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Stonewall Jackson Elementary School
5828 E Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX 75206
(972) 749-7200
public | K-5
County: Dallas


  Class SizeGradeYear
39 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/15/2011parentThis is our second year at Stonewall and we just love it!! Our daughter is getting a great education and all of the teachers and staff are wonderful. The parent involvement at Stonewall is amazing and I have met some of my best friends there.
11/12/2011parentWe are in our fifth year at Stonewall Jackson and have been thrilled with the high-quality education our children have received. Stonewall is a great neighborhood school with a strong principal, committed teachers, and great parent involvement. The garden stands out uniquely among public schools, offering the type of hands-on learning that studies show is so much more effective than classroom work alone. Teachers combine science, writing, art, and countless other subjects in this outdoor classroom.
11/12/2011parentOur son is in 4th grade at Stonewall, and we couldn't be happier with the education he has received. We chose to send him to Stonewall after researching private schools, and we are very pleased with our decision.
11/12/2011parentI have two children at Stonewall Jackson Elementary and we love everything about the school!
11/12/2011parentStonewall Jackson is an incredible school with educators who are top-notch. Moreoever, the school boasts one-of-a-kind programs such as Stonewall Gardens, our outdoor science lab and the regional day school for the deaf. Children are given respect and learn to respect others. Teachers lead by example and teach in a way that children are motivated to strive for nothing less than excellence. We specifically chose our home based on being within Stonewall's district and could not be more pleased.
11/11/2011parentMy family moved to Dallas 4 years ago due to a job change and I was terrified of putting my kids in Dallas Public Schools. We came from the suburbs and I wasn't sure how in the world I was going to put two kids in private school. We got moved and started meeting neighbors who told me what a great school district we had moved to and what an amazing school Stonewall Jackson is. It is so true! I have a 2nd grader and my youngest is in Kinder this year and we absolutely love it! The teachers are so wonderful and truly love our children. We have met some great friends and the parent evolvement is something to be proud of as well! I am positive my children are getting a wonderful education and are surrounded by educated, creative people-such a blessing!
11/11/2011parentI am the parent of two children that attended and one that current is at Stonewall. Stonewall was our school of choice because of the reputation it has. The teachers & staff welcome each and every student with open arms. There is not a thing that they will not do for their students. Children are challenge to the best of their ability. It is we, the parents who have support the teachers in the decision that they make for our children. The communication between the teacher and parent is there we just have to make sure that we follow through. The parental involvement is an asset to the school. One thing that we have to keep in mind is communication it's a two way street, if the teacher communicates with us, we must communicate with them. If we had to start all over again, Stonewall would be our school of choice hands down.
11/10/2011parentWith all my closest friends sending their children to private or park cities schools, I experienced much trepidation about DISD at the onset, when my son started kinder back in 2008. I could never have in my wildest dreams have anticipated what an absolute gift our Stonewall journey would prove to be! For 4 years now, and with 2 children enrolled, we have seen our kids enjoy every moment of their school experience. They have grown into such secure, inquisitive, engaged learners and have made amazing friends along the way. (My husband and I have as well, the people are just wonderful!) The teachers are deeply invested and you can see the pride they have in their school, the principal is incredible. The school is diverse, accepting and the parent participation is inspiring. While originally I had concerns, Stonewall has proven to be one of the greatest blessings our family ever could have received and we feel grateful and lucky to be a part of this community!
11/9/2011parentMy son attended k2010-1st 2011.He was transferred to another 1st cl's after completing 10 wks.We attended all conferences but were never told until a month before the end of the yr.Our son should repeat 1st.We were in shock since my Husband just had a conference 2 wks before. Our son k-ITBS was 82% higher than Nat'l average.His 1st grade year end ITBS testing reflected he was at the same level as he tested the end of k-which was 1grade third mth.We believe he was not being taught in the class he was transferred in.All text books remained at home as instructed by Teacher never to be used ! Our son has been tested by a School credit learning Ctr which proves the point our son is very teachable but was not being taught !!! and no one cared !! They only wanted to standby the Teacher and not the Student. We as parents have the right to voice our opinions when Dallas ISD Fails to give quality Education ! We have since move on instead of having our child repeat 1st grade at Stonewall because we knew he wasnt "prepared" for 2nd grade.
11/9/2011parentIn responce to the last posting, talk about a child being left behind! What an injustice to the child and makes me wonder about the other children in that class. They intrusted a teacher to do a job, she failed to educate this child .No wonder they have lost their Exemplary status.
