parentThe review regarding the PTA being a social club was obviously submitted by a parent who doesn't know anything about PTA. I've been a board member for one year and see the other members at PTA events only or church! The PTA is a group of dedicated parents who take their time to make a difference at Rivercrest. If it weren't for two of our board members, there would not have been a carnival this year which raised nearly $13,000 for the benefit of our children! I personally gave nearly several hundred hours of my time this year doing Ways and Means and I am offended that someone would think the PTA Board is a group of friends who do nothing for the school! Get your facts straight before you insult the people who make a difference at Rivercrest! Better yet, get involved and make a difference yourself!
3/23/2005parentI think Rivercrest Elementary is a great school. Due to the social economic changes occurring at alot of these schools you see less parental involvement going on. I am a member of the PTA and I think the teachers/staff are doing a superb job! Once the teacher give the students what they need in the classroom----it is up to the parent/guardian to reinforce it at home.
3/6/2005parentCouple of things...I completely agree regarding the principal. She treats the school and the children as her fiefdom and her subjects...She fails to offer any enthusiasm or energy into the school. I believe that if the school had different leadership this school would be an entirely different experience for most of the children and parents. I am pleased with what my child is learning and definitely pleased with her teacher.
3/3/2005parentI highly disagree with the opinions of Rivercrest not being a good school. It has been a GREAT school since it opened in 1998. The principal and teachers give their very best to make sure those kids are getting the best education they can receive. The PTA works hard almost non-stop without getting paid and it's all for the children. They are NOT a social club and yes, they become close friends and work together for many, many hours. At the end of each school year a note is sent home for all parents interested in joining and becoming involved and it's always the same people year after year who give their time and don't even want a thank you. The office staff also gives 110% of themselves because they love those children. I know for a fact because I used to work there and yes, my children attended Rivercrest.
1/17/2005parentThe principal is definitely on a powertrip. Since she moved into her new position alot of the 'unprofessionalism' is shining throughout the school. There are a some good teachers left who you are active partners in your child's education and there are those teachers that have very negative demeanors and feel as though communication and parental involvment are major problems for them. The children are allowed minimal to no extra-curricular activities. The PTA is a group of friends that is more a social club among themselves than a sincere benefit to the school community. There are strong differences in treatment of children and acknowledgement of such issues. The office staff and hand picked volunteers in the school have very poor attitudes as well. Overall this is a good school gone bad.
11/3/2004parentThis is a ok school in a niceer neighborhood...but it stops there. There is no enthusiasm from the teachers, the hallway walls are bare, barely a peice of artwork to be seen and the principal is on some kind of powertrip. If you are looking for a nice school for your children I would not send them there!
6/1/2004parentMy son just completed his Kindergarden year at Rivercrest. Overall, it seems to be a good school. I think there are resources available that some of the teachers do not take advantage of such as Lesson Line. The parents seem to be very involved in thier childs education. The faculty does a good job keeping parents notified of upcoming events and welcomes parents to come and visit any time.

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