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Tullahoma High School - Tullahoma, TN

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Tullahoma High School1001 North Jackson St
Tullahoma, TN 37388
(931) 454-26209-12CoffeepublicTullahoma

School Head OfficialYear
Mike Landis2008


Students Getting Free LunchYear

12/28/2011parentI want to say that the principal, the Dean of Men and the Major have been fantastic to my Senior son. Without the help of the school personal and all those staff members my son would have given up. Thank you and appreciation to all.
4/3/2010parentFor students who are willing to work, THS is a great school.
12/26/2009studentI am a current senior at THS and I am less than tickled with the past four years. Granted, for a public school in Tennessee, THS is a good pick. We have several AP classes, and some of the teachers are really special. The AP Calculus, US History, and English III teachers are really fantastic. But, as far as anything else is concerned.... Our auditorium has been condemed since my freshmen orientation. This mean our drama department, Singers, and Band have had no venue for four years. That is how much THS cares about the arts. While we do offer several AP classes, there is no sense of quality control. Whoever wants to teach an AP course does, whether or not they have a clue what they are doing. Sum it up-THS is a good public school-But, if you can afford Web or somewhere comparable, think carefully before choosing THS
12/17/2009studentI'm a current senior and THS has been great! Its December and I already have over 50,000 dollars in scholarships to help pay for my out of state tuition, in large part thanks to the faculty and staff. Yea the work load can get heavy, especially if you take the AP/Honors program but it is definitely worth it. Tullahoma prepares the students really well, the top 20% of my class has over a 4.0 and allot of the top 15% have 28+ act, many have 30+. Yea some stuff is broken but over all its a great school system if you want to put your kid in a school system that prepares them to succeed in college.
4/6/2009studentExcellent school, the math and band programs are just superb, even nation wide. Yes,the foreign language department lacks a bit though. The other departments are still above average though.
1/1/2009studentThis school is poor. I'll just flat out say it. Things that have been broken for a while now are finally being fixed. This includes the auditorium and stadium. The Band program is excellent and one of the best in Tennessee. Tullahoma's shining academic area is math. In Spring of 08 they pulled in the Top 3 places in every category they competed in at a large math competition. There are two teachers in particular that are outstanding at teaching and retention. Be warned that you must be able to handle a lot of hard work. The Calculus teacher majored in Engineering and will better explain how to truly apply the work in the real world. It's a relatively friendly atmosphere and it's only real downfall, besides the lack of money, is a weakness in the Foreign Languages. They only have Spanish and French and both are not extremely well taught.
12/5/2008studentI used to be a student at THS, and I don't believe it was as great as they say. The teachers constantly over stressed you with one night's work that's more like a week worth. They don't listen to you in the office or anything. If you use their phone, they complain and tell you 'It's not your own private line..' When you've only been on it for like a minute. This school is overrated and needs to tone it down.
3/15/2008otherIts a great school, full of wonderful people, and very diverse students.
1/20/2008studentGreat School. Teachers are great, very good learning environment.

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