8/11/2011parentMy daughter went to kindergarten at Stonewall last year, and I specifically choose my home because of its reputation....academically. Had I known about the social reputation with the parents, I would have never chosen this school. Even my daughter's teacher and the principal involved themselves in the politics. It was absolutely ridiculous. This summer, I ended up moving down a street that was split between Stonewall and Lee Elementary attendance zones. I was upset at first because my daughter's education comes before my comfort. However, the numbers were released and SJ actually dropped in TEA ratings to academically acceptable and Lee is now exemplary. This may have been a blessing in disguise.
6/19/2011parentStonewall is a very focused school. Focused on the TAKS test so much that the teachers are so stressed out they are continuously yelling at their students. I had a child in the school and I was a student teacher there and the inside view I got was not very comforting. I now have a 7 year old son and will do what I can to keep him out of the school.
12/22/2010parentthe best school and teachers we just move from california and they help me with the school transition the best of the best
9/22/2010parentI have two kids who attend school at Stonewall and they love it. The teachers are caring and truly want the kids to succeed
9/17/2010parentThis school is awesome! I have two kids at Stonewall Jackson and they love it! The garden program is a great way for them to learn how plants grow and other types of information they would have never learned otherwise. The fifth graders go to Camp Grady Spruce, the Opera, and the 6th Floor Museum. They have ballroom dancing with professional dancers, their own chicken coop for the kids to help take care of, and amazing teachers! GO STARS!!
9/9/2010parentI have two children at Stonewall Jackson and have nothing but great things to say. My youngest child has an LD issue and the school has gone out of its way to help us and accomodate him. The teachers are wonderful and my kids are excited and happy to go to school everyday. My eldest will go to middle school next year and is sad at the prospect of leaving Stonewall. Yes, some of the parents are snobby and tough to get to know but that is the way it is in the real world - you do not need to be friends with everyone. The parents and PTA are caring and make things happen. I consider myself lucky to be a Stonewall parent and thrilled my kids have had the opportunity to go to such an outstanding public school.
9/8/2010parentThis school has an elitist attitude about itself and it has to come from the parents. There is definitely a very cliquish feel to things and you either fit in or you don't. Sorry - I don't like being asked to fork out money for unnecessary projects or activities so the school can make a headline in the local paper. Teacher quality was fantastic for K-1st, after that it goes downhill. The principal is completely ineffective. Everything about school participation is forced here. I pulled my daughter here for 4th grade and have been thrilled with the academic focus of Robert E. Lee which is just down the road.
8/6/2010parentStonewall Jackson has many great qualities. However, the previous review regarding parent cliques and the exclusion of moderate income families is true. I have met with more than a dozen families that have experienced social exclusion, isolation and high school "bad girl" behavior from many of the core SJ moms. A group of previous and current families has started to share experiences and plan to take collective concerns to the prinicpal and the DISD offices in a healthy and positive format. Elementary school should have one focus: Children, their academic and social development. Shame on the parents that make Stonewall Jackson like an exclusive country club. Exposure to social, ethnic and income diversity at school is not the same as warmly incorporating that diversity into your life. There are lots of great children and parents that aren't white, wealthy, or have high profile careers.
8/6/2010parentWe have been at this school for a few years and with each passing year the quality of parent/teacher communication and teacher/child involvement has declined. By the time your child reaches 2nd grade the teachers are cold to both parents and students. It has never changed--The parents gather in cliques. The activities are almost designed to exclude the more moderate income families. The only really great things about the school are the outdoor garden program and the arts programs. The outstanding music teacher and librarian have left. There isn't a computer program and the outdoor science program is hanging on. It does have an outstanding kindergarten program and a pretty good 1st grade program. 2nd grade was disappointing and 3rd was terrible. We are headed to private school. We want a challenging academic program with higher quality teachers who are generally warm/communicative and where parents get along.
5/25/2010parentSWJE has been a good school for us. Lots of the normal complaints of lots of homework and the like, but the teachers really care and try. It is an amazingly diverse atmosphere, where kids are exposed to and learn a lot (mixed races and cultures, kids with disabilities, sign language, bilingual program, pre and post school activities, cultural and arts programs, etc.) and a strong PTA and parental involvement. They struggle against the budget and system of DISD at times, but I think they do quite well considering.
4/27/2010parentStonewall has programs that are unique in public education, teachers that are happy and experienced, and wonderful parents who realize that helping out as a volunteer or monetarily also helps sustain this excellence in education that the school provides.
3/8/2010parentStonewall has been a disappointment. All we heard were good things, but now being there we have been underwhelmed. We think the garden program is unique and important. There is a lot of parent involvement but it has been very frustrating to not feel accepted. There are a lot of cliques and it has been mind boggling how you meet them one day and they act like they don't know you the next. We have been shocked with the amount of Disney Movies that have been shown. They should find other things to do regardless of the weather and not send home the work they should be doing in school. We found our little one out by the curb one day when they were let out with no supervision. This is due to lack of supervision and chaos at release. Hopefully this will improve before it is too late.
