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Granbery Elementary School
5501 Hill Rd
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 333-5112
public | K-4
County: Davidson


  School Head OfficialYear
Lori Donahue2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/7/2012parentMy boys have been attending Granbery for three years now, and we love this school! I love the parental involvement and the diversity of the students. This is one of Nashville's best elementary schools by far.
2/29/2012parentMy child is concluding there last of two years here; it has been the longest contraction. The school lacks: Technology, Foreign (2nd) language, Music, Faculty Passion and Arts. They charge ($$$) for everything, never experienced this method in private/charter or other schools (public). 99% of the staff is aged, thus lacking the desire for recess, passion, energy. All classes are in student s homeroom teacher. We have been a part of other curriculum with other schools where classes were assigned to separate teachers, computers, and music. Students are constantly being restricted privileges due to actions of other students. Classes are heavily mixed with academically, behavioral challenged students which slows the advancement of the majority. Parking/Driver lot is a train wreck, cleanliness is frightful. Though my child is exceeding in there academics, expressing dislike for the school has been a constant .Also, Field Trips rarely happens and if it does .Children pay to have a rep bring the Field Trip to the school. I really feel a new Principal & Asst. Principal would do the trick in resuscitating the school. Were quite active involved parents :-)
9/29/2011parentI agree this is a great school and I have two children attending. However, if you are considering this school, I think there are some things you should know. Parental involvement is a major factor at this school. Our experiences so far (3 years in) are that homework is a BIG deal and rarely will you have nights off. So bear that in mind if you are Wed. night church attendees or have children involved in extracurriculars. This has been very challenging for us with 2 working parents as I'm not talking 15 minutes and you're done kind of homework. This school is big and crowded for an elementary school. They manage it well but you will feel the pain in the cafeteria that was not expanded when the rest of the school was. "Lunch" begins as early as 10:10! There is no meet and greet for kindergartners. They meet their teachers/see their classroom on the first day of school just like grades 1 thru 4. Makes for a real zoo on day #1. Their onsite daycare is full and on a waiting list so plan accordingly. They are big on field trips. My two have been on more trips so far than I went on in my whole Metro school career. Start saving your money for those now.
4/20/2011parentThis is best public school we have ever experienced for our daughter. She used to attend of the most prestigious private school in Nashville, but we decided to transfer her to Granbery and we are very happy for that decision. More specifically, Granbery enjoys an optimal level of diversity, with caring teachers and very active parents. Really EXCEPTIONAL!
8/16/2010parentMy son attended Granbery from K through 4th grade. My daughter started there also and is now in the 3rd grade. This school is excellent for public schools. I debated over whether to place my children in private school. I am glad to say that I am content with my choice. My son excelled there and my daughter is currently doing the same. The PTA there will keep you informed and involved. Teachers are provided with funds from the PTA to help enrich the classroom experience for the students.
4/27/2010parentGranbery has been wonderful for our son. We've looked at private schools and discovered that Granbery offers as much and more than most private schools in the area. Wonderful principal and teachers and an excellent recycling program. Amazing parent involvement and a great group of students. Test scores are in the top percentiles. Couldn't ask for a better elementary school!
2/23/2010parentThis public school has been the greatest for my child. He is in the 3rd grade and has adored every teacher since kindergarten, has worked hard and enjoyed going to school every day! We dread deciding on what to do for middle school because we hve been spoiled being at this fabulous school. I wish it went to 6th grade. Or even 5th !!!
8/26/2009parentAs a former teacher and parent of two that attend this school, I can say without reservation that this is an EXCEPTIONAL school! The teachers are amazing and the administration truly cares about the students and parents. The one concern I have had in three years was addressed to my satisfaction by the principal and only required one phone call to make her aware of a situation that needed to be addressed. My children LOVE school and will be sad to leave it next year when my husband's job relocates our family. I truly feel that my youngest child will miss out by not being able to attend kindergarten here. Could not have asked more from a public school. Diversity, challenging expectations, parent involvement, and dedicated staff...Granbery has is ALL!
3/23/2009parentMy son is in Kindergarten this year at Granbery Elementary. He absolutely loves it. My husband and I are very grateful for this little gem of a school in Davidson County.:)
3/22/2009parentWho says public school in Nashville is not good? Granberry changes all my thinking. Taste it , you will know
1/15/2009parentMy son goes to Granbery and I love everything about the school. I would recommend all the parents to send their kids to this Granberry.
10/15/2008parentMy son is kindergarten and we love everything about it Annie Kirchberg
9/26/2008parentI am not sure how to rate this school. We got a special transfer here so we could send them out of our zone. I have a 2nd grader and 3rd grader. My 2nd grader is exceptionally smart and has done fantastic. My 3rd grader did well last year, but so far this year is failing every subject. On his progress report all the teacher said was he needs to be more focused during class time. We are having him evaluated for ADHD, but in the meantime the school is not offering any help/ideas on how to help him get his grades up. Both boys really like their teachers and enjoy school. They both wish there were some sports they could participate in. Overall, they school is very good, with an incredible PTA.
