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Hardin Valley Elementary School
11445 Hardin Valley Rd
Knoxville, TN 37932
(865) 470-2088
public | PK-5
County: Knox


  School Head OfficialYear
Tod Evans2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/5/2012parentWe moved to this school from South Knoxville and are considering a change to private school. Our son's teacher seems very caring, but the administration is all about test scores. It seems the teachers' hands are tied by the government's liberal agenda. Why does a third grader need to learn about "Unions and Guest Workers?"
2/1/2012parentGood PTA,and involved parents but unfortunately, as with all public schools, due to govt intervention, the kids have to be taught to take a test. Really wish they were able to just teach.
12/18/2011parentWe just moved from out of state, and my first grader started at Hardin Valley Elementary. His teacher, Miss Watkins, is teaching the class sign language, Spanish, and many things I wouldn't have thought to be part of the curriculum. I don't know if this is the teacher or the school, but we have been pleased with his progress this year. He looks forward to going to school and has had no bullying or interpersonal issues that some other parents have referenced here. We haven't had a need to interface with the Principal.
8/18/2011parentWe have had nothing but regret after enrolling our child at Hardin Valley Elementary School.
9/2/2010parentI have four children and have had at least one child at HVES since 2002, and will be there until 2014! So I will span twelve years at the Elementary School. I have nothing but good things to say about the teachers, staff and the PTA. We are so fortunate to have such an awesome school, and I would do anything to stay in the school district if a move should arise. Everyone is very welcoming at the school, and the strong PTA involvement continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I am proud to be a member!
7/26/2009parentMy child has been going to Hardin Valley Elementary ever since Kindergarten. I am very unimpressed with the whole school for a matter of fact. The children tackle eachother on the playground , and they are bullying like crazy , this is a result of unaware teachers and staff. The staff and PTA are the snobbiest people you could meet . The teachers are a wide variety though. Some are very kind and caring , while others ca'nt get their heads out of their mirror.
7/12/2009parentWe moved to Hardin Valley from out of state last summer. Hardin Valley Elementary made the transition for my daughters to a new state, school, and home smooth and positive. The teacher's are amazing and the administration encourages parent involvement. In the back of my mind, I thought we would end up sending our girls to private school since the reputation for the public schools were so low. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised and will not move out of this school zone until my girls are out of school.
6/25/2009parentI'm surprised that the Great Schools score for Hardin Valley isn't higher. I'm a parent of a rising 2nd grader at HVES. My child has a learning disability that we've been in therapy for since he was 3 1/2 years old. While we had planned to send our child to a private school, but the economy changed those plans. We have had the most amazing two years at Hardin Valley. Our child has flourished there. As an example, he was reading at a 2nd grade level half way through the 1st grade. While a parent that is involved in my child's learning, I have to give credit to his first two teachers. Both were attentive, flexible with teaching styles, firm where it was needed, positive, and caring. They were simply amazing. Honestly, the weakest link in HVES is the administration. The principal tends to be impulsive and inconstant with decisions.
4/21/2009parentWe are very happy with this school. This is the first year for my two children. We moved from another state and I was concerned about finding a good school. The school environment is very positive and safe. The academics seem slightly behind the state we are coming from, but we are still happy to be here. I think this is a state thing, not a school thing. I have taught in some schools that had higher academic standards, but the pressure and environment were horrible. Teachers are able to teach at Hardin Valley because discipline is strict and fair. There is lots of parental involvement as well.
4/17/2009parentExcellent teachers. Strict, but fair principal. Very involved and supportive PTA.
1/18/2009parentExcellent Staff, leadership, students,
10/29/2008parentI absolutely LOVE this school. The teachers have been more than accommodating to the needs of my children. I have 2 children there. One is more advanced than the other. The one that struggles has been taken under the wing of a wonderful caring teacher. My children both were in the Farragut school system before coming to HVES and believe me, HVES is better in every aspect of the word. As for Mr. Evans, the principal-He ROCKS!!! He knows how to interact with the kids but still is an authority figure. The new Assistant Prin.-Hats off to her too. She is kind and polite. HVES has made a complete difference in the lives of my children and our family!
8/26/2008parentWe have been unhappy with this school. They have been unwilling to work with us on on important health issues involving our son and our concerns have been met with an arrogance that I do not understand. If you are expecting open communication between parents teachers and administrative staff, this is probably not the school for you.
