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Liberty Elementary School
500 Snell Rd
Shelbyville, TN 37160
(931) 684-7809
public | PK-8
County: Bedford


  School Head OfficialYear
Tim Harwell2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/14/2012parentI have 2 children in school at Liberty..My husband and I were also students at Liberty..And as an INVOLVED parent at school I could not be happier with how our school is...the teachers are great..they know how to treat the kids and the parents..they know how to make learning FUN for the kids..As for those parents who have given bad reviews..Maybe you need to STOP standing on the outside looking in and step thru the front doors and become involved in your childs' education..You might see a difference that would greatly change your opionin..I volunteer once a week in a classroom and let me tell you these teachers DO NOT have an easy job..so just take the time to see what REALLY goes on inside the school before voicing a negative opionin..
8/2/2012parentOne of my children went to Liberty and now my grandchild goes there and I think it's GREAT! Great faculty and enviroment!
7/28/2012parentMy son has special needs as he has autism. Liberty is a WONDERFUL school with caring teachers, assistants and an EXCELLENT principal and vice principal. I would not want to send my children to any other school except Liberty School!!!!
11/2/2011parentWhen we shopped for a home in Bedford County, being in the Liberty district was a priority. We have not been disappointed. The leadership, teachers and staff all really care about their students. They make learning interesting and fun, and they push their students to do their best. Liberty is a wonderful academic and athletic community. I wish we could build a high school onto what is already here!
4/20/2010parentGreat school~very focused on academics but also has a great middle school sports program. Wonderful teachers and staff! I have had children in Liberty for 16 years and we love Liberty!
9/28/2009parentBecause the teachers and staff take the time to focus on students as individuals.
7/17/2008parentLiberty is an excellent school. I am so thankful that this is the school that my children attend. If for any reason my address was not one zoned for Liberty, I would not hesitate to move to one that was. I am thankful for Liberty School and its Leadership and staff.
4/27/2008parentEVERYONE is subjected to noise pollution EVERYDAY whether it is in the lunch room or the assemblies. GET CONTROL OF YOUR KIDS -- ALL OF THEM! And What is up with that new sign?? The old one was CLASSIC. With all the FUND RAISERS 'for computers & a high school' couldn't that money have been spent in a SMARTER way???
5/15/2007parentMy three children have been going to Liberty School 5 years and the staff are the best everyone treats each other like family. my kids love the School everyone knows each others name .This School is like having a second family and my kids get great grades thanks to the excellent teachers.
4/20/2006parentLiberty is awesome! My child loves it. The staff is always nice and willing to help in any way. Maybe the people who disagree so much about Liberty not being a fine school need to move to a bigger city and then lets talk about discipline.
4/11/2006teacherGreat school, teachers and staff hav ebeen there forever. Rural population, tons of community support.
1/10/2006parentI have 3 children that attend Liberty Elementary School and have to very strongly DISAGREE with the other reviews given here. Our family just moved here from Florida, you want to talk about messed up school systems, take a walk on the outside of TN! My children (oldest being 14)love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! My 14 year old just brought home a report card with 5 A's. I don't know who left these other review's but obviously their children do not attend Liberty because it is nothing like that at all! With 3 children attending this school, I am very involved and trust me.....there are alot worse schools out there so maybe these people need to get out more and then give thier opinion!
5/16/2005parentLiberty School- a small rural community school where children used to be taught respect and their everyday lessons. Liberty, in the past 3 years, has become a place of candy giving for misbehavior, depending on what sport you play or who you are, detention or out of school suspension for major mess-ups. It has gone progressively down hill since the changing of the administration and if it continues this way, our school will be the laughing stock of the county. Teachers are not backed up when they discipline, the children know that there is no punishment meted for their wrong-doing - sounds like a day-care center to me. What is going to have to happen for it to finally straighten up? Many will say parental involvement, well that is ok as long as the higher-ups like it and can claim the idea as their own. Any ideas?
1/26/2005former studentPrincipal leadership is terrible at Liberty School. A new principal started working there in 2001 and it seems like teachers are in his office more than students. Students can get away with murder at Liberty. The new principal doesn't communicate well with teachers or students. I would never allow my child to attend Liberty School!

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