3/7/2010parentOver all this is an ok school. Once you have been around several years the 'ghosts start to come out of the closets'. Our child is looking forward to moving to another school! How sad that how our child feels is close to what we as parents feel like also. Teachers are pretty good. Office staff is so-so. They could be more approachable and welcoming, they look so stressed and too busy to ask them a question. We are hoping to move this summer and enroll our kiddo to another school. Oh, the parent group issue is very true. You can see them huddled in their 'cliques' it's truely silly.
10/20/2009parentStonewall is a great school and a great community.
9/30/2009parentAwesome school....only school around with fantastic garden that the children help maintain.
9/29/2009parentOur grandson is in 3rd grade at Stonewall Jackson. It has been a wonderful nurturing family environment. This school also has a program for deaf students in the Dallas Independent School District and they are mainstreamed into every activity and program. A truly inspiring way for our young people to learn to look beyond surface problems to the people inside.
9/29/2009parentgreat teachers, great paren support
9/29/2009parentGreat school, great parents, great kids, great teachers! Great environment for kids.
9/28/2009parentIt's the best school ever! Great kids, great parents, great community! Love the garden!
9/28/2009parentEverything about Stonwall is wonderful. I'm honored and proud that my Son is a Stonewall Star.
9/28/2009parentBecause of the Great teachers, fantastic bilingual program, the garden/science lab and how the community work so hard for our neighborhood school.
9/28/2009parentStonewall fosters an environment in which students take pride in their work. The unique learning opportunity Stonewall provides makes it the crown jewel of Dallas Independent School District!
9/28/2009parentStonewall Jackson is a great academic school as shown through our consistently high rating. Also, there is much participation from parents- everyone pitches in to ensure our kids have what they need to blossom!
9/28/2009parentStonewall is a diverse school that prepares my kids for the real world.
9/28/2009parentour parent involvement and our awesome garden. we all pulled together last year to save it even though it was cut budget-wise.
9/28/2009parentThe parents and teachers work very well together and are so enthusiatic about making school a fun place to learn!
9/28/2009parentthe teachers, the parent involvement, the garden, etc.
9/28/2009parentStonewall is such an amazing school! The outdoor science lab (garden program) is truly special. The commitment of the teachers to provide an exceptional learning environment is inspiring!
9/28/2009parentStonewall Jackson is a nurturing environment where kids learn not only the basics, but art, computer, foriegn language, and sign language. The PTA and teachers work together to make Stonewall a very special place.
9/28/2009parentMy son loves kindergarten. He tells me all about his friends and he is learning so much through songs, American Sign Language, the outdoor garden and the great teachers.
9/28/2009parentthe best shool ever!! i'm honored that my kids are the Stonewall family.
9/28/2009parentThe parent and community involvement is unmatched!
9/23/2009parentStonewall Jackson is an amazing public elementary school in the Dallas Independent School District. My kids have received a great education. Our outdoor garden and science lab, offers a unique opportunity for hands on learning. We have an active PTA and are supported by a great group of involved parents.
9/22/2009parentStonewall is a great school with a wonderful learning environment. Their garden science program is one of a kind. There is an active PTA with lots of involved parents. I highly recommend Stonewall.
9/20/2009parentThis school focuses more on numbers and scores than on the individual closeness with their students. The Asst. Principal, Mr. Hart was wonderful. Last year he was sent to another school. So we only have the Principal. And pal isn't part of her deminar, sad to say. Our child's teacher this year is younger so she has more patience and as he puts it she is cool and understands them better. Parent clique part is all true. Like Jr. High all over again only much much older!!
6/23/2008parentOver the years, I have repeatedly heard the comments and witnessed the actions of the many elitist Stonewall parents towards any other parent(s) they chose not to embrace. The sad thing is that I've seen this prejudicial behavior hurt the children of the parents whom are not 'welcomed' into the exclusive cliques. Stonewall has actually lost wonderful families because of this disturbing social behavior. The public photos make it look like Stonewall is a happy melting pot. But after school hours, the divide is very real. I find the education is wonderful. But the social scene is disturbing. Especially in 2008.
6/16/2008parentDon't believe the hype in regards to the reputation of Stonewall. The year we spent at this school was the worst academic year of our lives. The teacher's and the principal do a very poor job disciplining the students. It is overcrowed and very chaotic. The parents seemed to be very elite and had formed very exclusive cliques, not friendly at all.