8/25/2008parentFaculty members, students and especially parents are involved, and connected with one another. I could not say anything less than the teachers truly epitomizes the traditional diverse american educators. I am originally from California and I attended an all year round private school and Granbery is currently head to head with some of the best US Schools I have ever experienced. I am blessed to have my 2nd Grader under an educator who contributes by impacting my child in believing in great discipline, great family values starts at home. Remember this, it begins as a habit and later a lifestyle. Start good habits on an early age and it will be embedded and becmes easily for our children to apply on their daily lives, thus changing your lifestyle.
7/21/2008parentBoth of my children attended Granbery from K-4th grades and as a parent I would put it up against any private school, anywhere! Wonderful leadership, wonderful teachers. Overall it was a wonderfull experience for my family.
5/29/2008otherMy 3 granddaughters have attended Granbery since 2005. I have had very positive interaction with all the wonderful teachers and staff. They have the best interest of all the students and have given these girls the tools to go on to higher education.
2/10/2008parentI have two children at Granbery, one in K and on in 1st. We had reservations about sending our children to a big public school, so we sent our son to private school for K. We visited Granbery several times last year to decide whether or not it was right for us. After meeting the principle and several of the teachers, we decided to give it a try. I'm so glad we did, both of our children have had an amazing year. We are thrilled with both of their teachers. Both of my children are in the gifted program and their teachers have done a wonderful job giving them work that keeps them engaged and excited in their classrooms, and we have been thrilled with the gfited program teacher as well. It is a wonderful school and I feel blessed that my children are able to attend Granbery.
1/6/2008parentGreat principal & teachers! Lots of parental involvment.
11/7/2007parentI agree with most of the comments. I have one 4th, one 1st grader in this school. It is a wonderful public school. Teachers are very qualified, principal, parent involvement all perfect. My only reservation is extracurricular activities. There is nothing to engage children other than the recycling program (which is great!). My experience with YMCA Fun Co. was terrible, immediately pulled them out of that disorganized circus.
5/4/2007parentI have had two children attend Granbery since 1994. My second will leave as a fourth grader this month. I am very sad. Granbery is an excellent public school, and has a great deal of excellent parents and teachers. I have been very involved the past 4 years with the PTA. My son has enjoyed seeing mom at school helping to make it even greater! We all have to remember what makes a great school are great teachers, principals, and support staff. The other things that help to make all of this possible is PARENT INVOLVMENT! We will miss Granbery and everyone affiliated with the school.
2/27/2007parentMy child is in kindergarten at Granbery and I am very pleased with his teacher as well as the school overall. I feel he has learned much more than I ever imagined a kindergartner could. Although he has homework every night I feel it is a great time to use that time to spend with him and it also makes me feel involved with what he is learning. I also volunteer in his class as much as I can which helps me to see how things are done during the day. I like what I see!
8/20/2006parentThe Extra Curricular activities are not scheduled to meet the needs of working parents.
6/8/2006parentMy son transferred to this school this year from an excellent school. I was worried that they could not meet my standards. The school has went above and beyond what I expected them to. My son loves to go to school because the teacher has made learning fun for him, she is very caring, and always keeps the parents informed on what is going on at all times. As for the parents, his class had about 98% parent involvement. They were wonderful. I would highly recommend this school, it has been a wonderful experience for my family and we look forward to my youngest starting there next year as well.
4/13/2006parentI currently have three children attending granberry. I am very dissatisfied with the school as a whole. I am doing everything i can so they will not have to return next year. We have moved three times in the past six years, and this is by far the worst school! my children all did very well at their previous, higher rated schools, and here they are all struggling. It is like pulling teeth to get any help, and usually you don't get it! the after care program is also the worst! i've also noticed that there is not much parent envolvement either. Children do not even have recess!
12/20/2004parentI've had my son in this school for 2-1/2 years now; never have I seen the children in the lunchroom without assistance. I go to eat lunch with my son at least twice a week, and see the excellent discipline and supervision by the lunchroom supervisor. I also have been pleased with the teachers my son has had, and the safety concerns displayed by the teachers and staff at Granbery. Not being sure what I would think about a public school, I have to say that I have been totally pleased with Granbery and its staff.
9/30/2004parentGranbery is an excellent school. The teachers are caring, wonderful people. Our experience has been nothing but positive.
7/27/2004parentMy son started school here about 4 years ago in kindergarten, not knowing how to go through a lunch line left him hungry for almost two weeks not reacieving any lunch, I did not believe it when he told me so I went and saw for myself, a small child sitting in a huge lunchroom, with no food while others surrounded him with their trays, a little boy next to him sharing a cracker with him, and my son with his lunchmoney still in his envelope in his hand, the teacher at the head of the room eating her lunch and as she told me 'there were way too many kids for her to watch all of them closley', the principle not at all helpful did not even want to talk to me and called me a lier after about 15 people witnessed my son without food.
9/9/2003parentThis is a great school, with wonderful parental involvment. I debated on sending my child to a private school, however, after touring and visiting Granberry, I decided to send my son there. Currently my son is learning in kindergarten what I know others are learing in 1st grade at a private school.

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