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School Profile

Smyrna High School
100 Bulldog Dr
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 904-3865
public | 9-12
County: Rutherford


  School Head OfficialYear
Robert Raikes2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/3/2010studentI attended Smyrna High for 2 years, while there i witnessed a few egregious problems, such as smoking in the restrooms, much needed paint jobs in some classes, overcrowding in the halls at times, ( something you will probably get at any ordinary school), as well as a few minor problems, with the clutter of equipment ;-) but on the opposite side of all the bad things about Smyrna High, there are an equal of good things, if not more, first of all, they have great classes, that can really challenge a student, gregarious teachers, that are their to help with problems while giving a nice smile, also if you are looking for a school with much discipline pick this one, although some rules are a bit outrageous, the principle has quite a few self made axioms, overall, 70% great academically 30% bad mentally and morally : ) believe me......I know.
1/26/2009studenti love smyrna high (: the teachers there are very down to earth and know how to relare in the best way possible. they cope with problems you have and disadvangtages you have to learning, yeah the smoking in two certain bathrooms are awful, but that school is the greatest, i would love to have my kids go there.
1/1/2007parentI am a parent of Smyrna High graduates and also a substitute teacher in Rutherford County. I have been all over Rutherford County and I think the discipline a SHS is the best in the county. All of the teachers at SHS have always treated me professionaly and from talking to the students, they are treated well by the teachers too. My children loved SHS and are all college graduates (two of them have Master's Degrees). SHS prepared them very well for the life beyond high school.
1/8/2006former studentAs I have only gone to smyrna high for 2 years and then having to move. I would say that this school is the most advanced public school to send your children to on the basis of computer. I enjoyed my time there and wish i finished at this high school. The principals were very helpful and the staff such as coach middlton, the staff of the JROTC section, Mr Gonyea, and the staff of the english department(all around good teaching style and comical) are the reasons I will return and send my children through the school system.The former pretzel boy/The Mikemiester -Michael S. Anderson.
8/11/2005teacherI am an instructor at Middle Tennessee State University. And, on days I have no class, I substitute in area schools. Out of all the County High Schools, I rank Smyrna High as the worst. The teachers are hamstrung when it comes to dicipline. The prencipal just sends the troublemakers back to class. The students that do care about their education can only move at the pace of the worst student. The teachers are beat down by the system. And the smoking in the bathrooms is out of control.
6/1/2005parentAs a parent of a former Smyrna High School student, it is my strong opinion that their logo, 'Striving For Excellence,' is very misleading. At best, they have yet to master Satisfactory. Having been very involved with my child's education there for 2 yrs, when faced with challenges involving faculty assistance, I have been totally dissatisfied, and in fact, outraged with the treatment they have rendered. As professional in a special needs educational environment, simply put, if I treated people on my job the way they have treated me and others I have known, I would have no job, and the Center where I work would be faced with possible legal action. The programs mentioned above are there, but the professional means to run them are absent. If you want to be an involved parent and are educated, be prepared for the intimidation that their audacious behavior will bring.
12/4/2004parentAs a graduate, I would recommend this school to anyone in the area. While Smyrna has its fair share of drama, that is something that is common and even socially acceptable for our age group. During my four years, I can honestly say that I didn't connect with perhaps two teachers in some way. They were all cool in their own way, which was a big plus for making the journey go along more smoothly. The administration is also awesome, as Mr. Raikes and Mr. Miller have been there forever, and thus have the experience to deal with anything that could come up. I'm told that last year, the SRO got paranoid over last Spring's pink shirt fad, but that is probably the closest thing that SHS has ever had to gang activity, and as I said, it was just a seasonal fashion thing. To sum it up: Excellent school, send your kids.
12/2/2004studentI went to Smyrna High School and graduated just last year (2004), and played football and baseball for them. This is a great school with a principal who has been there since the school was started. Great learning atmosphere, and the teachers make a lot of one on one time with the students that are struggling. I have nothing but good things to say about Smyrna High and I believe everyone that went there and goes there feels the same. I reccommend it to any parent seeking a great high school. The sports are getting more competetive now also. #10 Phillip Robertson
10/9/2004former studentI went to Smyrna high school and I recommend this school if you are looking for a high school for your child. There is not a lot of violence or drugs going around. The curriculum has always been good, and there are great teachers that will help your child as much as possible.
2/23/2004parentI like Smyrna High School. My son went there in the special education classes and I have a daughter attending now and she is a junior. I have alot of respect for Mr. Raikes. He has a tremendous responsibility and I've never heard anything bad about him. I have always felt the school was safe and I appreciate everyones efforts in that area.

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