3/5/2008parentWe chose to send our two children to Stonewall instead of private school because we knew that they would get an excellent elementary education (better than many private schools in the Dallas area). They are now in first grade and third grade and we are so pleased with our decision to 'go public.' Many of the teachers are 'strict' but are also very kind. I've had no problems comunicating with the teachers and staff because we are very proactive parents. Our children love Stonewall! We're just sorry that it only goes up to fifth-grade. We'll have to send them to private school when they begin sixth grade because the middle school is so poor.
2/15/2008parentThe only thing that I have seen so far of this school that makes it 'great' is the parent involvment. As far as the teachers go, the one that I have had experience with seems to teach in a very disorganized way. One week we receive homework regarding the letter F and the next week the kids are working on the letter V. Whatever happeneded to alphabetical order? I am not given progress reports, until it is too late. The states tests are administered about 2 days after being informed. The content to be covered is not handed out prior to the tests; I would think that would be an important process to follow in order to prepare a student for testing time.
8/9/2007parentMy son started Stonewall mid year and I think they have done a awesome job. The whole staff was wonderful and really helped him to adjust.
2/23/2007parentOverall, I think Stonewall is a good school. As a teacher (from another district) and a parent, I do not think there is enough supervision during recess or dismissal. I have witnessed several occasions that a child was 'missing' after school only to find out that the child was waiting on the stairs outside. The children are dismissed from their rooms, and I have rarely seen my child's teacher at dismissal. She's usually in her room working. Academically, I think the school is fine. They have great programs that other public schools do not have and I have seen my child really learn a lot. And the best part is that my child is enthusiastic about it! Stonewall is a good school, I just wish there was more supervision during recess and dismissal.
11/19/2006former studentKindergarten program is phenomenal. Teachers welcome parent participation and are very communicative as such. This makes for a warm, nurturing learning experience. My son is in the third grade, and since first grade, there is a break down in communication with the teachers.
9/23/2006parentComing from 2-1/2yrs of private school, I was nervous and excited about Stonewall(Nat'l Blue Ribbon School)all at once. Thus far, I've been incredibly impressed. Surprisingly, Asst Principal works the morning crosswalk greeting students by name as he drinks his coffee and waves to parents(how refreshing!) Ms. Henderson (DISD Principal of the Year)stands on the blacktop each morning monitoring children playing prior to the morning bell. I cannot think of a time at 'private' school where the administrators were so visible and involved in the student's activities-not just their paperwork! The incredibly active and involved PTA, Dad's Club and After-School program are all vital parts of the school. When checking out Stonewall I realized that all the offerings they have are typical of a private school - not usually found in public setting. What a gem! I highly recommend attending Stonewall Jackson!
9/23/2006parentStonewall Jackson is truly one the finest elementary schools in Dallas, public or private. The faculty is top notch,winning district wide awards. The staff is caring and nurturing. The academic program is excellent. They continually rank at the top of the state. The offer a wide range of extracurricular activities not usually seen on the elementary level. All students participate in an outstanding gardening program. Each student is able to sow, tend to, and harvest their own plant. The PTA is very active and also oversees a quality afterschool program that is available to all Stonewall students from 3-6 daily. No school is perfect and no school is the best fit for every child but Stonewall certainly has an outstanding program well worth considering.
6/5/2006parentAwesome programs for all grades.Our son flourished in the dyslexia program this year. He came so far from where he began at the beginning of the year.
5/17/2006parentStonewall has by far the best parent support I have seen in any school. The level of parental support in all grades is just amazing. My son has thrived more than ever and just loves his Kindergarten class. He can not wait till first grade and my daughter can not wait till she gets to go to Kindergarten and hopefully have the same teacher as my son. In just my son's Kindergarten year alone he learned not only better english skills but Sign Language and Spanish. Our whole family finds that totally impressive. Keep up the great work Stonewall!
4/27/2006parentGreat school! Heavy parent involvement is key. Super programs. One of the few reputable elementaries is DISD
4/26/2006parentI have had wonderful experiences at Stonewall Jackson. the teachers are awesome and the PTA participation is the best in Dallas. My daughter has learned sign language, she has learned about the environment through the outdoor education program and she has excelled academically. Ms. Patterson is a wonderful Kindergarten teacher.
3/5/2006former studentI went to stonewall when i was a kid and I wish more schools were like it. i think the diversity is fantastic! I think it is wonderful that sign lanuage is taught in every grade, and more schools should do it.
2/6/2006parentThis school is great! Very diverse with incredible parent participation. It has a garden, a kindergarden wing, and expects alot from the parents. Its worth it.
