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Stewartsboro Elementary School
10479 Old Nashville Hw
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 459-4272
public | PK-8
County: Rutherford


  School Head OfficialYear
Gary Seymore2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/31/2012parentStewartsboro itself has many programs that are helpful for children that need that extra help. My child has had the worst Kindergarten experience with Mrs. Bracken though. She never smiles......she is pregnant with twins and is so mean to the children. She taught third grade last year and treats the Kindergarten class as if they were in third grade. She makes them move a color for helping other kids clean up. She is the worst teacher ever. I may be taking legal action for harrasment geared towards my child. She merely picks on children because she doesn't like certain parents and makes it very obvious.
8/18/2010parentThe teachers at Stewartsboro are wonderful...however the Principal has no regard for the well being of the chidlren! His main concern is to get out of that school as fast as possible in the afternoons! He has no conern for the safety or well being of anyone once it is time for him to go home! I hope that you never have a need to speak with this man because he has an anger problem and is absolutely unwilling to work with anyone when there is a problem! I don't know what the requirements are to be a Principal in Rutherford County....I can only assume that caring about children isn't one of them! It is very sad to me that those wonderful teacehrs are overshadowed by his lack of respect and concern for other! I will be moving and getting my child out of there!
5/25/2010parentMy kids have been going to Stewartsboro since they were in kindergarten. My oldest is now going to be in third grade and my youngest will be in second. I was worried about putting them into public school. But the experience at Stewartsboro has been really pleasant. They have had great teachers and have learned so much.
3/9/2010parentTHIS is a wonderful school, with a strong leader in Mr. Seymore. The children are watched over by very responsible and caring counselors. The teachers that we have experience with are top notch. We couldn't be happier with this school.
5/27/2009parentI love the AR program and my son is already at a 3.7 and has just finished 1st grade! For anyone who doesn't know about AR, it is a reading program that puts each child at his or her own pace to learn to read. The first number is your grade level and the .number is the month in that grade so James is at a third grade 7th month level. Also, I would like to see more parents besides myself and two others at the PTO meetings besides the officers. We could do so much more if we had more parents to help out with planning the events. Love Mr. Seymore, you can tell he cares about the students.
3/31/2009parentMy son, in his second year at Stewartsboro, transfered from a great private school: Lancaster Academy in Smyrna. I was very apprehensive about him attending a public school; but to my surprize he has really blossomed academically. His reading has massively improved and he enjoys his teachers tremendously. Kudos to Stewartsboro staff for a job well done and continue your good works!
7/7/2008parentthis is where my daughter started school and she will be in the fifth grade this year. It is sad to know this is her last year at Stewartsboro. Mr Seymour is one of the best princlipals I have every encountered.
8/7/2007parentMy child attended Stewartsboro Elementary last year for the first time. I really must say they have a wonderful AR program. My child could already read, but the program enhanced her love for reading. The Library Staff on AR night were very warm and friendly and made my child feel welcome each night we were there. Mrs. Bingham rocks as the Assistance principal. She was very active throughout the school year. I saw her at most of the school functions. The only time I saw the Principal (Mr. Seymore) was in the lobby. I never saw him at any of the awards or on family nights. I m sure he s a busy man, but as a parent, it would have been nice to see him on those special days. The security measures that they have implemented are great and I really appreciate that. My child s teacher was nice and she kept the parents informed as to what was going on each week. There were no accelerated learning opportunities for my child and that was a huge draw back for us, however I was already prepared to supplement her education at home
1/19/2006parentI had 2 children who attended Stewartsboro. My oldest son never had any problems and was a great student. My younger son had some problems and we offered suggestions. Instead of working together with us, the school didnt want to deal with him. Thankfully we moved and have switched schools. Now both of my children are excelling wonderfully (at Rock Springs) I am now convinced it wasnt my son as much as it was the teacher and principal. I will give Kudos to the new counsler for stepping up and trying to help, but unfortunatly she didnt have the support of the teacher or administration behind her.
1/5/2006parentI love the safety proceedures they have in place. Not every school protects it's children to this degree, and I appreciate that. The staff is also wonderful.
8/23/2005parentMy daughter started growing academically when she transferred her in her first grade year. She grew so much. She is now in second grade. They have such a wonderful staff there.
3/24/2005parentAs a PTO officer at Stewartsboro, I can say that we don't have enough parents involved with the school. Too many of the parents say they will help but when we ask for help they don't volunteer. We have stopped having PTO meetings because only 3 parents would show up that were not PTO officers.PTO if for all parents not just a few officers. ALL PARENTS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE!!! As for the school and principal-- we could not ask for a better principal!! Gary Seymore is the best, and he truly loves his students. The fast forword lab is wonderful, the AR program is great and the faculty are the best. I would put Stewartsboro up against any school in the county.
1/17/2005parentI am very pleased to say that my child attends Stewartsboro Elementary. The principal, Mr. Seymore, is wonderful. I know he is great for the job, because he was my high school teacher. If you ever have any concerns at all about this school, I know Mr. Seymore will be glad to answer to the best of his knowledge.
9/22/2004parentMy wife and I beleive that we have always been welcome within Stewartsboro. We have always been treated kindly, and have had no trouble with its staff. The teachers that we have had have always been willing to work with us and our daughter's education. It is also important to understand that we (as parents) are a critical source of education to children.
10/6/2003parentParents are not given the opportunity to help. I send in letters that offer my assistance & yet never hear back from PTO. The cleanliness of the school is poor. However, I am pleased with my son's teacher.
5/27/2003 Not enough input from the teacher about class & the school events. Information not rec'd in a timely manner.

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