8/19/2008parentSome of the teachers are horrible and the staff have a holier than thou mind frame
7/5/2008parentA wonderful school with caring and hard working teachers, a beautiful campus and a very effective PTA group.
6/6/2008parentHardin Valley is a wonderful school! My two oldest children have had great teachers and excellent learning experiences. I look forward to my third child starting this fall.
5/7/2008parentThe bad reviews on HVES are from the past principal. Mr. Evans is incredible and works very well with the kids. He does so many things to get the kids interested and let them have fun at the same time. For those that sold a certain number of coupon books they were able to line up in front of the school and throw water balloons at him while he rode by on a tricycle. My daughter thinks he's very funny and very nice. He's also very fair and takes the time to really listen to the kids and parents about their concerns. I've had several issues as we lucked out w/ a not so great teacher this year and he always had time for us to come in and speak with him. We are zoned Farragut now and honestly would much rather stay at HVES.
5/2/2008parentAweosme Principle, and awesome Teachers. Our kids don't want to ever move
3/16/2008parentHVES has so much to offer for all academic levels. There are wonderful after-school enrichment programs, as well as many resources within the school for advanced students. There is also a great effort by the teachers to make sure that every student has their needs met. The level of commitment by the principals and teachers to make sure students who are below their grade level academically get the intervention they need is to be commended. Also, the parent envolvment is fabulous! The PTA rasies an incredible amount of money each year, which goes right back to the students on many different levels. I would highly recommend this school!
4/18/2007parentThe facility is beautiful but unfortunately, the concern for the kids is not. At first glance you think it is a great school run by concerned people. Then, you spend more time there and you see the truths like how some of the teachers are just cold and bitter and the principal is condescending. I am disappointed and dismayed.
3/27/2007parentVery nice school to look at. Nowhere near enough academic extra-cirricular activities such as science or math. Only one music show per year, no plays. A few of the teachers care, most just go through the motions. Lunches are horrible.
9/13/2006parentWe love this school it has been a great place for our kids. They love it and their teachers.
10/12/2005parentI am thrilled with HVES! Our family experience has been wonderful. The teachers and staff at the school are there for all the right reasons: our children. The school received a new principal in 2004-Tod Evans. He has done a super job evaluating the school during his first year and making the appropriate improvements with our children in mind. He is enthusiastic and passionate about the educational experience of our children. Our PTA raises significant funds each year that support various school programs that are typically are not funded in traditional ways. The enrichment of the edcuational experience for our children is top priority. I highly recommend the school! A+
10/10/2005parentI really thought that our child would get a better level of education at this school since it was so new but I was very wrong. The principal is hardly involved, the staff is quite uncaring, and the office workers are the stupidest people I've ever met. They don't even know where your child is for most of the day and don't care to find out for you either. I've had some unpleasant experiences with HVES this year and am considering moving from the area in search of somewhere better for my kids to get an education. Also, the PTA is so stuck up and overated they care more about balloon structures than parental involvement.
7/21/2005parentAs a family new to H.V.E,we weren't that impressed with the parent involvement. The assistant principal has alot to do with this opinion, she is overly rude and has no wish to make the transtion of moving schools a pleasant one. Another thing that effected our opinion of this school was their lack of concern for any child that did not make the mark of being right on level. Our son was below level due to reading,and instead of being any help or the school offering any programs the staff acted like it was a tarnish on their school to offer programs to students that didn't meet their standards.
4/7/2004parentFew resources for advanced students, at least in early grades. We have no experience with higher grades. Daughter was bored to tears, literally, in K and 1st. TAG doesn't start until Jan of 1st and then is only 1/2 hr per week. We were denied advanced material for reading/math and told that all students had to work through the same reading/math texts, regardless of their academic skills. 'Enrichment' included only different (more difficult) worksheets sent home for homework. Even this wasn't available until the second grading period of 1st. They (like most public schools) cater to mid-level and below. Too bad for bright students.
8/10/2003parentOur PTA is great. We have 2 fund raisers per year and the money raised goes to assist the kids in the classroom with new equipment etc. The teachers my daughter has had have been wonderful. My daughter enjoys school and is doing well.

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