1/30/2006parentStonewall Jackson is made up of strong and involved parents. THis school is a 'diamond' in the DallasISD school district. From the sign choir, garden club, to the show choir. There is much ado about Stonewall, rightfully so.
1/7/2006parentMy son attended Stonewall Jackson from 2nd grade to 6th grade. The quality of the education he received there put him at a great advantage for middle school. The touch academic standards at Stonewall pushed my son to excell and all his teachers provided tons of support to help him achieve his educational goals. He now attends Pre-AP classes in middle school and has no problems with the courses because of the superior education he received early on. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
11/8/2005parentMy daughter has flourished at Stonewall Jackson under the superior leadership and dedicated staff.
8/16/2005parentStonewall Jackson is a great elementary school. For many years they earned the title of a bluew ribbon school. This school has the reputation of being one of the best elementary schools in the DISD. MY child loved this school because they really want their students to learn. They also take pride of the blue ribbon status of the school and they make an extra effort to keep. Excellent music and TAG program.
8/9/2005parentStonewall Jackson is an extremely diverse school. The availability of extra curricular activities is large, and includes sign language and music. The teachers are excellent and care about each individual student. My son was challenged academically and his grades soared.
8/8/2005parentI love the programs available here. The teachers are wonderful. I love the art, music, gardening, and sign language classes. The best school in DISD!
8/5/2005parentI believe that for a public school, this is one of the most postive schools in Dallas. The emphasis on learning and discipline are exemplory.
7/12/2005parentI have already posted a review of Stonewall Jackson, and continue to feel quite positive about it. I do, however, have some concerns about the TAG 'program,' and question its value given only short periods of time, ONCE per week. I have not been able to discern if my child is getting anything from it at all.
5/27/2005parentAn absolutely GREAT school. The foundation that our child received at Stonewall has served him very well, indeed. At Stonewall, they spend their time TEACHING. Stonewall's teachers and staff encourage and foster creativity and excellence in all areas.
4/21/2005parentWe are very happy with Stonewall Jackson, all of the staff are great. The after school care is great and affordable
3/31/2005parentGreat school, wonderful test scores, a breath of fresh air in DISD.
12/8/2004parentI have two children at Stonewall and we absolutely love it! The teachers are wonderful and seem to genuinely care for the children. And the After School Program...tremendous! The school would not be as great as it is without it. The only problem I have is the principal; she seems to be insignificant. In my opinion, the school functions under the leadership of the PTA, which is fine by me.
12/8/2004parentMy children attend this school and I have been very pleased with the teachers and the curriculum. They have fabulous programs to enhance the children's education: sign language, garden, music, art, etc. The school also selects one country every year and the entire school learns about this country including its geography, people, cultural customs, and art. This school is the gem of DISD.
3/3/2004parentMy child had been a student at Stonewall Jackson for nearly two years. The big blue ribbon is commendable, but the actual day to day experience left a lot to be desired. There are some wonderful aspects to this school, for single parents and others who work outside the home. The afterschool program is a God send! But that's it! The Deaf Education program and kindergarten and teachers who deal mostly with exceptional children, including (TAG) are worthy of their hire! They stand out! However, I found the experience for my daughter and (in observation) other children, a bit too regimented and controlling. Barring the need to maintain order, it left my heart sad to witness. I just didn't like the corporate approach with little people. Our kids are numbers there and the teachers seem unwilling to recognize gifts and talent and spirits and -- each of them as individuals. Too much fussing and reprimanding at the wrong children. And high tests scores seem to mean more there than anything else. Stress-ville in my view! New unaware new teachers, and overly presumptuous experienced teachers make lots of angry little children. Enough is enough! We're transferring! The shenanigans of the teachers and the kids just not worth putting up any longer! Peace is our goal.
12/17/2003former studentI went to Stonewall Jackson for six years and moved to Abilene after my sixth grade year. Looking back, I am so grateful for having gone to such an outstanding school. The teachers were great, and I thoroughly enjoyed my early childhood because of that school. It's true that 'the finest school in Texas has Jackson for its name!'
8/15/2003parentTake two children all the way from England and expect them to adjust to a new school in the US mid-way through the year without problems. Despite many things being different here, know that the kids will have nothing but praise for their school from day one and that you will be delighted with the excellency of the teaching and the friendliness and efficiency of all the staff. Do these sound like unreasonable expectations? Yes. But it's the truth of our experience. We could not ask for a better school. Stonewall Jackson really Is the Best.
4/30/2003 You can search all over America and you will not find a school like Stonewall Jackson. It is the best in Dallas. I am so blessed to have my kids going to school here. Could not ask for more. I am truly truly happy.

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