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Houston Middle School
9400 Wolf River Bl
Germantown, TN 38139
(901) 756-2366
public | 6-8
County: Shelby


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. J. Michael Morrison2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/19/2011otherAs an alum of this school (over a decade ago), I would like to bring to attention the fact that this was one of the most hierarchical schools I have attended. Under the radar bullying and name-calling occurred consistently, particularly if one did not belong/was an outsider, and no teacher stepped in to hold students accountable. Additionally, in my grammar class, teaching was mainly absent. Each day was spent working alone in our workbooks with minimal grammar instruction. The rest of class time was spent on "Brain Quest" games. I do want to give kudos to the parent volunteers, particularly volunteers who assisted with student clubs, such as Odyssey of the Mind. Parent volunteers at this school were dedicated and enthusiastic about education that occurred outside of the classroom. I do hope that the school environment (whether social or academic) has changed such that each student is cared for and taught with excellence as the school's reputation asserts.
6/22/2010parentExcellent academics and a nice atmosphere. School is very structured, which is good. Almost no discipline problems
4/22/2010parentHouston Middle School is probably the best public middle school in Shelby County, Tennessee. The teachers are interested in teaching and are very good with the students, the parents are very supportive of the faculty effort, and the students seem to really enjoy learning. Sadly, that is not the case in many of the public schools in the Memphis area.
6/3/2009studentThe system is unorganized but otherwise it is a great school for academics and a little bit for sports
9/18/2008parentI have found the school to be wonderful for acedemics. Most of the teachers use creative and traditional methods of conveying information. Both of my children (one in 6th and one in 8th) are thriving at their interests. I feel that my 8th grader is more that prepared to meet the challenges of high school.
2/2/2008studentgreat school. teachers are very nice and helpful. they do not punish you for something you did. food is 'ok'. they offer after school tutoring which is nice. overall a great school.
1/12/2008studentFirst off, I'm an 8th grader here at Houston. All I can say is, I've been here for 3 years and the school is completely and thoroughly unprepared to bring us into highschool. They care less about academics than extracurriculars, which is super, but their share of extracurriculars barely balance our needs. Also, the school is--well cheap. School foods are horrible and the cafeteria staff cheat money out of students faster than rabbits. The teachers themselves get better lunches than the students and the repairment levels of the school are horrible. Some teachers are also really well, unsufficient. Our gym teachers practically find something out of a book for us to do and sits there while they shout out commands of running, exercising and other things while they, themselves are always on the computer, barely watching us.
10/6/2007studentWell for starters ive gone to houston for 3 years now am a current 8th grader and i dont like this school. academic programs are out the window. if your behind they leave you behind. Extracurricular activites hahaha well you have to be a snotty cheerleader for that. no softball, no soccer, and volleyball a mom made our jerseys and we had 3 games and our coach never showed up. My bff quit. my parents are not involved and nobodys parents are.
5/24/2007studentI just graduated from this school today.I think its a great school.The onlt problem I had was that there wasn't enough after school activities. I'm a softball player and they didn't have softball.If you want to be in choir there is an amazing teacher. Come to this school.Trust me i graduated and you'll love it !
5/24/2007studentWell, I am currently a 6th grader at this school. This school is great for many reasons. one that the teachers are really nice to you if you do what your supposed to do. (Everyone loves Mrs. Thomas, I have her for first period and she is one of the nicest teachers I have ever met in my life) Next year they are having Excel courses that are really awesome like forensics, neuroscience, dancing, survival courses etc. So awesome! Many parents involve all the time. They are basically walking the halls as we learn. It's just a great school if you know how to handle it.
5/19/2007former studentI am in 7th grade at houston middle school and i absolutely love it! I am on the Houston middle school cheer squad and its the best!On academics I am doing very well.I have about made honor roll almost every time.My science teacher helps me and so do the rest of all my teachers.They have great after school activities that are wonderful!Even their food has been a lot healthier and better.Our principal is awesome. I think our Houston high principal and middle school principal are the best principals ever!My mom loves me going here and loves me being on the cheer squad!If I were you I wouldn't send your child to a private school,Houston Middle School is a much better school that doesn't cost as much as a private school would.In fact it doesn't anything to here!I love Houston Middle and I wouldn't leave it if they asked me to!Go Houston!
2/22/2007studentI am currently a 6th grader at this school. The school is not horrible but it is not the best either. The teachers use awkward teaching methods that don't help the students learn. The food is good. I wouldn't think anyone wants to go there. The desks are old and have gum on them. I would advise you take you child to a private school.
12/11/2005parent'I currently have one kid enrolled. One 6th grader. This school has been a horrible for him. The parental involvement is awful! The measures this school takes to ensure learning and safety is pathetic! The in school and after school activities are, well there arn't any! I Over all I would give this school an 0, F for failure, for teaching and safety.'
8/26/2005studentI'm a seventh grader at Houston Middle School, and I absolutely love it! These teachers and the entire faculty are really dedicated to helping the kids. Not only do they teach us acedemics, but they also teach life skills to prepare us for High School and college. It is really important to me that I not only finish off my Junior High years at Houston Midddle, but that I also continue on to eventually graduate Houston High. People move from great homes in Memphis and Harbor Town just to have their kids in not only the Shelby County program, but specifically Houston. School dances and after school activities such as art lab and athletics are a great way to keep childeren off the streets after school, not to mention away from the T.V. Red Ribbon week is another way to get all students involved in the school. I LOVE HOUSTON!
4/19/2005studentI am currentally a 7th grader at Houston Middle. It is one of the most outstanding schools ever my friends love going to school we have fun dances and sporting events. Mr.morrison is the coolest principal and all my teachers teach me so much! I enjoy all the extra ciricular activies like band and colorguard.
3/3/2005student I go to Houston and I must say it has been and still is the worst experience I have ever encountered.The academics are really bad. The teachers do not help you learn.The extra curriculums are poor. Right now they can no longer afford gym so that will soon be taken away. The parent involvement is small. Unless the parents personally talk to the teachers. I have seen two punch fights in my first two weeks there. I beg you if you have the money to pay for a private school for your child do so for your child. they will one day thank you.
5/12/2004parentI currently have two children enrolled. One 6th grader, one 8th grader. This school has been a great experience. The parental involvement is wonderful. The measures this school takes to ensure learning and safety makes me feel very comfortable in placing my children here. The in school and after school activities are great fun for the children. It seems as though teachers and staff are truly concerned about the children learning. Over all I would give this school an A+ rating for teaching and safety.
10/6/2003parentI've had 2 children go through this school. One 5 years ago, and now my second is in the 8th grade. I've been very satisfied with the quality and safety of this school. They really care about the kids.

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