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Webb School of Knoxville
9800 Webb School Dr
Knoxville, TN 37923
(865) 291-3832
private | K-12
County: Knox


10/24/2012parentThis is our second year in Knoxville and at Webb. My daughter is a 7th grader at Webb Middle School. She has had an amazing experience at the school. The teachers are excellent and the academics are challenging. This is the best education in Knoxville, no other private school can compare in academics in this area. It is expensive, but well worth it.
9/13/2012parentThe Lower School is of very POOR quality. The main problem, the Lower School lacks leadership from the Lower School Director. The Lower School is a complete scam. It's just a holding place for the high school, which anyone can get into as long as they can pay the tuition. Knowing everything I know now, I wouldn't send my dog there....it is that bad. FIY: Do your research and talk to people in the community before you make the mistake we did.
11/25/2011otherI am a sophomore in high school and I have been attending Webb since I was 5 years old. Webb has taught me so many things that I will take with me when I leave for college in two years. This school has shown me the light of the stage and music and the arts. Also currently I am taking two honors classes and I hope to take at least one AP class as a junior. The high school also encourages community service opportunities which lead to an open heart and smiles upon faces. The school enforces a no bullying tolerance so your child will be safe with the supervision of teachers and other students. Academically, I have gotten on all of my report cards As and Bs in every subject so if your child is willing to work hard and she/he is determined to get good grades then this school is great for him/her.
8/19/2009parentexcellent performing arts program. Wonderful opportunities for musicals and drama. Top rate theater. Excellent teachers.
3/28/2008parentAmazing school for my child. This school has prepared my child completely for college.
1/28/2008parentAcademically ok. If you are moving into the area a tough school socially. Kids have been there since K-1 and friendships are established so that is is difficult for your child to make friends. In private school teachers do not have to be accredited to teach that subject.
9/9/2007parentWebb Lower School is providing an amazing education for my first grader. The teachers give individual care to each student and create a learning environment that is both challenging and nurturing. The lower school director, Angie Crabtree, treats every student, parent and faculty member with respect, and this respect is duplicated by every member of the community each day. The faculty have helped my daughter to develop into a curious learner who embraces each day. As a parent, I feel that we are part of a community that encourages and supports learning, creativity and the uniqueness of each student.
9/8/2007parentMy husband and I considered all the private schools in Knoxville before we decided to send our daughter to Webb for kindergarten. While there are many very good choices in Knoxville, Webb offered the most in our opinion. Angie Crabtree, is a dedicated force within the lower school and her creativity and energy mold both the faculty and students. There is a very low turnover of faculty and a long waiting list for students, which speaks volumes about Webb's superior environment. What makes Webb such a unique school is a combination of factors: high parental involvement, the quality of the faculty, the diverse courses-sports-teams-activities and clubs offered, the quality of students attending and the facilities (campus) that support and inspire the whole. The only drawback would be the high tuition; which when you consider the above is well worth the cost.
8/31/2007parentWebb Lower School has a wonderful environment. The teachers are spectacular. They make learning interesting and fun. However, we did choose not to attend this year because of conflicts with the lower school principal. She is probably a very nice person but always seemed fake and unintersted. It is a shame because it is such a nice school. We will probably apply again in middle school.
2/21/2007parentWebb Lower School is truly a superb learning environment for early childhood learners. As a former teacher, I can tell you that the emphasis on hands-on, developmental learning will meet your child's learning needs in a much more complete way which will lead to further success in school and in life. The director, Angie Crabtree is amazing in so many ways, as are the teachers. The facility, 'specials' (art, music, P.E., computer, Spanish, chess, and other clubs) learning philosophy, and entire school climate all make Webb Lower School head and shoulders above area public schools. Parents are involved in every area, and are kept abreast of every possible detail through the school website. It is expensive, but worth every penny. During the application/information process, I was doubtful that it could be as fantastic as it was presented, but we have not been disappointed in any way.
6/1/2005former studentI went to Webb several years ago. The education is outstanding and the school offers numerous AP and honors classes. The classes are small and students get more personal attention from teachers than most other schools. The only complaint I had about the school when I went there was a bullying problem. At the time, it was a BIG problem and no one at the school seemed serious about addressing the issue. If they have adopted the Zero-Tolerance Bullying Policy (and is serious about it) some schools in the area have adopted, then I would highly recommend sending your children here.
4/26/2005studentI attend Webb School of Knoxville, and it is a great school to get your education from. Even I am amazed by how much I have learned since I joined as a sixth grader. I am now in eigth grade, and am hoping to graduate from Webb in high school. The teachers here are always waiting to help you, and want to make sure you understand the material. The teachers also help you make the switch from middle school to high school by letting you know what the honors classes are like, and advising you on which ones you should choose by looking at your strengths and weaknesses. Webb makes sure you are involved in sports by not letting you graduate without a certain amount of credits. You must also have 100 service hours over a 4-year period. If you can afford the tuition, I would advise you to consider attending Webb.
11/22/2004parentIndividualized education K through 12. Small classes and wide range of AP and Honors classes for high school. Excellent college preparation and college counseling, including 2 fulltime counselors who ensure that each student has a complete application packet sent on time to every school. Expensive but worth it if you want your child to set high goals, be expected to meet high expectations, and move on to a college that fits his or her talents, strengths, and budget.

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